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(Cover Art) Book twelve in The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (this book co-authored by Brandon Sanderson).
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  1. Renald Fanwar, p. 17—Balding farmer from the Borderlands, husband of Auaine, friend of Thulin, and father of six sons. His farm has become barren in recent months, presumably due to the influence of the Dark One. See also Fanwar, Auaine.
  2. Gaffin, p. 18—One of Renald Fanwar's friends. He often jokes that Fanwar is going crazy.
  3. Auaine Fanwar, p. 19—Wife of Renald. She has silver (rather than gray) hair that she keeps in a bun. Her hair turned gray when she was relatively young. See also Fanwar, Renald.
  4. Mallard, p. 19—Namesake of a road near Renald Fanwar's house. Fanwar also named the nearby hill after him, though this name is not official.
  5. Thulin, p. 19—Blacksmith in Renald Fanwar's village. He is lean, for a blacksmith. He wears his hair in the Shienaran style, but without the topknot. He is old, with gray hair, and thin. He has brown eyes. He and Fanwar often play stones together, but his most recent trip to Fanwar's house was to tell him to pack up and leave to confront the Shadow. See also Gallanha; Mirala.
  6. Mirala, p. 20—Young daughter of Thulin and Gallanha. See also Gallanha; Thulin.
  7. Gallanha, p. 20—Wife of Thulin for the past 25 years and mother of Mirala. She has golden hair that she keeps in a bun. She is not from the Borderlands. See also Mirala; Thulin.
  8. Merk, p. 24—One of Fanwar's farm hands.
  9. Favidan, p. 24—One of Fanwar's farm hands.
  10. Rinnin, p. 24—One of Fanwar's farm hands.
  11. Veshir, p. 24—One of Fanwar's farm hands. He is the oldest of them, and the first one Fanwar hired; he has been in his service for fifteen years. He is a good man, if hot-headed at times.
  12. Adamad, p. 24—One of Fanwar's farm hands.
  13. Geleni, p. 24—One of Fanwar's farm hands. He was sent into town to buy more seed, on the off chance that Fanwar's crop was failing because of the seeds they had stored.
  14. Tanera, p. 26—One of the sul'dam who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. She died in the ensuing skirmish.
  15. Falendre, p. 26—Honey-skinned sul'dam with dark tilted eyes and gray-streaked hair who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. She is the eldest of those sul'dam, and their effective leader until they return to the der'sul'dam. She is convinced that if she shows any sign of weakness, her cohorts will quickly despair—meeting the Dragon Reborn and finding that one of the Forsaken had been their leader at the same time was too much for them all to take in. She was sent by Rand with a personal message for the Daughter of the Nine Moons: stop your invasion and make peace; we need our strength united to oppose the Dark One. See also Miri; Nenci.
  16. Miri, p. 26—One of the damane who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. She died in the ensuing skirmish. See also Falendre.
  17. Nenci, p. 26—One of the damane who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. Her leash is held by Falendre. She was terrified by the invisible, impenetrable shield that Rand put on her. See also Falendre.
  18. Rand al'Thor, p. 26—Young man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers, now proclaimed to be the Dragon Reborn. He is very tall, with curly red-blond hair and bright blue-gray eyes that shine like gemstones. He was raised by Tam al'Thor and his wife Kari (until her death around the time Rand was five) in Emond's Field. His real parents, however, were Janduin, the chief of the Taardad Aiel who brought the four clans across the Dragonwall to punish Laman's Sin, and a Maiden of the Spear named Shaiel, who was actually Tigraine Damodred, the runaway Daughter-Heir of Andor. Tigraine gave birth to Rand on the slopes of Dragonmount, in accordance with prophecy; “born of a Maiden, of the ancient blood but raised by the Old.” Rand had a heron branded into each of his palms, which he received from the sword Tam gave him while fighting Ishamael. He also has two dragons on his forearms, which he received in Rhuidean to designate him as the Car'a'carn, the Chief of Chiefs of the Aiel. He has recently taken to wearing a new sword: curved, with a black scabbard, painted with two twisting dragons much like those on his forearms. It was found under a submerged statue. He is not only the Dragon Reborn, but also He Who Comes With the Dawn, the man prophesied to reunite the Aiel, and the Coramoor, the one prophesied to bring the Sea Folk out of the Sea. He can channel strongly, more so than any person who ever lived (except the previous user of his soul, Lews Therin Telamon, who was obviously of equal strength), and is also ta'veren, the most strongly so since Lews Therin as well. Lews Therin's voice has somehow found a new place inside of Rand's head; he talks to him in a mad voice when Rand least expects it, sometimes offering sound advice or knowledge, sometimes babbling, sometimes even trying to wrest control of saidin from him. Unlike Lews Therin, Rand is accompanied by two other ta'veren during his turing of the Wheel, two men born within days (hours, even) of him named Matrim Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, who both grew up in Emond's Field as well. Rand is destined to fall in love with three women (and has): Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, and Aviendha. Rand has had success in fighting many of the Forsaken; all to confront him have died or been trapped. He killed Aginor at the Eye of the World after the Green Man killed Balthamel; he allowed Moiraine to kill Be'lal in the Stone of Tear, and killed Ishamael in the Stone shortly afterward; in the wagons near the Spine of the World, Lanfear confronted him and was pushed into the land of the Eelfinn by Moiraine; he killed Rahvin in Tel'aran'rhiod when he came to the Royal Palace in Caemlyn; Asmodean, his teacher, was killed shortly after Rahvin met his fate; Sammael met his fate while fighting Rand in Shadar Logoth at the hands of Mashadar; Osan'gar, the reincarnation of Aginor, died at Shador Logoth when Rand was cleansing saidin; and Semirhage was captured during her attempt to capture Rand and bind him with a male a'dam. During his duel with Sammael, Rand encountered a mysterious wanderer, presumably Moridin, who helped him. During the fighting, their streams of balefire collided, causing Rand's head to spin and both of them to lose coherency for a while. Ever since that time, Rand has had trouble seizing saidin; it is not known if this is because of Moridin's presumed use of the True Power, or something else. During his fight with Semirhage, Rand had his hand burned away by her weave of Fire; Moridin has since been seen favoring his left hand, as if Rand's injury is somehow affecting him. Since the hand cannot be repaired, Rand has moved on without it—others have compared it to the reaction one might have after losing a glove. Rand has steeled himself to do what he must, without emotional influence, without distraction from feelings. Rand's prophecies fulfilled grow: he has already been born on the slopes of Dragonmount of a Maiden, of the ancient blood but raised by the old, taken the Stone of Tear and drawn Callandor, and began conquering “under the forgotten symbol,” that of the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends. He is working on having the “spotless tower” (i.e., the White Tower) break and bend knee to him (the Tower has broken, and several Aes Sedai have sworn fealty to him and only him). He recently used the Choedan Kal, the two great sa'angreal created during the War of the Shadow, to cleanse the Dark One's taint from saidin. He has created schools of sorts, more research universities, where some of the best inventors of the day have congregated near Cairhien, Caemlyn, and Tear to develop new technology. Rand has also created the Asha'man, men who came for his “amnesty” for male channelers. With saidin cleansed, the Asha'man are now safe from the Dark One's taint. The Asha'man themselves are not free from the Dark One's influence, however; there are many Darkfriends among the Asha'man, including Mazrim Taim, the leader of the Black Tower. The Asha'man under Taim have turned on Rand, trying to kill him and worse, though Rand does not at this point know that they were acting with Taim's knowledge. Rand is under considerable stress at the moment—he has made it a point to make himself harder, believing that emotionlessness is the key to surviving to do what he must do. Rand is the salvation of the entire world, and as the prophecy states, he will save the world—and Break it again. Editor's note: there has been some speculation as to the origin of Rand's new sword. Some suggest that it is Justice, the sword of Artur Hawkwing. I submit that the dragons wrapped around the blade suggest a much earlier origin: the sword of Lews Therin Telamon himself. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; Ablar, Logain; al'Thor, Tamlin; al'Vere, Egwene; Aviendha; Aybara, Perrin t'Bashere; Car'a'carn; Cauthon, Matrim; Coramoor; Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Moiraine; Damodred, Tigraine; Dragon, The; Dragon Reborn; Farshaw, Elmindreda; Janduin; Mandragoran, Nynaeve ti al'Meara; Shadowkiller; Taim, Mazrim; Telamon, Lews Therin; Trakand, Elayne.
  19. Cadsuane Melaidhrin, p. 27—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah with iron-gray hair that she keeps in a bun. She is handsome, not pretty. She retired to a rose garden in northern Ghealdan, but has since left it due to the difficulty of growing decent roses with the weather the way it used to be. She refused two appointments to the Hall of the Tower, when refusing even once is unheard of. She also refused to become head of the Green Ajah. It is said that she has had more Warders than most sisters have had shoes. She has more strength than anyone in a thousand years except perhaps for Egwene and Nynaeve. Although she is a Green, she has confronted and captured more men that can channel than any other woman; unknown to most, the men she captures tend to live longer after being gentled than the average. She is somewhat of a living legend among Aes Sedai. According to Min, Cadsuane will teach Rand and the Asha'man something—they will not like it, especially not from her, but they will have to learn it. She is the oldest Aes Sedai alive. Cadsuane wears many ornaments in her hair, all of which are ter'angreal she has collected over the years—Semirhage calls it a “paralis net.” One of them is a reservoir—it “stores” saidar for later use in places where one might not be able to tap the Source, such as inside an Ogier stedding or inside Far Madding, her hometown. Another vibrates in the presence of men who can channel; it is likely this ornament that has allowed her to capture so many men to be gentled. There are many others, including three that she does not know the purpose of. Siuan suspects Cadsuane may be a Darkfriend, but based on her actions and thoughts so far that seems unlikely. Verin told Rand that she thinks Cadsuane can be trusted. Cadsuane has, reluctantly, agreed to be Rand's advisor, provided he adheres to a proper level of conduct. She is just shy of 300 years old. See also Shore.
  20. el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran, p. 84—Young woman from Emond's Field, now an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She was the Wisdom of her village, the youngest such ever chosen in Emond's Field. She left when four of her villagers were taken away from the Two Rivers by Moiraine and Lan. While the group traveled away from her home and toward her new life, Nynaeve made several discoveries: she could channel the One Power, and had already done so without really knowing what she was doing; she developed feelings for Lan Mandragoran, Moiraine's Warder and the uncrowned king of the now dead nation Malkier; and she has a major role to play, as all of her younger friends in the group do, in the years to come. She is very strong in the One Power; only a select few who were alive during the Age of Legends could match her as well as a few young women still being trained. When she arrived in Tar Valon, she was raised Accepted without any tenure as a novice, despite not being able to even sense the True Source unless angry, a result of her having to learn some minimal control of her ability without teaching. She was sent on a false mission by Liandrin on which she was almost leashed by the Seanchan as Egwene was. After she returned to the Tower, Siuan Sanche sent her on a mission to hunt down Liandrin and her fellow Black Sisters; while hunting them in Tanchico, she encountered Moghedien and managed to better her in a duel of the Power. Moghedien escaped, but two encounters later Nynaeve once again managed to get the better of her, leashing her with an a'dam in Tel'aran'rhiod. Nynaeve took Moghedien with her to seek out Rand and Rahvin while they were fighting each other, and at the last moment before Rahvin might have won, she nearly burned Rahvin to ash with a giant weave of fire that was most of what Moghedien could draw to produce it; the distraction was enough for Rand to regain control of himself and destroy Rahvin with balefire. Nynaeve then kept Moghedien under control with a modified a'dam in Salidar until Halima helped her escape. Nynaeve wished to become Aes Sedai for the sole purpose of Healing; she thinks the Tower meddles in the affairs of nations far too much, and wants no part of it. She is determined to Heal anything short of death, and has already managed to Heal gentling. Nynaeve felt bad when Moiraine died, because her first thought was not of her, but that now Lan was free from their bond. She was not told that Lan's bond had been passed to Myrelle at the moment of Moiraine's death. She and Lan are now married, and the plan is for Lan's bond to pass to her as soon as she and Myrelle can get together. As Lan's wife, she will become the Queen of Malkier when Lan raises the Golden Crane and frees Malkier from the Blight. She now wears the ki'sain, an ornament traditionally worn by Malkieri wives, consisting of a dot on the forehead between the eyes—Lan did not tell her of this tradition, but when she found out she immediately took it up. It is the one element of her appearance that never fades for one second when every other part changes faster than the eye can follow in Tel'aran'rhiod. Because she was the only person Rand felt he could trust to link with him and the Choedan Kal, he asked Nynaeve to assist him when he cleansed saidin. She now carries the ter'angreal she found in Ebou Dar nearly all the time, making her collection of jewelry rival that of Cadsuane. She is even rumored to leave much of this jewelry on even when sleeping. See also Mandragoran, Lan.
  21. Surya, p. 27—One of the sul'dam who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. She holds Tabi's leash. See also Tabi.
  22. Tabi, p. 27—One of the damane who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. Her leash is held by Surya. See also Surya.
  23. Malian, p. 27—One of the damane who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. Her leash is held by Ciar. She was the one who tied compresses onto Surya and Tabi. See also Ciar.
  24. Ciar, p. 27—One of the sul'dam who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. She holds Malian's leash. She vomited when she learned that Anath was Semirhage. See also Malian.
  25. Dragon Reborn, p. 27—According to the Karaethon Cycle, the Prophecies of the Dragon, the man who is the Rebirth of Lews Therin Telamon, the man known as the Dragon during the War of the Shadow. Over the years, many men have claimed to be the Dragon Reborn, even men who could not channel. The true Dragon has been Reborn in a young man named Rand al'Thor, a shepherd from Emond's Field. See also Ablar, Logain; al'Thor, Rand; Dragon, The; Taim, Mazrim.
  26. Logain Ablar, p. 28—False Dragon who created war in Ghealdan and surrounding nations before being captured and gentled by the Red Ajah. He got loose during the chaos surrounding the deposing of Siuan Sanche, and eventually was escorted out of Tar Valon by Siuan and her traveling companions. Before he was gentled, he was of considerable strength, and attracted quite a following of loyal soldiers. Min still has viewings of him with a halo over his head, which she thinks indicates that he will become a figure of great power sometime in the future. Logain later came forward with information that indicated that the Red Ajah actually put him up to declaring himself the Dragon Reborn, most likely with the pretext that bringing down a false Dragon would bring more glory than gentling a simple man who could channel. Logain was eventually Healed by Nynaeve, and was set free by Egwene to do as he pleased. He chose to go to the Black Tower, leading a part of the Asha'man that seemed to be discontent with Taim's leadership. When Aes Sedai came to the Black Tower to attempted to capture the Asha'man (not realizing their numbers), Logain bonded two sisters to him as “wives” using the “wife bond” that the Asha'man developed, Toveine Gazal of the Red Ajah and Gabrelle of the Brown Ajah. He has curly black hair and broad shoulders. Logain was actually a minor Ghealdanin noble before his titles were stripped away when he declared himself the Dragon Reborn. He now travels with the real Dragon Reborn, Rand al'Thor. See also Dragon, The; Dragon Reborn; Taim, Mazrim.
  27. Merise Haindehl, p. 28—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah from Tarabon. She has dark hair and very blue eyes, and is tall. She has three Warders, including Jahar Narishma, one of the Asha'man. She is involved with Cadsuane's plans, and takes part in the interrogations of Semirhage. See also Narishma, Jahar.
  28. Daughter of the Nine Moons, p. 28—Woman whom Mat is destined to marry, according to the Aelfinn. She is actually Tuon, the heir to the Seanchan throne. The title is actually that given to the heir to the Crystal Throne. Semirhage attempted to disguise herself as the Daughter of the Nine Moons to secure a meeting with and capture Rand al'Thor; Rand still wants a meeting with the real Daughter of the Nine Moons so they can negotiate peace before Tarmon Gai'don. See also Paendrag, Tuon Athaem Kore.
  29. The Empress (of Seanchan), p. 28—Supreme ruler of Seanchan. She is considered to be a direct descendant of the first emperor of Seanchan, Luthair Paendrag Mondwhin. She presides over the Court of the Nine Moons in Seandar. She is Tuon's mother. The Empress is always referred to as “the Empress, may she live forever,” even when she is only referred to in thought. According to Semirhage, Empress Radhanan is dead, making Tuon the Empress once word reaches the Seanchan troops. See also Daughter of the Nine Moons; Paendrag, Fortuona Athaem Devi; Paendrag, Tuon Athaem Kore.
  30. Anath Dorje, p. 28—Selucia's former Soe'feia, or Truthspeaker. She now serves Tuon, allegedly. She is very tall and slender with dark skin and black eyes. She seems to get a charge out of inflicting pain. Anath is, of course, Semirhage, who had somehow managed to gain a significant amount of trust with the Seanchan in a very short period of time (as have the other Forsaken in their countries of choice). She conned several sul'dam/damane pairs into helping her attempt to capture Rand; in the process, she herself was captured and exposed. See also Semirhage.
  31. Semirhage, p. 46—One of the Forsaken. During the Age of Legends, she was one of the best Healers ever known. She was called to all corners of the world Heal people that others thought beyond help. However, she was sadistic; she exacted a price in the form of pain from her subjects in return for her Healing services. Most thought the pain or anguish she exacted from them was a small price to pay for being alive, but eventually the Hall of Servants found out about her practices and gave her the choice of being either severed or bound with the Power, never again to know her “pleasures.” She chose instead to pledge for the Dark One, and created one of the most oppressive and pain-filled areas of Shadow control during the entire War of Power. She became an expert at sadism and torture; she considers her greatest achievement to be a weave which removes the victim's blood and replaces it, instantaneously, with another liquid that causes every nerve in the body to fire with pain simultaneously—the victims typically survived about an hour. After being freed from the Bore, Semirhage went in service to the Dark One by extracting information from captured Borderlanders and Aes Sedai. She also sent the Trollocs to the Stone of Tear to battle those that Sammael sent. She is as tall as most men, and wears black most of the time—perhaps because Lanfear always wore white. It is often joked (or used to be, when the Forsaken were still bound) that when it rained during the daylight that the Dark One was beating her. According to Lews Therin's memories, Semirhage always enjoyed a challenge. She had an uneasy alliance with Mesaana and Demandred before she was captured by Rand after her unsuccessful attempt to capture him. She had been posing as Anath Dorje, Tuon's new Truthspeaker. It is a virtual certainty that she murdered the previous Truthspeaker in order to gain the office. She always preferred a challenge. See also Dorje, Anath.
  32. Talha, p. 29—One of the sul'dam who attacked Rand at the behest of Anath. She was still crying when Rand released her.
  33. High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath, p. 30—High Lady of Asinbayar and Barsabba, leader of Those Who Come Before. She has her head shaven on the sides and long, black hair in the middle. This is the typical Seanchan style for those “of the Blood.” Suroth was determined to redeem herself after High Lord Turak's mishap at Falme—she did not want to have to explain a failure that was not hers to the Empress. She gathered all of the Seanchan ships that fled Falme so they would not go back home; she then retook portions of the mainland again, but was prevented from taking Illian by Rand and his Asha'man. Known to few, Suroth is Atha'an Shadar, “Those Bound to Shadow” (a Darkfriend), and is high in their ranks. Suroth attempted to send Elbar to kill Tuon so that Suroth herself would become the legitimate ruler of the Seanchan this side of the Aryth Ocean. Tuon arrived carrying Elbar's head; she then made Suroth da'covale and handed her over to the Deathwatch Guards until such time that her hair is long enough that she can be properly sold.
  34. Lieutenant-General Tylee Khirgan, p. 30—Lieutenant-General in the Seanchan army and controller of several raken. She has a heavily scarred face, short black hair in tight curls against her scalp, and dark skin. Her hair is sprinkled with white at her temples. She is from Maram Kashor, a dry island off the southeast tip of Seanchan. Her ancestors traveled with Luthair. She made a pact with Perrin Aybara to fight the Shaido in exchange for any Wise Ones they could capture and make into damane. For her service to the Empire, she was made Lieutenant-General and Raised to the Low Blood. She is “fond” of Perrin, and respects him greatly.
  35. Luthair Paendrag Mondwhin, p. 30—Son of Artur Hawkwing. He led the forces across the Aryth Ocean. When they landed there, he led them to conquer the continent they found for themselves, and declared himself Emperor. His descendants are the Seanchan “of the Blood,” and the rest of the Seanchan are descended from his troops and the native inhabitants.
  36. Perrin t'Bashere Aybara, p. 30—A young man from Emond's Field. He is ta'veren. When he and Egwene got separated from the rest of the group while fleeing the Trollocs on Winternight, Perrin met a man named Elyas Machera. Elyas, a former Warder who found he could talk to wolves, helped Perrin discover the same ability in himself. Perrin's eyes are now yellow, just like the wolves' eyes, and he can enter what he calls the Wolf Dream (known to most as Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams) with them. Perrin is a childhood friend of fellow ta'veren Rand al'Thor and Mat Cauthon. On the way to Tear, Perrin encountered a young woman by the name of Zarine Bashere, a Hunter for the Horn who took the name of Faile (which means “Falcon” in the Old Tongue) as a more appropriate name for a Hunter for the Horn. The two are now married. Perrin is a very large man—he was always a big person, which caused him to be very cautious since he found as a child that he could easily hurt other children if his temper got out of hand. His size helped considerably when helping Master Luhhan on his forge, but sometimes gave others the impression that he is slow and stupid. He returned to the Two Rivers for a time to repel the series of Trolloc attacks; he and his wife are recognized as Lord and Lady there, the first noblility of the Two Rivers since the Trolloc Wars. When he returned, he began to draw the eye of Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, the First of Mayene—Perrin wants nothing more than to be as far from her as possible, but Berelain will not take no for an answer, much to Faile's dismay and intense jealousy. Perrin was instrumental in freeing Rand from his entrapment at Dumai's Wells; the two had a fight afterwards (they had planned it as a way for Perrin to leave, although they most likely did not plan on it being as violent as it was), and Perrin went to Ghealdan to see if he could tame Masema. On the way, his wife was captured by Shaido, and he spent weeks single-mindedly trying to track her down. He eventually formed an alliance with Tylee Khirgan, a Seanchan Banner-General, to help him defeat the Shaido and free his wife. Despite his strong desires to avoid both combat and lordship, Perrin has become a very good general and leader. See also al'Thor, Rand; t'Aybara, Faile ni Bashere; Bull, Young; Cauthon, Matrim.
  37. Bakayar Mishima, p. 31—Seanchan Captain under Khirgan. His drawl is worse than hers. He hails from Hamalak. Mishima was killed by a Trolloc arrow when Khirgan's unit was attacked.
  38. Karm, p. 32—Quartermaster of Khirgan's battalion. He is a solid man, and does not make mistakes. He reported to her that a bag of supplies had vanished into thin air, within the span of a few seconds. This was most likely due to another of the “bubbles of evil” from the Dark One's prison.
  39. Captain-General Lunal Galgan, p. 32—Seanchan Captain-General, commander of the Forerunners. He is tall and keeps his hair in a powdery white mohawk. He and Suroth were the two primary leaders of the Return. His ancestors supported Luthair's quest to be the first Seanchan Emperor. Suroth loathed him, primarily because she saw him as the only real threat to her own plan to make herself Empress. He is a member of the High Blood.
  40. Duster, p. 33—Tylee's horse. He is a well-trained war horse, and had never let her down. He is presumed dead at the hands of Trollocs.
  41. Graendal, p. 34—One of the Forsaken, a fleshy woman with curled red-gold hair. Before the War of the Shadow, she became the leading authority on diseases of the brain, and spent much of her life dealing with the insane, schizophrenic, and others well beyond the touch of Healing. She was the best at subtle manipulations of the human mind that ever lived. After the Bore was drilled, she went through a change after she realized the world could never live up to her standards. So she began dressing in the very way she once mocked, with low cut dresses that clung to her and left little to the imagination. After being released from the Bore, Graendal took up residence in Arad Doman, capturing several members of the Royal Family to use as servants. All of her servants are not only physically well shaped and good-looking, but also had power in their society before she captured them. She includes in her collection the sister of the Domani king, two rulers from Shara, and other important figures. With Sammael dead, Moridin is the only person who knows how to find her.
  42. Thurasa, p. 34—One of Graendal's prized pets. She used to be a member of the Domani Merchants Council.
  43. Moridin, p. 34—Name given to the reincarnation of Ishamael. His new body is tall, black-haired, handsome, and broad-shouldered, but with a prominent chin that ruins the look (in Graendal's eyes, at least). His name means “Death” in the Old Tongue; no one deserves the name more. He is fond of using the True Power, the power drawn directly from the Dark One; the saa have already appeared in his eyes, yet he still controls his use of the True Power (most thought it impossible to avoid drawing too much of it once the saa appeared). Moridin is careful not to attempt to force the Pattern to behave how he wants it to—he knows that with someone as strongly ta'veren as Rand, that is all but impossible, not to mention foolish. Instead, he attempts to keep everything in chaos (as per the Dark One's command, “Let the Lord of Chaos Rule”), hoping that subtle manipulations will further his goals. He has been declared Nae'blis, the one to be second only to the Great Lord of the Dark after the Last Battle, and given control of the cour'souvra controlling the minds of Cyndane and Moghedien. He has also been granted the exclusive privilege of using the True Power—the other Forsaken are no longer able to touch it even should they want to. Moridin helped Rand, in a way, during his fight with Sammael in Shadar Logoth. Their two streams of balefire crossed, causing both of their heads to ring, and ever since then there has been a link between Moridin and Rand that Moridin does not completely understand and Rand seems unaware exists. Its influence is clear, however—now that Rand's hand is missing, Moridin's left hand does not work as well as it should. See also Ishamael; Tedronai, Elan Morin.
  44. Sammael, p. 34—One of the Forsaken. During the War of the Shadow, he was one of the Shadow's greatest military commanders. His name means “Destroyer of Hope” in the Old Tongue. After being released from the Bore, he took up residence on the Council of Nine in Illian as Lord Brend, and effectively ruled the country. He wore a battle scar that he got while fighting Lews Therin Telamon during the War of the Shadow. He could have had it Healed, but kept it to remind himself of what Lews Therin had done to him. He is believed dead at the hands of Mashadar.
  45. Nae'blis, p. 35—The one who would stand only a step below the Dark One on the Day of Return, commanding all Darkfriends in the Dark One's name. The position was promised to Demandred if he did well in his duties, as well as Sammael, but it is likely that all the Chosen were offered the position if they did well. The Nae'blis has been chosen: Moridin, the reincarnation of Ishamael. Other Forsaken realize that this appointment only lasts as long as the Dark One is pleased with Moridin and Moridin remains alive, however. See also Ishamael; Moridin.
  46. Great Lord of the Dark, p. 36—Name used by Darkfriends for the Dark One, claiming that to use his true name would be blasphemy. See Dark One.
  47. Demandred, p. 36—One of the Forsaken. He is handsome, with a hawk-like nose and dark hair. Second-best seems to be the story of his life. He was born Barid Bel Medar one day after Lews Therin Telamon, and from the first day proceeded to almost equal Lews Therin's accomplishments, almost equal Lews Therin's strength, and almost equal him but never surpass him in everything. He became one of the Light's greatest generals, once again second in command under Lews Therin. Demandred believed that he was Lews Therin's intellectual and military superior, and was furious when Lews Therin was chosen to lead the Light's forces over him during the War of the Shadow. He developed a burning hatred of Lews Therin, and finally dedicated his life to the Shadow so he could finally better Lews Therin—he believed the Shadow would eventually win the war, since Lews Therin was commanding the Light's armies, and that if he, Barid Bel Medar, had been chosen to command them, the Light would have prevailed. When Demandred was freed from the Bore, he transferred his hatred of Lews Therin intact to the new recipient of his soul, Rand al'Thor. Demandred was recently told by the Dark One to lead his plan to convert or destroy Rand, and promised him to be Nae'blis if he succeeded. However, since Moridin has been declared Nae'blis, he is now only ordered to obey Moridin. Demandred's assumed identity and whereabouts are unknown, but he has formed an alliance of sorts with Mesaana and Semirhage. Demandred never smiles, and never seems to enjoy anything; Graendal once heard him say that he would laugh the day he could snap the neck of Lews Therin. Note: Demandred's identity in the world is still not definite. There are some suggestions that he is one of the Tairens, one of the Seanchan, or even acting behind the scenes, directly or indirectly controlling Mazrim Taim and the Asha'man.
  48. Mesaana, p. 36—One of the Forsaken. She has chin-length dark hair and watery blue eyes. During the Age of Legends, Mesaana was told she was unfit to do research at the Collam Daan, but was capable of teaching others. She spent her years teaching until the Bore was opened and she dedicated her life to the Dark One. During the War of Power, she created “schools” for the children, at which she taught the children to spy on their parents and other such things. After her release from the Bore, Mesaana set herself up in the White Tower, where she could control events without anyone suspecting she was behind them. She has been cooperating with Semirhage and Demandred to some extent, and taught Alviarin to Travel. She was displeased that Alviarin had ordered Elaida beaten. Mesaana has obviously taken the identity of a sister in the Tower. Who is not known.
  49. Aran'gar, p. 36—Name given to the reincarnation of Balthamel. Aran'gar was the right-hand dagger in a form of dueling popular right after the creation of the Bore. The sport fell from common practice, since almost invariably both duelists died from the slow poison on the daggers. The other Forsaken consider Balthamel's new body a fine joke; the soul of Balthamel now occupies the body of a beautiful young woman. She still channels saidin, and now serves as Delana's maid. Delana does not know that she is one of the Chosen reincarned, just that she stands far above her among the Darkfriends. Aran'gar, as Balthamel, specialized in primitive cultures. Aran'gar's cover was blown when she tried to touch the ward against eavesdropping around the meeting of the Hall of the Tower in exile, at which time Romanda Cassin deduced that she and Delana were Darkfriends. See also Mosalaine, Delana; Saranov, Halima.
  50. Cyndane, p. 36—Girl who works with Moghedien and Moridin's lackey. Her name means “Last Chance” in the Old Tongue. She is stronger in the One Power than Graendal, but not as strong as Lanfear used to be. She is actually Lanfear reincarnated. Note: It is my speculation that Lanfear was somehow weakened in the One Power after leaving the land of the Eelfinn. When Mat went there, his last wish was to get out of there; if hers was not, she may have died there, and they took both her life and some of her strength from her as a price. See also Lanfear.
  51. Moghedien, p. 36—One of the Forsaken. Her name means “Spider” in the Old Tongue. She always works from safety, attacks from safety, and will run unless she can do so. She developed a command of Tel'aran'rhiod that surpassed even Lanfear's mastery—in the real world, Lanfear was more powerful, but even she could not top Moghedien in the World of Dreams. After being released from the Bore, Moghedien eventually found herself in Tanchico, in the Palace of the Panarch of Tarabon. While there, she chanced upon Nynaeve al'Meara, who was trying to save the Panarch at the time and take the seal on the Dark One's prison from its hold in the Palace. She and Nynaeve fought in a duel to the last, and Nynaeve managed to better Moghedien, much to the surprise of both of them. She managed to escape Nynaeve's tied off shield, and on their next encounter, this one in Tel'aran'rhiod, she ripped Birgitte's soul out of the World of Dreams after Birgitte almost killed her. On her third encounter with Nynaeve, Nynaeve managed to trap Moghedien with an a'dam. Moghedien remained bound by that a'dam in Salidar, disguised as Marigan, but was released by Halima. Halima was actually one of the Forsaken, and she took Moghedien to Shayol Ghul to be bound by a coursouvra, a Mind Trap, controlled by Moridin. Typical of her ways, she has been keeping a low profile. See also Moridin.
  52. Matrim (Mat) Cauthon, p. 36—Young man from Emond's Field. He is ta'veren. Along with his good friends, Rand al'Thor and Perrin Aybara, he left home to escape the Trolloc attacks after Winternight. On the way to Tar Valon, he picked up a dagger from Shadar Logoth tainted with the evil that destroyed Aridhol, which he carried with him for a long time. He was separated from the dagger by Aes Sedai Healing, but doing so caused large gaps in his memory sequence. These gaps were filled and more when he passed through the twisted door to the land of the Eelfinn, where he was granted his three requests: a foxhead medallion that protects him from women's channeling, a way out of the land of the Eelfinn, and the memories of past lifetimes that were the gaps in his memory. Mat's ta'veren qualities manifest themselves particularly well with random events, such as dice games—he almost never loses a toss of the dice, even if the dice are weighted. He has found that battles are the ultimate form of gambling, and along with his newfound memories he can win almost every battle he fights quite decisively. He has four sisters, including Eldrin and Bodewhin, who were 16 and 17, respectively, when Mat left Emond's Field. His father Abell is one of the best archers in the Two Rivers, possibly in the World. Mat has gotten in the habit of carrying concealed knives under his clothes in case he is attacked—his collection would surprise anyone. In the Waste, he met a woman named Melindhra, a Maiden of the Spear from the Shaido Clan. However, she was not the Daughter of the Nine Moons, who Mat is destined to marry according to the Aelfinn; besides, she tried to kill him on orders from her master among the Darkfriends. Mat had to kill her to save his own skin, but regretted it deeply. He also has a scar along his neck from where the Eelfinn tried to kill him—which was also in accordance with what the Aelfinn told him, that he is “to die and live again.” He created an army called the Band of the Red Hand, after the army of King Aemon of old Manetheren, and served in a way as Rand's personal general—this worked well, since Mat seems to be a better general than even Davram Bashere, who has earned his reputation as one of the best commanders alive. Mat does not trust any Aes Sedai, and because of this refuses to take his foxhead medallion off even to take a bath. Mat went to Ebou Dar to try to keep an eye on Elayne and Nynaeve and prevent them from getting themselves killed. While there, he was cornered by Queen Tylin, who gave him little choice but to become her lover. When the Sea Folk and the Seanchan did battle in the city, he made his escape, leaving Tylin tied up under the bed so it looked “official”—Tylin was found torn limb from limb, obviously by the gholam which was no doubt sent to kill Mat. In the process of leaving, Mat also took several sul'dam and damane (who were subsequently freed from their collars), and even kidnapped Tuon, the Daughter of the Nine Moons herself. Mat traveled with Valan Luca's show to keep out of Seanchan sight for quite some time. Tuon has now completed Mat's unwitting marriage ceremony; he is now among the highest of the Seanchan ruling class, despite his insistence that he will fight the Seanchan during any battle if such battle is necessary. See also al'Thor, Rand; Aybara, Perrin t'Bashere; Daughter of the Nine Moons; Mitsobar, Tylin Quintara; Paendrag, Tuon Athaem Kore; Prince of the Ravens.
  53. Lews Therin Telamon, p. 37—The Dragon, Breaker of the World. He was perhaps the greatest man who ever lived, and the most powerful Aes Sedai in recorded history. During the War of the Shadow, he led the forces of the Light against the Forsaken, and led the final stroke which re-sealed the Dark One back into his prison. Unfortunately, during this stroke he was driven insane by the Dark One's touch, eventually killing his wife Ilyena, his children, and everyone he loved, as well as anyone who carried a drop of his blood. For this act, people remember him with a new name: Kinslayer. After he had done this, Ishamael gave him his sanity back long enough for him to realize what he had done; Lews Therin killed himself by drawing on saidin too heavily, causing a mountain to form on the spot where he stood. This mountain is called Dragonmount, and is near the present-day city of Tar Valon. It is unfortunate that the name of one of the greatest men to ever live is now synonymous with evil, for Lews Therin killed his family due to the Dark One's influence, but without Lews Therin there may not have been a world left in which to kill them. Lews Therin's voice often speaks inside Rand's head, offering advice or sobbing over lost women or ranting about killing men who can channel. It even tries to seize control of saidin sometimes, much to Rand's fear—Rand is certain that Lews Therin cannot take control of saidin away from him if he seizes it first, but experience has shown that if Lews Therin seizes it first, Rand is at his mercy until he releases. Semirhage has revealed that Lews Therin's voice in Rand's head is not without precedent—indeed, hearing a real voice often indicates a person dangerously close to outright insanity. See also al'Thor, Rand; Dragon, The; Kinslayer.
  54. Lord Rodel Ituralde, p. 42—General of the army of Arad Doman. He is one of the greatest commanders alive, along with Mat Cauthon, Davram Bashere, Gareth Bryne, Agelmar Jagad, and a few Aiel clan chiefs. He keeps a neatly-trimmed mustache, and a ruby in his left ear. He is short in stature. He is called the Wolf by his peers—when the Wolf calls, they follow his lead. He is currently leading a band of Taraboners and Domani to wreak havoc among the Seanchan. Even the Seanchan have been impressed by his campaign.
  55. Dark One, p. 42—Name used in every land for Shai'tan, the source of all evil, complete antithesis of The Creator in every way. At the moment of Creation, Shai'tan was imprisoned by the Creator at Shayol Ghul. This prison kept him from touching the world until it was bored into by Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends. This hole, called the Bore, allowed the Dark One to once again touch the world, causing new outbreaks of war, treachery, violence, and crime. The attempt to free the Dark One completely resulted in the War of the Shadow (called the War of Power by some, especially those on the Shadow's side), during which a number of important leaders forsook the Light and gave their lives to the Dark One; these people are known today as the Forsaken, and were 13 of the most powerful Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends. The War of the Shadow did not end until Lews Therin Telamon, the Dragon, and his Hundred Companions Traveled to Shayol Ghul and re-sealed the Dark One back into his prison, trapping the Forsaken with him. At the moment of sealing, Shai'tan lashed out at those sealing the prison, driving them insane and tainting saidin itself, the male half of the True Source, dooming all male Aes Sedai to madness as well and starting the Time of Madness. These seals are weakening now, enough that the Forsaken have escaped and the Dark One is once again able to exert influence on the world. These seals were scattered throughout the world by Aes Sedai during the Breaking of the World. In order of when they were discovered, they were found: 1) At the Eye of the World (broken when it was found); 2) in the hands of Bayle Domon, later pilfered by High Lord Turak of the Seanchan (broken at the battle of Falme), 3) On Seanchan, part of High Lord Turak's collection (broken at the battle at Falme); 4) In the Great Hold at the Stone of Tear (still intact); 5) In the Panarch's Palace in Tanchico (broken enroute to Salidar); 6) One in Rhuidean (still intact), and 7) Found by Mazrim Taim on a small farm in Saldaea (still intact). Despite being made of cuendillar, the three that remain unbroken can be cut with a knife and would break by a fall from a table. The Dark One is also referred to by other euphemisms, including Sightblinder, Lord of the Grave, Father of Lies, Grassburner, Leafblighter, Heartfang, Heartsbane, Soulsbane, Lord of the Twilight, Father of Storms, Shepherd of the Night, Soulblinder, and (among Darkfriends) the Great Lord of the Dark. See also Ba'alzamon.
  56. Lidrin, p. 43—Young officer in General Ituralde's command. He has a scar on his face and a thin, stylish black mustache. He began Ituralde's campaign having never known real combat, but he is a seasoned veteran now. His father died under Ituralde's service.
  57. Jaalam Nishur, p. 43—General Ituralde's former armsman. He was tall and very young, with a dry sense of humor. He died over the course of Ituralde's campaign against the Seanchan.
  58. The Prophet of the Dragon, p. 44—Title given Masema as the self-appointed bringer of the news of the Rebirth of the Dragon. He is not sane anymore, but has gained a very large following. Rand sent Perrin to Ghealdan with a few of the Asha'man and some of the sworn Aes Sedai to bring him in line. He has since been traveling with Perrin on his quest to rescue Faile. The Prophet developed a great rapport with Aram, who clung to his every word. The night before Perrin was ready to commence his plan to rescue his wife, the Prophet had a vision: the Dragon Reborn, dressed in robes, telling him to kill Perrin Aybara. He convinced Aram that Perrin's yellow eyes were a result of him being Shadowspawn, which convinced Aram to attempt to kill Perrin. In his last moments before Faile killed him, the Prophet dimly remembers his true name, Masema, and the life he had lead before becoming the Prophet of the Dragon Reborn. See also Dagar, Masema.
  59. Aram, p. 45—Former Tuatha'an who gave up the Way of the Leaf to learn the sword when the Trollocs killed his mother. He learned from Tam al'Thor, Rand's father and a Blademaster, and picked it up extremely fast. He served as Perrin's personal bodyguard until shortly before his death. Aram slowly grew attached to The Prophet, who finally convinced Aram that Perrin's eyes were yellow because he was Shadowspawn. Aram attempted to kill Perrin, but instead died himself in the attempt. See also Prophet of the Dragon, The.
  60. Masema Dagar, p. 46—The Prophet. He was once one of Uno's underlings, and the one who respected Rand the least, but after he found out that Rand was the Dragon Reborn, he went his own way, preaching of Rand's glory as the “Lord Dragon Reborn.” Rand dispatched Perrin to bring Masema back into line. He was stark raving mad, and very dangerous. He even claimed that Masema Dagar was dead, and that he had been resurrected as the Prophet of the Dragon Reborn. He is described as a dark, frowning man of average size with a faded arrow-scar on his cheek. He cared nothing for appearances, least of all his own. He had deep-set, almost black eyes. Shortly before his death, Masema remembered his days as Masema, how he had earned his sword on his thirteenth nameday, but those were only a blurring memory. Masema was killed by Perrin's wife Faile; she claimed that her duty as a wife required her to step in where Perrin could not do what was necessary. See also Prophet of the Dragon, The.
  61. Faile ni Bashere t'Aybara, p. 46—Young woman from Saldaea with long dark hair and dark eyes. She is the daughter of Davram and Deira Bashere, their oldest surviving offspring. Her two older brothers were killed, and when Davram sent her younger brother off to fight while keeping her at home, she ran away and swore the oath of a Hunter of the Horn in Illian. When she became a Hunter, she renounced her old name, Zarine, at first considering adopting the name “Mandarb”—she chose Faile when she found that Mandarb was the name of Lan's horse. She fell in love with Perrin Aybara while on her search for the Horn, who told her that the Horn had been found. She was shocked, but even more so to find out that Rand was the Dragon Reborn and that both he and Perrin are ta'veren. Faile stayed near Perrin, and finally accompanied him to the Two Rivers where she helped fend off the Trolloc attacks; the two were married shortly afterwards. They were then proclaimed Lord and Lady of the Two Rivers. Perrin hated the idea, but Faile insisted they have a modest estate, and even servants, which she trained herself. Her name means “falcon” in the Old Tongue; she is the falcon in Min's viewings of Perrin. She is very protective of her blacksmith, and does whatever she can to make sure he not so much as looks at another woman, even though he has no intention of doing so. She is a very jealous wife, especially toward people like Berelain who eye her husband all the time. She even cornered Min when they first came to Caemlyn and Perrin greeted her warmly, to make sure Min had no intentions toward him. She left with Perrin for Ghealdan to find Masema, and while he was away her party was ambushed by the Shaido Aiel and she was taken gai'shain by them. She and the servants captured with her attempted to escape, but were betrayed by Galina Casban. She was now a personal servant of Sevanna, and she seemed to be one of Sevanna's favorites—for both service and punishment. She is a natural leader, even earning the respect and obedience of Alliandre, the Queen of Ghealdan, and Morgase, the former Queen of Andor (though she does not know Morgase's true identity). Alliandre, Morgase, and Faile were rescued by the Mera'din, the Brotherless, Aiel men traveling with the Shaido when the left the Three-Fold Land. Their rescue coincided with Perrin's attack on the Shaido encampment, resulting in the deaths of many of the Aielmen. Now that she has been rescued, Faile has taken it upon herself to do the things her husband is unable or unwilling to do—first among them, killing Masema, the Prophet. See also Aybara, Perrin t'Bashere; Bashere, Davram t'Ghaline; t'Bashere, Deira ni Ghaline.

    Chapter 1: Tears from Steel

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  62. High King Artur Hawkwing, p. 51—Hero of Legend who conquered much of the known world about a thousand years ago. He was born in Shandalle, in what is now Cairhien. During and after his conquest of the known world, he became known as Artur Hawkwing. He was perhaps the most strongly ta'veren man in history besides Lews Therin Telamon and Rand al'Thor. His armies put down those of Guaire Amalasan, a false Dragon, and he even sent troops across the Aryth Ocean under his son, Luthair Paendrag Mondwhin, in hopes of conquering new lands there. All contact with these armies ended with Hawkwing's death, which set off the War of the Hundred Years. The descendants of the armies under Luthair have now returned to reclaim the lands of Hawkwing's empire in the Old World—they now call themselves the Seanchan. According to Mat's memories, he was difficult to get along with even before the War of the Hundred Years began. His sign was a golden hawk in flight. See also Hawkwing, Artur; Paendrag Mondwhin, Luthair.
  63. Egwene al'Vere, p. 51—Young woman from Emond's Field and daughter of the innkeeper there, now raised to the Amyrlin Seat among the Aes Sedai opposing Elaida. She has considerable strength with the One Power, and will most likely be one of the strongest Aes Sedai in over a thousand years. She is also the first Dreamer in the Tower in almost 500 years; she trained with the Wise Ones to learn more of this Talent. Before her time with the Wise Ones, she was sold by Liandrin to Suroth to be made damane. She was held captive under the name Tuli under care of the sul'dam Renna Emain. When Egwene escaped, she left Renna with her a'dam in place; the fact that Renna was bound by the a'dam threatens to destroy the foundation of Seanchan society, especially their enslavement of women who can channel. Egwene is good friends with Elayne Trakand, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, and is also a childhood friend of Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn. In fact, Rand and Egwene were all but Promised in their youth, but both of them feel an almost sibling-like love for each other now; they know that they cannot get married, and do not want to. Egwene is the love object of both of Elayne's brothers, Galad and Gawyn—she is flattered by Galad's attentions, but she does not return them. She does find Gawyn to her liking, and had a dream of bonding him as her Warder; she knows it will occur. Egwene was most likely chosen Amyrlin because she was in the Aiel Waste when the rebellion occurred, and because the Aes Sedai thought she could be manipulated by them without too much trouble; if this was their intent, they made a grave mistake, for Egwene promises to be one of the strongest Amyrlins in history. Egwene has enlisted Gareth Bryne as the commander of her army to invade Tar Valon and remove Elaida from power. She has also opened the novice books to all interested women for the first time in history—in the past, they were only open to girls of a certain age, for fear that older women would not be able to handle the discipline. This policy has increased the size of the rebel Tower to several times the size of the original, unified one. The number of novices has increased to levels not known for over a thousand years. Egwene has also discovered many lost Talents of the Age of Legends, such as Dreaming, Traveling, and the making of cuendillar. She was guided to Dreaming by the Wise Ones, with whom she studied in the Aiel Waste, and was guided to the making of cuendillar by Moghedien while she was captured, but Traveling was her discovery alone. She has recovered some other abilities through Moghedien as well. She plans to reunite the Tower and make it stronger than ever—and she plans to start by exiling Elaida, as she will not unite the Tower, only shatter it into fragments that will never be gathered up again. Egwene was captured by sisters loyal to Elaida after executing her plan to block the harbor by turning the harbor chain to cuendillar. She is now a prisoner in the Tower, and has been re-enlisted as a Novice again. She accepts all punishments Elaida and others impose upon her for insisting that she is still the Amyrlin Seat and still Aes Sedai. Her strong will and persistence have earned her the respect of nearly all the novices and perhaps several of the Accepted as well. Egwene plans to subvert Elaida from the inside by making suggestions and hinting that various things Elaida has done are indefinsible; she speaks to anyone that seems willing to ponder those suggestions. More urgently, Egwene is attempting to convince the Hall—both the Hall in Tar Valon and the Hall in Exile—that they must be prepared for the Seanchan attack she knows is imminent. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; al'Thor, Rand; Amyrlin Seat, The; Emain, Renna; Moghedien; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn.
  64. The Amyrlin Seat, p. 51—The leader of the Aes Sedai, their equivalent of a King or Queen. She in theory holds supreme power amongst the sisters, and leads the Hall of the Tower at its meetings. Kings and queens of nations strong and weak will come if summoned by the Amyrlin, even if they spend their entire trip figuring out how they will put a knife in her back while there. The Seat is traditionally held by a woman strong both in the Power and in her character. The vote to choose an Amyrlin must be unanimous, as must the vote to depose one. Once chosen, the Amyrlin is said to be “of all Ajahs and none“—all previous affiliations with Ajah are ignored (at least in theory). The Ajahs have gotten fairly equal numbers of Amyrlins raised from their Ajah, with two exceptions. No Amyrlin had been raised from the Red Ajah since Bonwhin Meraighdin, who was deposed and stilled for nearly breaking the Tower in Artur Hawkwing's day, except for Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, the current Amyrlin Seat in Tar Valon; the Blue Ajah has had more than the average number of Amyrlins from its Ajah—four of the last the last five Amyrlins (before Elaida) were raised from the Blue Ajah. These two exceptions to the mean number of Amyrlins from one's Ajah have only added to the friction between the Blue and Red Ajahs over the years. The Amyrlin has a secretary of sorts, the Keeper of the Chronicles, who is traditionally chosen from the same Ajah that the Amyrlin was raised from. The Amyrlin Seat was held by Siuan Sanche, raised from the Blue Ajah, until she was deposed for her involvement with events surrounding the Dragon Reborn. Her successor was the leader of the coup, Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, raised from the Red Ajah. Siuan's deposition divided the Tower, and the faction opposing Elaida raised a new Amyrlin who could not be accused of choosing sides on the fateful day Siuan was deposed: Egwene al'Vere, who was outside the Tower and not even a full sister from the time Siuan was deposed to the time Egwene was Raised. Other sisters outside the Tower have, in many cases, yet to reveal their loyalties to either Egwene or Elaida. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; al'Vere, Egwene; Arandaille, Balladare; Maconar, Caraighan; Ospenya, Tamra; Sanche, Siuan; Sorenthaine, Cemaile.
  65. Elmindreda (Min) Farshaw, p. 53—Young woman from Baerlon. She is lithe and slight of build, and keeps her dark hair in short ringlets. She has dark, deep, worried-looking eyes. She has a special ability that few besides herself know about: she sees images and auras around people, especially around Aes Sedai, Warders, and Asha'man, that foretell their futures. Min does not always know what these viewings mean, but when she does, it will happen; it is only a question of how and when. Min was fascinated by the number of images she saw around Rand, especially the one she saw that included herself: he was destined to fall in love with three different women, one of which was herself. She usually dressed in attire reserved for men; this habit was picked up when growing up with her father, who was a miner. However, once she started to develop feelings for Rand, she began to wear more traditionally feminine attire—still coat and trousers, but cut to emphasize female characteristics. Min was in Tar Valon helping Siuan with her viewings' information when Siuan was deposed, and it was Min that freed Siuan and Leane from the dungeon. She accompanied the two former leaders of the Aes Sedai to Salidar; once there, she left for Caemlyn with Salidar's embassy to Rand. Once in Caemlyn, she brought information to Rand about the embassy there, and its intentions. She has only had one viewing that ever failed, which concerned Moiraine; since Moiraine is believed dead, she hopes that her viewings might be wrong at least once in a while. Min is one of only three women that can rightfully call herself a lover to the Dragon Reborn, and she is now bonded to Rand via a Warder bond that she shares with the other two, Aviendha and Elayne. She is fond of reading books by the late Herid Fel, a philosopher who worked in Rand's school of thought and was killed by a gholam or Slayer, presumably because he had stumbled upon information crucial to the defeat of the Shadow. She had a viewing of Elayne just before the door closed that Elayne would become pregnant with twins; she told half the palace before Elayne herself knew.… Min currently travels with Rand, Nynaeve, and Cadsuane. See also al'Thor, Rand; Aviendha; Trakand, Elayne.
  66. Lord Davram t'Ghaline Bashere, p. 53—Lord of Bashere, Tyr, and Sidonia; Guardian of the Blightborder; Defender of the Heartland; Marshal-General to Queen Tenobia of Saldaea. He is also her uncle, and Faile's father. He has black eyes, a beak-like nose, and a mustache. He is also slender, and shorter than most men; his wife towers over him. He left Saldaea with his army on an order from Tenobia to bring her the head of Mazrim Taim after he escaped; he ended up in Caemlyn when Rand defeated Rahvin. He now commands Rand's troops in Caemlyn (those that cannot channel and are not under the command of Mat or one of the Aiel chiefs). He is feared by any potential opponents in battle, and with reason—he is one of the best generals alive. His flag is a blue field with three red kingspenny blossoms. See also t'Aybara, Faile ni Bashere; t'Bashere, Deira ni Ghaline; Kazadi, Tenobia si Bashere.
  67. Lord Algarin Pendaloan, p. 53—Lesser Lord of the Land in Tear. He has a wrinkly face and a white beard. He provided accomodations for Rand, Min, Verin, Cadsuane, Lan, Nynaeve, and the rest of their group on his manor so they could recuperate from the events at Shadar Logoth. His younger brother Emarin could channel, and Algarin wants to be tested for the ability now as well. While he was away at the Black Tower, Rand used his estates in Tear to lay low for a while.
  68. Aviendha, p. 54—Aiel of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. Formerly a Maiden of the Spear, she was forced to give up the spear to become a Wise One because she had the ability to channel inborn. Her spears were melted down into other objects, which themselves could not be weapons, to be given away as gifts to the people she hated most—the metal from one spear is now used in a belt buckle for Rand al'Thor. She has green eyes, and is of age with Rand and Mat. She is more than pretty with her dark reddish hair. Aviendha is one of the three women in Min's viewing of Rand—she also saw that she was to fall in love with him when she went through the three rings in Rhuidean. She denied her feelings for him at first, but when the wagons crossed the Dragonwall toward Cairhien, sweat tents became unavailable and she tried bathing as “wetlanders” did; Rand came in as she was standing before the bath in her skin, and she panicked. She created a Traveling gateway to southern Seanchan (she does not remember how), trying to get as far away from Rand as possible, into the middle of winter. When Rand rescued her, she decided she could not hide her feelings any longer, and the two ended up spending the night in each other's arms before coming back. Aviendha says a similar incident will not occur, and punished any Maiden who made a crack about it (how they found out about something that occurred on the far side of the world on another continent is a different subject entirely). She felt toh toward Elayne for violating her trust, but upon hearing that Elayne would consent to being her sister-wife, Aviendha felt empowered to show her feelings for Rand once again. She is not certain what she thinks of a second sister-wife in Min, but she seems to accept the idea at least. She has been having trouble learning Traveling again; the way Elayne forms the weave is different from how she used it to get to Seanchan, and it is difficult to learn something once you already learned it another way. She has, however, mastered the art of untying weaves—a feat which was thought impossible by all Aes Sedai, as well as the Forsaken. She and Elayne have adopted each other as first-sisters. Aviendha has a special ability in making wards against eavesdropping; it is unlikely even the Forsaken could breach one of her wards, and certainly no one could do so without her knowing it immediately. Aviendha was staying with Elayne at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, but she was summoned away by the Wise Ones to complete her training. While in the Palace, she discovered a new Talent: the ability to sense the function of a ter'angreal simply by holding it in her hands. She is due to arrive at Rand's encampment with Rhuarc and much of the rest of her clan soon. See also al'Thor, Rand; Farshaw, Elmindreda; Trakand, Elayne.
  69. Rhuarc, p. 54—Tall, broad-shouldered, blue-eyed clan chief of the Taardad Aiel. He has gray streaks in his red hair. He has two wives: Amys, a Wise One, and Lian, roofmistress of Cold Rocks Hold. Rand put him in charge of Cairhien along with Berelain, but Cairhien has now been turned over to local government. Rhuarc and many members of his clan are currently traveling to Arad Doman to meet Rand. See also Amys.
  70. Ilyena Therin Moerelle, p. 54—Wife of Lews Therin Telamon during the Age of Legends and the War of the Shadow. She had light hair similar in color to Elayne and Aviendha. According to the memories of Lews Therin's that flash through Rand's head, Ilyena never flashed her temper at Lews Therin when she got angry at herself. Lews Therin often wails for her loss for hours on end; these rants are usually started by anything and everything having to do with women, love, hate, killing, friends, or enemies. See also Telamon, Lews Therin.
  71. Kinslayer, p. 54—Name given to Lews Therin Telamon after he killed his family in his madness. See Telamon, Lews Therin.
  72. Asmodean, p. 55—One of the Forsaken. He was born Joar Addam Nessosin, a child prodigy in music and art, in the then coastal city of Shorelle. He gave his life to the Shadow in exchange for the immortality he received, so he could study and perfect his music. After being released from the Bore, he was coerced by Lanfear into coming with her, eventually to teach Rand to channel without killing himself. Asmodean was drawn to Rhuidean and the stash of angreal, ter'angreal, and most especially the two white statue ter'angreal that linked the holder to the great sa'angreal buried near Cairhien and on Tremalking, which together could Break the World beyond repair. He went there to obtain the male statue, but was thwarted by Rand, who severed his bonds to the Dark One. He then became Rand's teacher, and went into hiding from the rest of the Chosen, who would kill him on sight if they saw him. He was killed by someone of unknown identity right after Rahvin and Lanfear were killed/trapped.
  73. Elayne Trakand, p. 56—Daughter-Heir of Andor, now Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is the daughter of Morgase and her late husband, Taringail Damodred, and sister to Gawyn. She is also half-sister to Galad, although she would rather not be reminded of this fact; she thinks Galad virtuous to the point of fault, and does not really like him. She has considerable potential in the One Power, and is one of the strongest Aes Sedai in a thousand years or more, possibly since the Age of Legends, with the exceptions of Egwene, Nynaeve, Aviendha, and some trainees. She has red-gold curly hair. During her stay in the Stone of Tear, Elayne realized she loved Rand al'Thor, and told him how she felt; he felt similarly. She had no idea at the time what Min meant about “having to share him,” but now knows about Min's viewing of Rand with the three women's heads, indicating that Rand will fall in love with Min, Elayne, and Aviendha, and they with him. Later, when she and Nynaeve had trouble with Moghedien, Elayne ended up bonding Birgitte as her Warder (despite being only Accepted at the time) in order to save Birgitte's life. Elayne later went to Ebou Dar and found the Bowl of the Winds, a ter'angreal that they used to fix the weather. She has since returned to Andor upon hearing news of her mother's disappearance; she plans to take the Lion Throne, as soon as she has garnered enough support to keep it. She recently ended Arymilla's campaign for the Throne, which convinced all but one of the necessary nobles to support her for the Lion Throne. During that campaign, Elayne was captured by the Black Ajah, though Birgitte convinced the Windfinders to help rescue her. In the mean time, Elayne has managed to reproduce several ter'angreal, something which no one else has been able to do since the Breaking of the World, as well as discover a way to share a Warder bond between three women; she bonded Rand along with Aviendha, her new sister by Aiel tradition, and Min. Shortly after bonding Rand, she became pregnant with Rand's twins. To protect the children, she is not revealing the father of the twins. She is the first ruler of Andor to ever cede land to anyone: she agreed with the Sea Folk to cede a few square miles of Andor to them in exchange for their help feeding the city during the siege. She also sends Andoran troops to the Black Tower (which is on Andoran soil) periodically to remind its inhabitants that they are still within Andor and subject to its laws. She is proving to be a capable leader, one her people may eventually be quite proud of. See also al'Thor, Rand; al'Vere, Egwene; Aviendha; Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Taringail; Farshaw, Elmindreda; Hanlon, Daved; Trakand, Gawyn; Trakand, Morgase.
  74. Damer Flinn, p. 57—Crease-faced old man with a limp, now one of the Asha'man. He is bald with a fringe of white hair around the edge of his head. He was in the Queen's Guards until he took a Murandian lance in the thigh, and ever since has desired to help people with injuries. He came for the amnesty to see if he could learn to Heal; as it turns out, he is very Talented, and has developed methods of Healing that have been forgotten since the Age of Legends. He managed to partially Heal Rand's wound in his side, to separate it from the rest of his body so the evil does not seep into it anymore. Since he was placed on Taim's Traitors' List, he had been in hiding—he did not assist in the attack on Rand, but Rand thought it better to be safe than to have him killed. He has since been bonded as Warder to Corele, and attempted to teach Samitsu to do with saidar what he does with saidin. He currently travels with Rand. See also Hovian, Corele.
  75. Naeff, p. 57—One of the Asha'man. He has a strong, rectangular face and a lean build. He is very Talented with Air, and helped Aviendha prevent a runaway fire during the bubble of evil. He resigned from the Andoran guards after Gaebril took over. He was among the first of the Asha'man to be bonded by Aes Sedai as a Warder. He currently travels with Flinn and Narishma as the only three Asha'man in Rand's coterie. See also Demasiellin, Nelavaire.
  76. Jahar Narishma, p. 57—Man not much past twenty that had the spark of saidin inborn. His father was a cobbler in Arafel. He is now one of the Asha'man. He is loyal to Rand, not Taim. After being placed on the Traitor's List, he went in to hiding—he did not assist in the attack on Rand, but Rand thought it better to be safe than have him killed. He has since been bonded as a Warder by Merise. He wielded Callandor at the cleansing of saidin, though the circle was controlled by one of the women. Merise took away his dragon pin at first, claiming it was not appropriate for him to wear it in lieu of his new responsibilites as her Warder—Jahar was very angry with her for this, and she will eventually have to learn that he is much stronger than she is, and she needs to give him respect appropriate to that position. Jahar was instrumental in exposing Halima and Delana; he detected a man trying to pierce the ward against eavesdropping around the Hall of the Tower, after which Delana promptly excused herself and she and Halima fled the camp. He currently travels with Rand as one of three full Asha'man in the group. See also Haindehl, Merise.
  77. Lord Tellaen, p. 58—Portly man with thin Domani mustaches. He is an aquaintance of Davram Bashere, and owns the manor at which Rand and his army are camping.
  78. Alivia, p. 60—Seanchan damane captured by Asha'man. She was afraid of freedom because she feared being captured again. She has been collared since she was thirteen or fourteen, and has been damane for over four hundred years. She is considerably stronger in the One Power than Nynaeve, and a little bit taller. She has fine lines at the corners of her sharp blue eyes and white streaks in her blonde hair. Min dislikes her, though not because of jealousy—Min had a viewing of her indicating that she will help Rand to die. She has a very intense personality.
  79. Moiraine Damodred, p. 60—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. Born of a noble House in Cairhien, she is Taringail Damodred's youngest half-sister, and King Laman's niece. She is considered short among her people, and the Cairhienin are already a short people. When it was discovered that she had the ability to channel inborn, Moiraine went to Tar Valon to become an Aes Sedai. Just before being raised to the shawl, she and her friend Siuan Sanche witnessed Gitara Moroso's Foretelling of the Rebirth of the Dragon. Moiraine and Siuan walked away from each other and did not speak to each other again (at least in public), but both held secret communication with each other and dedicated their lives to finding and guiding the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine found the young man she sought on Winternight in Emond's Field, a young man named Rand al'Thor, along with two more ta'veren, Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, and two women with the spark of the Power inborn, Egwene al'Vere and Nynaeve al'Meara. When Moiraine was shortly raised to the shawl, she met al'Lan Mandragoran, the uncrowned King of Malkier, who was fighting alone against the Shadow in the Borderlands; she eventually asked Lan to become her Warder, and he accepted. She is very strong in the Power, stronger than almost all living Aes Sedai before Egwene and Nynaeve came to the Tower. In the Stone of Tear, Moiraine confronted and killed the Forsaken Be'lal with balefire, just before he would have killed Rand. Later, after having an inkling of the future events from the testing ter'angreal for the Wise Ones, Moiraine managed to push the Forsaken Lanfear through the twisted doorway ter'angreal into the land of the Eelfinn, trapping both her and Lanfear there. Moiraine is the subject of the only viewing Min has ever had that has not come true. Min assumes it cannot come true, as Moiraine is dead, though she has not said yet what the viewing said she needed to do—only that Rand would almost certainly fail without her. According to a letter Moiraine wrote to Thom Merrilin the day before her death, however, she lives on in the land of the Finn, but her bond with Lan has been severed. The same letter convinced Mat to help Thom rescue her, though her vision in the ter'angreal apparently indicated disaster would result unless Mat asked to see the letter before Thom showed it to him. Other Aes Sedai consider Moiraine a legend, not only for discovering the Dragon Reborn but for killing or trapping two of the Forsaken as well. Despite her efforts, and for the most part, success, Cadsuane still thinks she “bungled” things with Rand. See also Mandragoran, Lan; Sanche, Siuan.
  80. Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, p. 62—Aes Sedai formerly of the Red Ajah, now raised to the Amyrlin Seat in Tar Valon. She was born the youngest daughter of a minor House in the north of Murandy. She occasionally has the Foretelling, and as a result of a Foretelling she had concerning the importance of the Royal Family of Andor in Tarmon Gaidon, she served as advisor to Queen Morgase of Andor for her entire reign. She later led the coup that deposed Siuan Sanche and placed herself on the Amyrlin Seat in Siuan's place. She distrusts anyone not of the Red Ajah (as most Reds do), and does not think she will ever be able to trust any member of the Blue Ajah again. Her Keeper of the Chronicles was Alviarin Freidhen of the White Ajah—she was all but forced to choose Alviarin due to her role in the deposition of Siuan. If she chose a Keeper from her Ajah, she most likely would not have won the support of the White Ajah, and then she would have been stilled and banished from the Tower instead of Siuan. Her Foretelling about the importance of Andor's royal family during the Last Battle occurred around the time the Succession was going on, so she immediately attached herself to Morgase as soon as it became clear that she would be the one to take the Lion Throne. Another of her Foretellings was to predict that Rand al'Thor would shake the world on its very foundations—she constantly kicks herself for not doing something about him when he was right in front of her, little more than a farmboy at the time. Her most recent Foretelling was that “the White Tower would be whole again, except for remnants cast out and scorned, whole and stronger than ever. Rand al'Thor will face the Amyrlin Seat and know her anger. The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and sisters will walk its grounds.” The Foretelling about Rand is obviously deadly accurate. However, the one about the Royal Family occurred at an inopportune time; at the time of Elaida's Foretelling, the Royal Family was not certain. It may have meant Morgase, Gawyn, Galad, and Elayne (they have all had a large role to play in the recent past), but it is also possible it could have meant the old Royal Family, that of Tigraine, Taringail, Galad, and later Elayne and Gawyn as well. After all, Morgase is just Morgase, but Tigraine is the mother of the Dragon Reborn. Her most recent Foretelling will of course be fulfilled, but not necessarily how she wants it to be; she does not realize that the Amyrlin Seat in the Foretelling might not be her, that the remnants cast out might be those loyal to her, and that the destruction of the Black Tower might have nothing to do with her. Elaida is quite strong in the One Power; only Siuan (before she was still and Healed), Moiraine, Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve, and a few others could match her strength. Elaida has always sought positions of power; she chose to follow Morgase to have a better chance at guiding the forces in the Last Battle, and tried to capture Rand al'Thor in an effort to gain similar control. The only sisters that support her are those that are actually Black Ajah and those that would follow any Amyrlin legally raised, as Elaida was (although just barely; all laws used to raise her were stretched almost to their breaking point, and some believe they actually did shatter). Elaida is currently building a palace for herself atop the Warders' old practice yard. The building will be about as tall as the White Tower. She has no plans on being merciful on those who rebelled against her when she deposed Siuan—her terms are that the Blue Ajah no longer exists, and that any sister following Egwene must serve penance under her personal guidance before being readmitted to the Tower. Elaida has since replaced Alviarin as Keeper with a sister of the Red Ajah, Tarna Feir, and she has suspicions that Alviarin was trying to commit treason against the Tower. She ordered Seaine Herimon to “follow the trail of treason” as far as it went, even to the Keeper herself. Seaine interpreted this as a charge to capture members of the Black Ajah, leading to a grave situation for Seaine, as she now has several Black sisters that she has uncovered and no longer feels she can trust Elaida. See also al'Vere, Egwene; Amyrlin Seat, The; Freidhen, Alviarin; Sanche, Siuan; Suffa; Trakand, Morgase.

    Chapter 2: The Nature of Pain

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  81. Mistress of Novices, p. 64—The Aes Sedai who is in charge of training novices and Accepted in the White Tower. The post was held by Sheriam Bayanar of the Blue Ajah until a coup that deposed Siuan Sanche chased her out of the Tower. The post is now held by Silviana Brehon in Tar Valon and Tiana Noselle among the Aes Sedai who fled to Salidar and now hold the city of Tar Valon under siege. Another Mistress of Novices of the past was Seraille Bagand, who later became the Amyrlin Seat. See also Bayanar, Sheriam; Brehon, Silviana; Noselle, Tiana.
  82. Silviana Brehon, p. 65—Mistress of Novices in the White Tower. She is from the Red Ajah, and was appointed by Elaida after Sheriam left the Tower. She is tall stocky, and has a square face. She keeps her black hair in a bun. Egwene describes her as stern, but fair. Elaida herself used to go to her occasionally for “voluntary” penanaces—these penances were actually being assigned by Alviarin in an attempt to keep Elaida in her place. Now that Alviarin has been supplanted, Elaida sends Alviarin to Silviana's study for daily penance. See also Mistress of Novices; Noselle, Tiana.
  83. Katerine Alruddin, p. 66—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She has dark, slightly curly hair. Though she obviously keeps it secret, she is actually of the Black Ajah, and has been for twelve years. She was captured by Rand during the battle at Dumai's Wells, but escaped her captors, most likely with assistance from Darkfriends. She and Tarna took rooms in Garon Burlow's house while the Younglings were there. She is among those who kidnapped Egwene, and is now one of the sisters charged with guarding her and dosing her with forkroot tea while she is a prisoner in the Tower. crosserf("Elaida") has been relying on her more and more while Tarna is out of the Tower.
  84. Barasine, p. 66—Lanky Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah who approached Logain before he proclaimed himself. She did a lot of the talking in Javindhra's group. She was one of the sisters who captured Egwene, and she is now one of those charged with guarding her and dosing her with forkroot tea.
  85. Alviarin Freidhen, p. 68—Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, but secretly the head of the Black Ajah. She was chosen to head the Black Ajah after the previous leader was killed by Ishamael after she managed to kill off the Amyrlin Seat without Ishamael's approval. Typical of most Whites, she has a very cool, collected personality. She served as Keeper of the Chronicles under Elaida, despite being of a different Ajah than Elaida was raised from. Elaida was all but forced to choose Alviarin in order to gain the support of the White Ajah when bringing charges against Siuan; unknown to Elaida, this also brought her the support of the Black Ajah. Without Alviarin as Keeper, the White Ajah would most likely have been divided over whether to depose Siuan, and only the Red would be behind Elaida, which would most likely have led to the stilling of Elaida and possibly even the dismantling of the Red Ajah. It still may, since Elaida is rapidly losing her support among the sisters. If Alviarin's loyalties are ever revealed, it is likely nothing will save either of them. Alviarin has been shown how to Travel by Mesaana, and one of her first uses of it brought her to Tremalking for several weeks, during which Elaida removed her as Keeper. She appears to know that the Aes Sedai sent back from Salidar are spies; she refused to let Elaida speak with Meidani, who was one of them. She has since been estranged from the White Ajah; her fellow Whites blame her for destroying their connection to the Amyrlin, and humiliating herself and her Ajah in the process. She has since been sent to Silviana for daily beatings. Despite her failures, Shaidar Haran has promised her that she is still his praised servant; he marked her for his own with an invisible mark on her forehead that only Alviarin can sense. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; Keeper of the Chronicles.
  86. Shemerin, p. 68—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, reduced to Accepted by Elaida against all Tower law and custom. She ran away from the Tower after being reduced. Egwene makes certain that her demotion remains on every sister's mind. She has light hair and a plump body. See also Tagren.
  87. Caraighan Maconar, p. 69—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, later raised to the Amyrlin Seat. She is the heroine of hundreds of adventures, credited with exploits that even Aes Sedai consider improbable despite their inclusion in the Tower's records. These include single-handedly putting down a rebellion in Mosadorin and quelling the Comaidin Riots at a time when she had no Warders. She is considered to be the archetype of a Green sister, and is a strong role model for the eager novice Nicola Treehill. See also Amyrlin Seat, The.
  88. Siuan Sanche, p. 70—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah with shoulder-length hair. Born in Tear to a fisherman, she was sent to the White Tower on the first boat to leave after she discovered she had the ability to channel inborn, according to Tairen law. As a novice, she was good friends with Moiraine Damodred, and was present at Gitara Moroso's Foretelling of the Rebirth of the Dragon. After being raised to the shawl, she joined the Blue Ajah to dedicate her life to finding and guiding the Dragon Reborn, and eventually came to lead the Blues' network of eyes-and-ears (i.e., spies) before being raised to the Amyrlin Seat. She was only thirty years old when raised to the Amyrlin Seat, making her the youngest Amyrlin to that point. She was also one of the strongest Amyrlins in recent history, and one of the most feared among the rulers of nations. Her blue-eyed stare was feared by all. When her twenty-year connection to the Dragon Reborn was discovered, she and her Keeper of the Chronicles, Leane Sharif, were deposed and stilled by a group of sisters loyal to Elaida a'Roihan. Siuan hoped to regain some of her previous standing in the new Tower that separated from Elaida—her knowledge of the Blue Ajah spy network is hard to match, and she knows much that she thought would be of use. In one of her viewings, Min saw that Siuan would have to remain close to Gareth Bryne—if she did not, both of them would die. Siuan did not initially know what she meant, but now realizes that she is growing to love the gray-haired man who leads the rebel army. She had a Warder named Alric, but he was murdered by Elaida when Siuan was deposed. After coming to Salidar, Nynaeve discovered how to restore Siuan's ability to channel, at least partially. This resurrected a part of her bond with Alric, but did not bring back her former strength, or her binding by the Oath Rod. She can now lie as well as any child. She served as an advisor of sorts to the new Amyrlin in Salidar, Egwene al'Vere, but though she put on a façade of hating the work, she is actually one of Egwene's foremost agents. The fact that she is Aes Sedai, not to mention one who was stilled and Healed again, makes other sisters tend to be oblivious to this fact. She was pushed very hard by Elaida as a novice. With Egwene being held prisoner in the Tower, Siuan has been charged with keeping the factions among the rebels—headed by Romanda Cassin and Lelaine Akashi, respectively—from usurping the rebellion and placing themselves on the Amyrlin Seat. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; al'Vere, Egwene; Alric; Amyrlin Seat, The; Bryne, Gareth; Damodred, Moiraine; Herimon, Seaine; Sharif, Leane.
  89. Meidani, p. 72—Tall, slender, full-busted Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She has golden brown hair to the middle of her back. Her Warder is Leonin. She was one of the Aes Sedai sent back to the Tower by the Aes Sedai in Salidar as a spy under the guise that she was obeying Elaida's summons; she and Elaida were once pillow friends as novices, and the Hall in exile thought she might be able to renew that relationship to their advantage. Elaida is apparently aware of her mission, and makes vicious, thinly-veiled threats to her, such as asking her to look up how traitors have been punished throughout Tower history. Her quarters are surprisingly comfortable and homey, and are indicative of someone who loves to travel. Maps hang on the walls, as prized art would hang on another's walls. She has a pair of Aiel spears on the walls as well as a pair of Sea Folk earrings. Everything is tagged with its source and date of collection. She grew up in Altara. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny.
  90. Sheriam Bayanar, p. 72—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah with fiery hair. She was Mistress of Novices in the White Tower before she fled to Salidar with the rest of her Ajah. She led the group of six sisters that held most of the influence in Salidar, despite not being part of the Hall of the Tower. Her tilted, green eyes can be used to intimidate novices and Aes Sedai alike. She is now the Keeper of the Chronicles under Egwene al'Vere. She is very efficient, but she hates the paperwork involved with being Keeper, and is often heard muttering under her breath that she wishes she were still Mistress of Novices. She has lost a considerable amount of weight recently. She has been beaten, apparently as a way to extract information, by an unknown assailant in recent weeks. She often wishes she'd chosen the Brown Ajah, which would allow her to isolate herself from the Tower, politics, and stress in general. See also Keeper of the Chronicles; Mistress of Novices.
  91. Beonin Marinye, p. 72—Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She is pretty, has honey-colored hair, and grew up in Tarabon. Her blue-gray eyes seem to constantly look startled. Nothing seems to surprise her, though, and Elayne thinks she would not believe the Sun would come up unless she saw it herself, and if one morning it did not, she would just take it to confirm that she was correct to demand proof. She was one of the six sisters in Salidar that had most of the authority, despite not being part of the Hall of the Tower, and later served as Egwene's advisor from the Gray Ajah. Egwene was shocked to see she had returned to the Tower after Egwene was captured; she accused Beonin of betraying her, but Beonin denied it, and claims her oath still holds. She did, however, betray the spies sent to the Tower, though she claims she warned the spies from the Gray about it. Since her oath still holds, and by the Three Oaths Egwene knows she cannot lie, she has been conscripted to serve as Egwene's agent inside the Tower.
  92. Laras, p. 78—Mistress of the Kitchens in the White Tower. She gave Min a makeup kit that she kept meaning to throw away but never did. Instead, Leane used it. She helped Siuan and Leane escape with Min, and has shown a reasonable degree of sympathy for Egwene during her imprisonment. Her spoon is used for hitting as often as it is for tasting. She has a pudgy, round face, and her hair is starting to gray. Lines crease the sides of her eyes. She has thick, fat fingers.
  93. Leane Sharif, p. 78—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, formerly of the Blue. She grew up in Arad Doman, and has coppery skin. Just as her family members were training her in the seductive ways of Domani women, Leane found that her life would take a different direction: she could channel saidar, and would do so with or without teaching. She became an Aes Sedai, a member of the Blue Ajah, and was eventually raised to Keeper of the Chronicles under Siuan Sanche. During the coup led by Elaida a'Roihan and Alviarin Freidhen that deposed Siuan, Leane was thrown in the dungeon and stilled. Leane tried turning to her seductive side to try to replace what she lost in stilling; she was out of practice, but did well enough. She eventually convinced the Aes Sedai in Salidar to let her stay with them and maintain the network of eyes-and-ears she kept in Tar Valon as Keeper. She was later Healed by Nynaeve, and restored to some of her former capacity for using the One Power. The Hall of the Tower in Salidar decided that since she had been stilled, she was no longer Aes Sedai for that time and thus all of her titles and choice of Ajah were null and void. Instead of petitioning to re-enter the Blue Ajah, she asked the Green Ajah if it would accept her; it did, and she became the first sister to ever switch Ajahs. Her eyes-and-ears as Keeper are retained by her; she was the only Aes Sedai to plant spies in the city itself. These spies were very useful in determining both what is going on in Tar Valon and what the Ajahs were leaving out of their reports to Egwene. She has considerable strength with Earth, and is the second best at making cuendillar, after Egwene herself. While carrying out Egwene's plan to turn the harbor chains to cuendillar, she was captured and is now being held in the dungeons below the Tower. She was allowed only one dress, the one in which she was captured, which she washed every third day in the remains of her bath water. See also Freidhen, Alviarin; Keeper of the Chronicles; Sanche, Siuan.

    Chapter 3: The Ways of Honor

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  94. Heirn, p. 83—Sept chief of the Jindo Sept of the Taardad Aiel.
  95. Sightblinder, p. 83—One name the Aiel use for the Dark One. See Dark One.
  96. Dorindha, p. 84—Wife of Bael, and sister-wife to Melaine. She is roofmistress to Smoke Springs Hold, and has three sons. Her long red hair is touched with white. She is now traveling with Bael and the rest of the Goshien clan in Arad Doman. She and the other Wise Ones there are in charge of furthering Aviendha's training. See also Bael; Melaine.
  97. Nadere, p. 84—Wise One of the Goshien Aiel. She is almost stout, and has green eyes. She is as tall as most men. She is now traveling with the rest of the Goshien clan in Arad Doman. She and the other Wise Ones there are in charge of furthering Aviendha's training.
  98. Amys, p. 85—Wise One of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. Rhuarc's wife (one of two). She is one of the Wise Ones that trained Aviendha and Egwene. She can channel, but still has prematurely white hair. She is also a Dreamwalker. See also Rhuarc.
  99. Bair, p. 85—Wise One of the Haido sept of the Shaarad Aiel. She is very old, and has watery blue eyes. A Dreamwalker, she was one of Egwene's teachers. She has been married before, but her husbands are dead. Bair is the only Aiel traveling with Rhuarc and Bael who is not Taardad or Goshien.
  100. Melaine, p. 85—Wise One of the of the Jhirad sept of the Goshien Aiel. She is a Dreamwalker, and was one of Egwene's teachers. She can channel. She swore she would never love a man, but changed her mind later and married Bael, her clan chief, thus becoming sister-wife to Dorindha. She has sun-colored hair and green eyes. She is currently expecting twin daughters; the pregnancy is just beginning to show. See also Bael; Dorindha.
  101. Lord Dobraine Taborwin, p. 85—Cairienin lord. He is the High Seat of House Taborwin, and commanded the troops Perrin led to Dumai's Wells. He is little taller than Min, and has dark eyes, gray hair, and a square face. He is a solid man with furrowed skin. He keeps the front of his head shaved and powdered, and keeps the gray hair on the sides to his shoulders. He was the only Cairhienin noble to retain a sizable force after the Shaido invasion. He was the Steward of Cairhien for the Dragon Reborn; he ruled the country in Rand's absence, and served as his advisor in his presence. He seems bored with being a mere steward—he asked to help the Aiel secure Bandar Eban, which he did, with Rhuarc's help. Rand suspects he is trying to secure a foothold in another nation, as Rand plans to see Elayne crowned Queen of Cairhien.
  102. Car'a'carn, p. 86—According to the Prophecy of Rhuidean, the man destined to unite the clans of the Aiel. The term means “Chief of Chiefs” in the Old Tongue. The Car'a'carn, according to the Prophecy, would be announced to the Aiel by not one, but two dragons on his forearms upon leaving Rhuidean. See also al'Thor, Rand.
  103. Bael, p. 86—Clan chief of the Goshien Aiel. He is the tallest man Rand has ever met, over a hand taller than Rand, who is not short. He has a deep, resonant voice. He has two wives named Dorindha and Melaine. Melaine and Bael were recently wed, after Dorindha agreed to accept Melaine as a sister-wife. He has three sons (by Dorindha), and is expecting twin daughters (by Melaine). He has gray eyes. Bael currently leads the Goshien Aiel in Arad Doman in an attempt to restore order there. See also Dorindha; Melaine.

    Chapter 4: Nightfall

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  104. Gawyn Trakand, p. 92—Son of Queen Morgase of Andor and brother to Elayne. He will become First Prince of the Sword when Elayne becomes Queen. He and his half-brother Galad went to train with the Warders in the White Tower, as all sons of Andoran queens have for centuries, and both now possess considerable skill with the sword. During the chaos that erupted after Siuan Sanche's deposition, Gawyn formed a band of young men, everyone who had trained with the Warders except Galad, who are called the Younglings. The Younglings fought back against their teachers, who were trying to free Siuan and Leane from their imprisonment. Gawyn himself killed Hammar and Coulin, the men in charge of teaching the sword and for his personal training, respectively, both of which were Blademasters—few Warders are as good as they were, and Gawyn managed to kill both of them. With recent developments, Gawyn does not know which party to support—he believes that anyone who opposed Tower Law by trying to free Siuan and Leane was wrong, but at the same time he does not know all the facts surrounding the change in leadership. In fact, his sister Elayne and her friends Nynaeve al'Meara and Egwene al'Vere side with those who broke from the Tower, and Egwene, the woman he wants to marry, is their new leader. He believes the rumor that Rand killed his mother, and only refrains from killing him because Egwene made him promise not to. Gawyn has made many enemies inside and outside the Tower, just by leading the Younglings. He detests Rand because he thinks Rand killed his mother (when in fact no one did), and there is no telling how he'll react when he finds out that Elayne actually does love Rand (and is carrying his twins). Gawyn currently leads the Younglings on harrying parties against the army besieging Tar Valon; he is starting to think that Elaida is merely sending him on missions to keep him out of her hair, so to speak. At one time, he had no problem with the fact that he had killed his former teachers—they were rebelling against a lawfully raised Amyrlin—but he has since begun to feel guilty, wondering if he had truly chosen the just side. He has stated that he did not like Elaida—she had always been cold to him as his mother's advisor—but he supported her because he disliked what Siuan had done, involving Egwene and Elayne in her plotting. His sign is a white boar. See also al'Vere, Egwene; Damodred, Galadedrid; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Morgase.
  105. Jisao Hamora, p. 92—Member of Gawyn's Younglings. He wears a silver Tower on his collar, the mark of a veteran fighter who saw the riots in the White Tower along with Gawyn. He was little more than a boy when the conflict started, but he's a seasoned veteran now.
  106. Rodic, p. 93—Squad leader among Gawyn's Younglings.
  107. Gareth Bryne, p. 93—Former First Prince of the Sword and Captain of the Queen's Guards under Queen Morgase in Andor. He was appointed to the position because Morgase had no living male relatives, but was exiled from Caemlyn on a suggestion from Morgase's new advisor, Lord Gaebril. He moved to his private estates in rural Andor, where he later presided over the trial of three young women who unintentionally burned a barn: they turned out to be Siuan Sanche, the former Amyrlin Seat; Leane Sharif, the former Keeper of the Chronicles, and Min Farshaw. When these three made an oath to serve him and then apparently broke it, he followed them out of sheer curiosity to Salidar. Once there, he discovered the true identity of the three, as well as that the Tower was truly broken. The Aes Sedai in Salidar persuaded him to command the army they would need to take the Amyrlin Seat from Elaida, since he was the only commander that the Warders thought would be willing and able to help them. He is one of the six best military commanders west of the Aiel Waste, in a league with Pedron Niall, Rodel Ituralde, Davram Bashere, Agelmar Jagad, and Matrim Cauthon. Although neither of them would admit it, Bryne seems to be developing feelings for Siuan Sanche; he wishes to avoid another mistake like his relationship as Morgase's lover, and also never forgave Siuan for when she publicly shamed him years ago. She seems to be developing similar feelings for him, much to her dismay. He plans to be the first general to take the city of Tar Valon; the closest anyone else has ever come was with Guaire Amalasan's armies, who got as far as the White Tower itself, and Artur Hawkwing, who never managed to go beyond beseiging the city. Actually, Amalasan's troops never beseiged the city, they simply managed to breech the walls; Hawkwing never managed to stop the supply ships coming up the river. Bryne thought he would be able to overcome this problem by purchasing ships along the way to Tar Valon, but when Egwene brought the entire army to Tar Valon by Traveling, that plan faltered; instead, he pressured her to let him use gateways to breach the walls and get inside the city. He is stocky, with a bluff face. The years have given him some sort of comforting calmness. Men always follow him—they have learned from history that doing so is the path to military victory. Bryne taught Galad and Gawyn to practice the sword with both hands alternating to avoid weakness. Bryne is currently besieging the city of Tar Valon. See also Sanche, Siuan; Trakand, Morgase.
  108. Hammar, p. 94—A Blademaster and Warder who once taught the sword to young men that came to the White Tower. He was killed by Gawyn during the chaos surrounding Siuan Sanche's deposition and imprisonment.
  109. Coulin, p. 94—Warder who was in charge of Galad's and Gawyn's training in the White Tower. He and Hammar, the Warder in charge of teaching the sword, were killed by Gawyn during the chaos surrounding the deposition and imprisonment of Siuan Sanche.
  110. Challenge, p. 94—Gawyn's horse.
  111. Rajar, p. 95—Domani Youngling. He is barely taller than Gawyn's shoulder. He surely would have been a Warder by now, had times been different.

    Chapter 5: A Tale of Blood

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  112. Elza Penfell, p. 98—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is one of the Aes Sedai now sworn Rand; she assisted in his kidnapping. She is now one of Cadsuane's companions. She has brown eyes and would be pretty except for the ageless look. She is pleasant for an Aes Sedai, and an almost fanatical devotion to Rand. She is secretly of the Black Ajah, but almost no one knows this. Her personal mission is to keep the Dragon Reborn alive until the Last Battle—if he is dead, how will the Great Lord of the Dark defeat him?
  113. Corele Hovian, p. 98—Boyishly slim yet pretty Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She has thick black eyebrows, blue eyes, and wild, raven-black hair. She always dresses as if she is going to a country dance, and wears a perpetual smile. She is now one of Cadsuane's companions. She has bonded Damer Flinn as her Warder. She grew up in Murandy. She stubbornly refuses to acknowledge Nynaeve as an Aes Sedai.
  114. Samitsu Tamagowa, p. 98—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is one of the best Healers alive, at least that do it in the traditional way. She was the Aes Sedai left in charge of Cairhien when Cadsuane left prior to the cleansing of saidin, and is now with the entourage of sisters that obey Cadsuane and protect Rand. She tried to Heal Rand's side wound and mostly failed, but when Damer Flinn was able to partially Heal him using a more sophisticated weave, she begged on her knees for him to teach her. She is slender, has hazel eyes, and dark hair that she keeps bells in. She grew up in Arafel. See also Flinn, Damer.
  115. Padan Fain, p. 98—Former peddler that frequently came to Emond's Field. A Darkfriend, he was given orders to locate the Dragon Reborn and narrowed the list of candidates to three boys in Emond's Field. While persuing them, he encountered the spirit of Mordeth in Aridhol, now called Shadar Logoth. Mordeth attempted to consume Fain's soul, but instead the two souls merged, producing something more evil than either of them alone. Fain no longer takes his orders from the Shadow; he has his own evil agenda. It is said, “The look of the Eyeless is fear,” from observing that a Myrddraal's look causes fear in the hearts of men. Fain's look has that effect on Myrddraal—Fades feel the same fear of Fain as men feel from a Fade. Fain is also called Ordeith, a name he adopted to become a Whitecloak officer. He is perhaps the most evil man alive. He later served as advisor to Toram Riatin, one of the Cairhienin nobles in rebellion to Rand. Rand has a bounty of 100,000 gold crowns on his head—Fain killed Rand's friends because they were his friends, he pillaged his homeland because it was his homeland, and Rand intends to see him dead for it. Rand still bears the wound that Fain's dagger gave him; the evil from Fain's dagger fighting the evil from Ishamael's staff gave Rand the idea he used to cleanse saidin.
  116. Ishamael, p. 98—One of the Forsaken. He was the most powerful of the Forsaken, and during the Age of Legends he was a prominent philosopher and theologian named Elan Morin Tedronai. He was never really bound inside the Bore, and led the hidden forces of the Shadow for the three thousand odd years from the end of the War of the Shadow to the present. He took credit for such things as convincing the then insane Lews Therin Telamon to kill everyone he loved, pursuading the dying Artur Hawkwing not to accept the Aes Sedai Healing that might have saved his life, sending the Trollocs out of the Great Blight during the Trolloc Wars, and many other events in history that turned out poorly. When the rest of the Forsaken were freed, Ishamael kept them away from each other's throats. He confronted Rand at the Eye of the World where he was severed from the Dark One's bonds; he confronted him again at Falme where Rand put his sword through him and melted it, but not after Ishamael gave Rand a wound that he has not been able to recover from yet; and he confronted Rand in the Stone of Tear after he took Callandor. Rand killed Ishamael after beating him sore by plunging Callandor into his heart. His body rotted quickly, but it was proof that Ba'alzamon, which he called himself to the public, was a human being, and not the Dark One. Ishamael has been resurrected in the person of the mysterious Nae'blis, Moridin. See also Moridin; Tedronai, Elan Morin.
  117. King Darlin Sisnera, p. 99—High Lord of Tear, one of those who went into hiding in Haddon Mirk once the battle at Cairhien was over. Rand says he almost admired him—he opposed Rand from the very start, fleeing the Stone of Tear when it fell and trying to rouse resistance among the rural nobles. He was considering Elaida's offer of support if he declared himself king of Tear, until he was made the Steward for the Dragon Reborn in Tear. Rand figures that this will keep the nobles scheming among themselves so much that they will not have time to make trouble for him. He later made Darlin the first King of Tear in memory. He has a prominent nose, and is about a head shorter than Rand. He has a short black beard, and close-cropped hair.
  118. Coramoor, p. 100—According to the Sea Folk's Jendai Prophecy, the man who is destined to bring them out of their long wandering in the sea. He is the same man who is the fulfillment of just about every other prophecy known as well, Rand al'Thor. See also al'Thor, Rand; Car'a'carn; Dragon Reborn.
  119. Harine din Togara Two Winds, p. 100—Wavemistress of Clan Shodein for ten years. She negotiated the treaty with Merana and Rafela under Nesta's authority. Her Windfinder is Shalon, her sister. Her face is handsome and unlined, but she has white streaks her straight, black hair. She wears five rings on each ear and a nose ring with medallions. According to one of Min's viewings, Harine is destined to become the Mistress of Ships of the Atha'an Miere.
  120. Jorlen Corbenan, p. 102—An extremely talented male Aes Sedai from the Age of Legends. He crafted some of the most amazing ter'angreal that Lews Therin Telamon ever saw. He used to do research at the Sharom, the ancient laboratory dedicated to research into the One Power. Researchers at the same facility eventually opened the Bore (probably inadvertantly). He was killed by the backlash from the Dark One that resulted when the Bore was created.
  121. Androl Genhald, p. 103—One of the Dedicated. He is Talented at making gateways.
  122. Erian Boroleos, p. 107—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She assisted in capturing Rand. She had four Warders until Rand killed two of them for harming Min. She was captured by Rand in the battle at Dumai's Wells. She is pale and lovely. She is now one of Cadsuane's companions.
  123. Sarene Nemdahl, p. 107—Aes Sedai of the White Ajah from Tarabon. She has a temper, but she will admit she is wrong if she is. She taught novice classes on “the nature of reality.” Her Warder is Vitalien. She has a secret love of writing poetry—she would die of shame if Vitalien ever discovered that she compares him to a leopard and other graceful, powerful animals in her poems. She assisted in Rand's kidnapping, was captured and shielded after the battle at Dumai's Wells, and is now sworn to Rand. According to Min's viewing, she will fall in love. She is so beautiful that she makes Erian look plain; she may be the most beautiful woman to attain the shawl in decades. She is, however, completely oblivious to that fact. See also Vitalien.
  124. Nesune Bihara, p. 107—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She is one of the Aes Sedai now sworn to Rand; she assisted in his kidnapping. She always listens to all sides before drawing any conclusions, and she remembers everything. She is slender, has black eyes, and grew up in Kandor. Min had a viewing of her: she will found a library. She is now one of Cadsuane's companions. She is one of a handful of people to ever be able to ignore Cadsuane. She retains her loyalty to Elaida.

    Chapter 6: When Iron Melts

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  125. Lieutenant-General Turan, p. 113—Lieutenant-General in the Seanchan armies. He is stout, far from tall, and has a peaked nose. His close-cropped black hair is shaved two finger widths up each side of his head. He is a Blademaster. He sent reports to Galgan about the campaigns of Rodel Ituralde. His 100,000 troops were routed by Ituralde's forces, who were outnumbered two to one and possessed no damane. He remained proud and defiant, even in death.
  126. Musarin, p. 117—White-haired Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She remained in the Tower after the split. She was on guard at Leane's cell when the walls and floor suddenly turned to wax.
  127. Gelarna, p. 117—Short Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She remained in the Tower after the split. She was on guard at Leane's cell when the walls and floor suddenly turned to wax.
  128. Maenadrin, p. 119—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She has dark eyes, and grew up in Saldaea. She and Negaine were discussing Leane's narrow escape from the bubble of evil when Egwene pointed out the fact that the Brown Ajah and novice quarters had switched places.
  129. Negaine, p. 135—Tall spindly Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She and Felaana found Beonin in the Tower and sent Anemara to announce her presence to Elaida. She and Maenadrin were discussing Leane's narrow escape from the bubble of evil when Egwene pointed out the fact that the Brown Ajah and novice quarters had switched places. See also Negaine.

    Chapter 7: The Plan for Arad Doman

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  130. Daigian Moseneillin, p. 121—Plump, curvaceous, pale Aes Sedai of the White Ajah with long black hair. She is the youngest daughter of a lesser House in Cairhien. She is extremely weak in the One Power, possibly weaker than any woman ever to attain the shawl; many sisters consider her little better than a wilder. She spent longer as Accepted than any other woman in memory, and is rumored to have barely passed the test for the shawl. She is now sworn to Rand, and later bonded Eben Hopwil as a Warder. She was very possessive of him, and she is now mourning his death, which occured during the cleansing of saidin; she cries for him nearly every night. She wears a stone on her forehead, as Moiraine did, though hers is a white moonstone. This tradition is typical of Cairhienin noblewomen.
  131. Eben Hopwil, p. 122—One of the Asha'man. He was about sixteen years old, and skinny. He had a big nose and ears to match. He died at the hands of Aran'gar during the cleansing of saidin near Shadar Logoth. He was bonded as a Warder by Daigian. See also Moseneillin, Daigian.
  132. al'Lan Mandragoran, p. 123—The uncrowned king of Malkier, and formerly Warder to Moiraine. He is quite tall, and does not get very emotional—in fact, he has emotional walls all around him that he has been building for years. His country, Malkier, was overrun by Trollocs shortly after he was born, and is now corrupted by the Great Blight. Lan, among the last of his people, then proceeded to fight a one-man war against the Shadow by killing Shadowspawn in the Blight. He fought Aiel during the Aiel War, and achieved Blademaster status. He was eventually bonded by Moiraine, which ended his lonely fight (or at least changed its style). When Lan and Moiraine brought Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, and Nynaeve out of their home in the Two Rivers, he found that there was something which could throw his guard down, but he was the last to notice it: affection for Nynaeve. As Moiraine put it, Nynaeve was able to plant vines in Lan's emotional walls and break them down without him even knowing they were there. The two of them are now married. According to the terms of their vows as taken before the Sea Folk, one of them must obey in public while the other obeys in private; for obvious reasons, Nynaeve is the one who commands in public. Upon Moiraine's death, Lan's bond was immediately transferred to Myrelle until Nynaeve is ready to have his bond transferred to her. Myrelle tried to keep Lan's status secret, but she was given away when she tried to buy one of Lan's favorite foods, coin peppers, too far south (they are very popular in Shienar, and were in Malkier before it fell to the Blight, but do not grow well in southern climates). Upon learning of where Lan was, Egwene sent him to Ebou Dar to serve as a Warder for Nynaeve. He traveled with his wife and the group of Aes Sedai she accompanies until he started to feel longing for his homeland. Nynaeve understood that he needed to finish his fight in the Blight, but she vowed to increase his chance of survival by dropping him off at World's End in Saldaea and alerting every surviving Malkieri she could find that Lan was marching for Tarwin's Gap. According to the Wise Ones, Aan'allein (as the Aiel call him) will die the day he learns that Nynaeve is dead. He is one of the best, if not the best, warriors, swordsmen, and Warders in the world. See also Berengari, Myrelle; Damodred, Moiraine; Mandragoran, Nynaeve ti al'Meara.
  133. Myrelle Berengari, p. 124—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah with an elliptical face and olive skin. She is young (she has worn the shawl for about fifteen years) and known for her temper. She is now the Captain-General of the Green Ajah of the Tower-in-exile. She has five Warders named Nuhel, Croi, Avar, Lan (Moiraine's old Warder), and Llyw (Kairen's old Warder). She treats all of them as husbands in defiance of all law and custom, inside the Tower and out. She fled the White Tower when Siuan was deposed, along with most of her Ajah. She was one of the six sisters who held much of the power in Salidar despite not being part of the Hall of the Tower. She received Lan's bond after Moiraine's death, bringing her Warder count to four, at least until Nynaeve is ready to have him as a Warder. She seems to be the resident expert on saving Warders; four of her five (Nuhel, Avar, Lan, and Llyw) were previously bonded to other sisters. She claims this is because she hates watching Warders die once their Aes Sedai is dead. See also Mandragoran, Lan.
  134. Cenn Buie, p. 130—Knarled man from Emond's Field with a raspy voice. He is the local thatcher, and sits on the Village Council. He always produced conflict with others, especially the Women's Circle. Rand once used his name as a flag so Nynaeve would agree to speak to him despite his disguise as a beggar. Nynaeve describes him as “old as rain” and as having “as much sense as a pile of rocks.”
  135. King Alsalam Saeed Almadar, p. 132—King of Arad Doman. He had been a good ruler for over twenty years, though the Council had recently smuggled him out of Bandar Eban—after leaving the city, he seemed to have taken on the notion that he was the Rebirth of Artur Hawkwing. He is believed to either be dead or one of Graendal's playthings.

    Chapter 8: Dragon's Eggs

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  136. Lelaine Akashi, p. 137—Tall, slender Sitter for the Blue Ajah. She carries a dignified air about her. She was a Sitter in the White Tower for forty years until Siuan was deposed. She is quite old. She now leads one of two factions that divides the Hall of the Tower under Egwene. Lelaine has a strong desire to hold the Amyrlin Seat herself, enough that now that Egwene has been captured she sees an opportunity to seize it. She has taken to feigning support for Egwene to establish power in the Hall, anticipating that Egwene will not return. She is capable, strong-willed, and decisive. She is not beautiful, but she is pretty, particularly when she smiles. She is slender and graceful, with no gray in her dark hair. Her face is almond-shaped, with full lips.
  137. Romanda Cassin, p. 138—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah with solid gray hair and a high soprano voice. She is the eldest of the Sitters in the Hall of the Little Tower. She sat in the Hall for eighty years before retiring, and came out of her retirement when news of Siuan and Leane came to her. She now leads one of the two factions in the Hall of the Tower under Egwene. She grew up in Far Madding. Romanda is also the First Weaver, the head of the Yellow Ajah among the sisters in exile.
  138. Maralenda, p. 139—Distant cousin to the Trakand family, and Aes Sedai of unknown Ajah.
  139. Tamra Ospenya, p. 146—Amyrlin Seat during the Aiel War, about twenty years ago. She was raised from the Blue Ajah, and succeeded by Sierin Vayu. She was put to the Question by Jarna Malari, then the head of the Black Ajah, with assistance from Chesmal Emry, who made it appear that she died in her sleep. Her Keeper of the Chronicles was Gitara Moroso; she was one of only three people present at Gitara's Foretelling of the Rebirth of the Dragon. The identities of those three people may be the information that Jarna was trying to extract from her; it may also be the reason Ishamael killed Jarna for killing Tamra. See also Amyrlin Seat, The; Damodred, Moiraine; Sanche, Siuan.
  140. Alric, p. 149—Siuan's Warder for about twenty years. He was murdered when Siuan was deposed, before the trial even started; the shock of what Elaida intended to do masked the usual emotions that accompany the death of a Warder for her at first, and when she was stilled she lost all contact with the destroyed bond. However, when she was Healed, all the emotions came rushing back to her. See also Sanche, Siuan.
  141. Delana Mosalaine, p. 150—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, openly a Sitter for the Gray Ajah in the “Little Tower.” She used to be the only Sitter that Egwene thought she could count on for her support. She is round, and has a deep voice for a woman and pale silver-colored hair. She is from Shienar, and has no Warder. Delana started to cause trouble in the Hall, especially with her demand to make a formal declaration that Elaida is Black Ajah. She was willing to discuss any subject in the Hall, whereas most Sitters would not touch topics such as the Black Ajah with a ten-foot pole. Her pale blue eyes give nothing away. Like many of her fellow members of the Hall, she is young to be a Sitter. Her maid is named Halima, and she often lent her to Egwene; Halima was the only person who seemed to be able to make Egwene's headaches go away. Halima, of course, was causing Egwene's headaches, but she was not aware of that. Delana went pale and excused herself from the Hall when Narishma reported that a woman was able to channel saidin and then detected a someone attempting to break through the ward against eavesdropping with saidin. Romanda subsequently put two and two together, and demanded Delana be arrested. She and Halima had already left the camp. See also Saranov, Halima.
  142. Halima Saranov, p. 150—Egwene's evening maid when she was still in the camp. She was actually Delana's maid, but she lent her to Egwene at night to help Egwene with her chronic headaches. Halima is actually Aran'gar, a reincarnated Forsaken who channels saidin despite being female. She was causing Egwene's headaches, and then making them subside, in order to keep herself close to Egwene. It worked—she usually slept on a pallet in Egwene's tent. She is stunningly beautiful, with big green eyes in a perfect face and a full, firm bosom. As she is posing as a poorly educated serving girl, she forms her letters with the awkwardness of a young child. She has developed a fondness for low-cut bodices. She got sloppy about bossing Delana around in public, leading Romanda and others to believe that Delana and Halima are “pillow friends.” Eventually, Romana saw the truth: Halima and Delana were both Darkfriends. See also Aran'gar; Mosalaine, Delana.
  143. Anaiya, p. 150—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She had blunt, motherly facial features. She was very good friends with Moiraine both as a novice and as a full sister. She, like all Blues, fled the Tower when Elaida was raised to the Striped Stole, and carried a position of considerable influence in the “Little Tower” in exile from Tar Valon. She dressed very simply, and very little upset her. She was Aes Sedai for 50 or 60 years before Kairen came to the Tower. She was killed, along with her Warder, presumably by Arangar; one would assume she began asking too many questions about Halima's alleged mistress, Cabriana Mecandes, one of Anaiya's closest friends.

    Chapter 9: Leaving Malden

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  144. First Captain Gerard Arganda, p. 155—Short, compact First Captain of Queen Alliandre's guards. He is a tough man; he worked his way up from the bottom to be where he is. He dislikes Perrin, who he blames for taking his Queen where she could be kidnapped.
  145. Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin, p. 155—Blessed of the Light, Queen of Ghealdan, Defender of Garen's Wall. She is the fourth person to sit on the throne of Ghealdan in the past several months. She wore jewelry to her meetings with Masema for the sole purpose of giving it to him such that he would not ask for anything more; she also sent a letter to Rand offering him her friendship and asking for his help. She was subsequently captured by the Shaido Aiel, and is now one of Faile's followers. See also Dagar, Masema.
  146. Bertain Gallenne, p. 157—Commander of Berelain's Winged Guards, and her personal bodyguard of sorts. He is missing one eye, and wears a leather patch over it. He has shoulder-length gray hair and is of average height. He is about as different from Arganda as two men can be.
  147. Jur Grady, p. 159—Stocky, dark-eyed man, about seven years older than Perrin. Now one of the Asha'man. He accompanied Rand after the episode at Dumai's Wells, and later left with Perrin to seek out Masema. He looks like a farmer. He cannot make a gateway large enough for a wagon.
  148. Sebban Balwer, p. 159—Formerly Pedron Niall's “dry little stick of a secretary.” He was in reality the Master of Spies for the Children of the Light; his identity was known only to Niall. His skills have proven useful to his new traveling group, Perrin and company. He has a pinched face and a perpetual stoop; he looks like a roosting vulture. To Perrin's nose, he smells musty—like an old book.
  149. Edarra, p. 160—Wise One of the Nader sept of the Shiande Aiel. She has blue eyes and fair hair, and looks not much older than Perrin. She can channel, and is of moderately great strength. She went with Perrin to seek out Masema. She objected, quite strongly, to Perrin's decision to let the Seanchan capture Shaido Wise Ones as damane.
  150. Lyncon, p. 161—Carpenter traveling with Perrin. He was visiting relatives in Cairhien when the Shaido attacked. Perrin trusts him to fix problems, but only if they are pointed out to him—he is distracted when he looks by himself.
  151. Tamlin (Tam) al'Thor, p. 162—Rand's father. He is a blocky man, and all his hair is now gray, though it used to be deep black when Rand was a boy. He taught Rand about the Flame and the Void, a trick he uses to concentrate and to win archery competitions; Rand found that it is the way he can gain access to saidin. Tam is not actually Rand's biological father; he found Rand as a newborn on the slopes of Dragonmount and took him home with him since Rand's mother was dead. He was at Dragonmount as part of the Aiel War, which he left home to participate in when he was young. He became an officer in the Illianer army, and even achieved Blademaster status, acquiring a heron-mark sword. In fact, Demetre Marcolin served under him when he was a Second Captain in the Companions. He married a woman from Caemlyn, Kari, who he met while stationed there. When the Aiel War started, he fought Aiel all the way to Tar Valon and the Battle of the Shining Walls, where he found Rand on the mountain. Tam and Kari raised Rand as their own son. Tam always won the archery competitions (or came in second to Abell Cauthon), and passed his archery skills on to Rand. He also taught Aram how to use his sword. Tam had no idea that the child he was raising was the Dragon Reborn. See also al'Thor, Rand.
  152. Fager Neald, p. 162—Foppish Murandian man with curly mustaches that he keeps waxed to points. He is now one of the Asha'man. He accompanies Perrin. He is fond of stroking his mustaches.
  153. Aravine Carnel, p. 165—Plump, plain Amadician woman. She was weary-eyed and resigned the first day Faile met her, when she gave Faile her golden belt signifying service to Sevanna. Her time as gai'shain has toughened her a lot. She was the one who took Faile to see that Arrela and Lacile had been captured, then led her to Sevanna for her own punishment. Before leaving her with Sevanna, however, she swore fealty to Faile, using Faile's new last name. She knew Faile planned to escape, and wanted to help—provided she could escape as well. She was once a noble, it appears. She grew up in Amadicia. Her face is plump, but still haggard from her captivity.
  154. Haral Luhhan, p. 167—Blacksmith of Emond's Field. Perrin was his apprentice before he left home. He is a very large man, which works well for work at the forge. His wife, Alsbet, is almost as large as he is, and nearly as strong. He approves of the new arrivals in Emond's Field, and has even ventured into business partnerships with some of the newcomers. See also Aybara, Perrin t'Bashere.

    Chapter 10: The Last of the Tabac

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  155. Rajabi, p. 168—Lord of Arad Doman. He is bull-necked, with brown eyes, no hair, a bulbous chin, and a wide nose. He faintly resembles a large boulder. He is Dragonsworn, and as powerful among them as Shimron. He now serves as a commander in Rodel Ituralde's army. Ituralde describes him as being very determined. See also Ankaer; Shimron; Wakeda.
  156. Daughter-Heir (of Andor), p. 170—By Andoran tradition, the first-born daughter of the Queen is her heir to the throne. The Daughter-Heir is traditionally sent to Tar Valon to receive training from the Aes Sedai, although until the current Daughter-Heir, Elayne, most have been too weak to get beyond novice training. See also Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Elayne.
  157. Lord Finndal, p. 171—Someone whose wife Thom Merillin flirted with after a juggling performance. He was still a bard in Caemlyn at the time. Rodel Ituralde remembers the performance as one of the best juggling performances he has ever seen.
  158. The Little Wolf, p. 172—Nickname given to Rodel Ituralde. See Ituralde, Rodel.
  159. Lord Wakeda, p. 173—Lord of Arad Doman. He is not tall, is missing his right eye, and has a large scar on his face, though he might otherwise be handsome. He is Dragonsworn, and as powerful among them as Shimron. He now serves in Rodel Ituralde's army fighting the Seanchan. See also Ankaer; Rajabi; Shimron.
  160. Lord Shimron, p. 173—Lord of Arad Doman. He was gaunt and white-haired. Shimron was one of Alsalam's most trusted advisors until he became Dragonsworn. He was high in the councils of the the Dragonsworn. He came to greet Ituralde at Lady Osana's hunting lodge and joined his campaign against the Seanchan. He was burned to death by a damane fireball. See also Ankaer; Rajabi; Wakeda.
  161. Lord Ankaer, p. 173—Lanky lord of Arad Doman. He is Dragonsworn, and as powerful among them as Shimron. See also Rajabi; Shimron; Wakeda.
  162. Melarned, p. 173—Squat Domani officer in Ituralde's army.

    Chapter 11: The Death of Adrin

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  163. Adrin, p. 180—Ill-fated guard at the doorway to the manor Rand seizes in Arad Doman. He was killed by a bubble of evil that nearly took the rest of the manor with it.
  164. Lerian, p. 180—Lean, sandy-haired Maiden of the Spear, of an age with Faile.
  165. Surial, p. 180—Maiden of the Spear. She travels with the Taardad and Goshien clans in Arad Doman.
  166. Timolan, p. 189—Clan Chief of the Miagoma Aiel. When he was young as a chief, he tried to unite the clans and failed. Other chiefs thought he might be a little hesitant to follow a man who had succeeded in doing just that. He grates at Rand's arrogance. He vowed that if Rand abandoned the Aiel, the Miagoma would go back to the Three Fold Land—after he sees Rand al'Thor dead. Wise Ones have recently been sent to convince Timolan not to return to the Three-Fold Land.

    Chapter 12: Unexpected Encounters

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  167. Bennae Nalsad, p. 192—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah who teaches history in the White Tower. She is slender in a bony sort of way. Her dark hair is streaked with gray, and she keeps it in a bun. Like many Browns, her clothing is out of date. She once said that Andor and Cairhien fought in more wars with each other than any two nations besides Tear and Illian. She grew up in Shienar. Her quarters are filled with books, and there are skeletons of various animals in various stages of assembly everywhere, including a complete human skeleton, so that there is barely room to walk. She is slender in a bony way. She typically wears dresses that went out of fashion a century or two ago. Egwene suggested that there was a thirteenth Depository in the Tower library; when Bennae began to ask questions about such a Depository, her Ajah's higher-ups became hysterical. She has all but offered Egwene a place in the Brown Ajah.
  168. Nagora, p. 196—Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. She summoned Egwene for lessons, ostensibly to solve logic puzzles designed to teach her the rules of logic. Egwene suspected she was really asking her for advice on how to deal with an aging Warder who could no longer fight.
  169. Suana Dragand, p. 196—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah in Tar Valon, recently raised to a Sitter for the Yellow for the second time. She was hand-picked in a similar fashion to Juilaine, though she did serve in the Hall for forty years before resigning the first time. She is the First Weaver, the head of the Yellow Ajah. She is beefy, and has too much chin; she is all bones and skin. She is described as “unyielding.” Her quarters more closely resemble a garden than they do proper rooms. She has her own herb garden built into the inset balcony. Egwene describes her as “pleasant”; she even suggested that Egwene join the Yellow Ajah despite Egwene's personal feelings that she was not strong in Healing.
  170. Adsalan, p. 203—Warder on guard at the door to the Black Ajah hunters' headquarters. He is brutish.
  171. Seaine Herimon, p. 204—Sitter for the White Ajah in Tar Valon. She grew up in Altara, and has a fondness for cats. She is described as stately, with thick black hair and eyebrows and watery blue eyes. She was the daughter of a Lugard furniture maker, and is a bit above average height. When the Hall was arguing over who to raise as Amyrlin years back, it was deadlocked over four candidates who had each worn the shawl about fifty years; the Hall wanted an Amyrlin that was younger than the eighty or more years than were common. Seaine suggested Siuan Sanche, then a young Blue sister that had worn the shawl for only ten years; she was eventually raised. Later, Seaine was charged by Elaida to find Darkfriends in the Tower; Elaida hopes to expose Alviarin on the suspicion that she is Black Ajah. She and her friend since novicehood, Pevara, have successfully captured and bound with the Oath Rod a member of the Black Ajah, and have since dug out more Black sisters, even revealing that Galina Casban, head of the Red Ajah herself, was secretly Black. Seaine recently found that she was set to her task because of a misunderstanding: Elaida asked her how she was getting along “with discovering proof that Alviarin entered a treasonous correspondence with the Dragon Reborn. Elaida's exact words were, “We can never be sure who has the shadow of treason in her heart, Seaine. Why, I suspect that someone arranged for an order of mine to be countermanded. And I have reason to believe that someone has communicated privately with Rand al'Thor; to what end, I cannot say, but that surely is treason against me, and against the Tower. I charge you to follow the stench of treason, no matter where it leads or how high, even to the Keeper herself. Yes, even to her. What you find, whoever it leads to, you will bring before the Amyrlin Seat alone, Seaine. No one else must know.” Seaine interpreted this to mean Darkfriends in the Tower, and therefore assumed Elaida could not be a Darkfriend. She and her associates are no longer so sure. See also Tazanovni, Pevara.
  172. Doesine Alwain, p. 204—Sitter for the Yellow Ajah in Tar Valon. Boyishly slim, and tall for a Cairhienin. Her father was a cutler. She ran away three times as a novice, although she only got as far as the gates once. She has a bit of a foul tongue. She managed to get Atuan questioned in the same manner Talene was. She and Saerin walked in on Seaine and Pevara when they were using the Oath Rod to question sisters; she promptly booted Seaine out of the leadership and seized the reins herself. She has blue eyes and wears a sapphire on her forehead in the Cairhienin style.
  173. Yukiri, p. 204—Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She is quite small, and is a Sitter for the Gray. She was the daughter of an innkeeper, and is always the last Gray to join the Gray consensus in the Hall. She is now an ally of Saerin and Pevara in hunting down Darkfriends in the Tower. She is one of the shortest people Egwene has ever met. She always seems to be in control. See also Asnobar, Saerin; Herimon, Seaine; Tazanovni, Pevara.
  174. Saerin Asnobar, p. 204—Sitter for the Brown Ajah in Tar Valon from Altara. She carries a curved knife, in the fashion of her native Altara. She has touches of white at her dark temples which emphasize a thin, age-faded white scar. Only a Warder could match her for scowling. She has held her chair in the Hall for forty years, and has worn the shawl for over 150 years. Everyone knows to be wary of her temper. She was born the daughter of an innkeeper, and was first trained by the Daughters of Silence (an organization similar to, but shorter-lived and smaller than, the Kin)—she was the only one of them to ever obtain the shawl. She is good at taking charge of things, and immediately took charge of the organization to fetter out Darkfriends in the Tower with Pevara, dismissing Seaine from her position. She has olive skin. She is one of the few Browns who are intimidating. See also Herimon, Seaine; Tazanovni, Pevara.

    Chapter 13: An Offer and a Departure

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  175. Sleete, p. 212—Limber, long-armed Warder to Hattori with rough-hewn features. He is a Blademaster. Shadows cover his eyes, and he has a cleft chin and a crooked nose from an unHealed break. He was one of two Warders who was with the eleven Aes Sedai that escaped Dumai's Wells, though Sleete barely escaped with his skin. His story could have been drawn from legends: he had lain wounded for hours before managing to pull himself into the saddle by the reins; the horse carried him, nearly unconscious, for hours before arriving at a village, where the villagers had been tempted to sell him to a group of bandits. The mayor's daughter argued for his life, convincing everyone that only Darkfriends would seek wounded Warders. The villagers hid him, and the girl nursed him to health. He was forced to leave in secret, as the girl had taken a liking to him, but in return he hunted down the bandits and killed them so they would never trouble the village again. Hattori told him she would not take a second Warder unless Sleete believed the person to be worthy. He is one of the only Warders to have ever bettered Lan Mandragoran, back when Lan still practiced with the other Warders. Sleete beat Lan in two of their seven duels, and Lan is widely considered the best Warder and Blademaster in the world. However, Gawyn beats Sleete in every duel, even when Sleete has a capable partner. Sleete asked Gawyn if he would be interested in being Hattori's second Warder; Gawyn politely declined.
  176. Hattori, p. 212—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She has one Warder, Sleete; he is a Blademaster. She told Sleete she would only accept another Warder if Sleete himself considers the candidate to be worthy.
  177. Marlesh, p. 213—Warder to Vasha. He is the only Warder other than Sleete to have escaped Dumai's Wells with the eleven Aes Sedai. He stayed with them, and now practices with Gawyn and Sleete in Dorlan.
  178. Vasha, p. 213—Aes Sedai of the Green. She is Domani, and is very pretty with long black hair and striking green eyes. Her Warder is Marlesh. See also Marlesh.
  179. Galadedrid (Galad) Damodred, p. 214—Son of Morgase's late husband Taringail Damodred and his first wife Tigraine. He is half-brother to Elayne and Gawyn. Stunningly handsome; even Nynaeve has trouble blushing when she speaks to him, and Aes Sedai often forsook their work to watch him practice (shirtless) in the sword yard when he was in training. Galad has much skill with the sword, and has achieved Blademaster status in practice if not in name. He disappeared from Tar Valon during the violence that accompanied Siuan's deposition and joined Eamon Valda's band of the Children of the Light. Because of his sword skill, Galad was promoted to an official position very quickly, and now controls his own small band of men. He says he became a Whitecloak because it “felt right.” He is extremely virtuous, and will do whatever he thinks is right regardless of who it hurts, even himself. In fact, he started a war in Samara to help Elayne and Nynaeve escape. His sign is a winged silver sword, point down. Galad has feelings for Egwene al'Vere, and although she is flattered by his attentions, she does not return his love. He is quite popular among his soldiers. Galad believes that Valda killed his mother after sexually abusing her, and killed him as punishment for this. He was incorrect about the killing part, at least. According to Rand's visions of Perrin, Galad currently travels with Perrin. See also al'Thor, Rand; Damodred, Taringail; Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn; Trakand, Morgase; Valda, Eamon.
  180. Corbet, p. 215—One of the Younglings.
  181. Narenwin Barda, p. 215—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah to whom Ronde Macura used to send her reports. She is short, square-faced, slender, and shy—it's easy to forget that she's there. She was sent to find Gawyn and the Younglings to give them their “orders,” and currently accompanies them in Dorlan.
  182. Hal Moir, p. 220—One of the Younglings. He is two years older than Jisao.
  183. Berden, p. 220—Dark-skinned Tairen Youngling. He is now an officer in their ranks.
  184. Covarla Baldene, p. 220—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah; one of those who attempted to capture Rand. She was later kept as an apprentice to the Wise Ones, and then commanded the eleven sisters that escaped to Dorlan where the Younglings were. She was displaced from her room with Lusonia Cole when Tarna and Katerine arrived in Tar Valon.
  185. Tando, p. 222—Youngling on guard at the front of the building when Katerine mysteriously appears in Dorlan.

    Chapter 14: A Box Opens

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  186. Sorilea, p. 227—Wise One of Shende Hold, of the Jarra sept of the Chareen Aiel. She has thin, white hair; tight, leathery skin; and green eyes. She can channel, but only weakly. She is about a head taller than Egwene. She is the strongest-willed of the Wise Ones—even other Wise Ones scurry to do her bidding, and no one gives her orders. Cadsuane invited her to help interrogate Semirhage; she is the only person Cadsuane has met in recent memory that she would consider her equal.

    Chapter 15: A Place to Begin

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  187. Ba'alzamon, p. 236—Name used by Ishamael during the long years he was only half-imprisoned in the Bore. It means “Heart of the Dark” in the Old Tongue. After inadvertantly invading his dreams, Rand recognizes them as being the same as Ishamael's dreams, and thus connects Moridin with Ishamael's reincarnation. See also Ishamael; Moridin.
  188. Great Lord of the Dark, p. 237—Name used by Darkfriends for the Dark One, claiming that to use his true name would be blasphemy. See Dark One.
  189. Lord of the Grave, p. 237—Alternative name for the Dark One.
  190. Elan Morin Tedronai, p. 238—Prominent philosopher of the Age of Legends who eventually became Ishamael, highest of the Dark One's servants. He was once humbled by Lews Therin in the Hall of Servants, and defeated by him at the gates of Paaren Disen. He turned to the Shadow for philosophical reasons: there was no path to victory for the Light. The only path to victory was to follow the Great Lord and rule for a time before all things ended. See also Ba'alzamon; Ishamael; Moridin.
  191. Pelateo, p. 239—Author of Ponderings, a book Min is reading. She recovered the book from Herid Fel's collection.
  192. Herid Fel, p. 240—Late philosopher who worked in Rand's school of thought at the Barthanes estate in Cairhien. He was torn limb from limb, presumably by a gholam or by Slayer, for unknown reasons, although it is likely that he had stumbled upon something quite damaging to the cause of the Shadow if they were that desperate to do him in. Min read his book, Reason and Unreason, in an attempt to understand better why he was murdered; she is now making her way through the rest of his collection. Rand cannot make up from down in Fel's books, but Min finds them fascinating.
  193. Thomdril (Thom) Merrilin, p. 241—Gleeman who came to Emond's Field on Winternight just before the Trollocs came. He is quite the ladies' man. Thom is very good at juggling, sleight-of-hand, and all kinds of other tricks—Rodel Ituralde once saw him performing at the Royal Court, and to say that he was impressed was to say that the sun is hot. He also carries several concealed knives up his sleeves, in his boots, and in various other locations on his body; this practice seems to have spread from Thom to Mat, Min, and Faile. Thom was originally a bard in Queen Morgase's Royal Court, and for a time after her husband Taringail Damodred died, he was the Queen's lover. During his run from a Fade at Shadar Logoth, he was injured, and now walks with a limp because of it. Thom is getting old, such that he is starting to realize that he cannot do the backflips and other stunts he used to do. He accompanied Elayne and Nynaeve on their travels as per Moiraine's request, despite the fact that he has never felt comfortable around Aes Sedai since his nephew, Owyn, was gentled by the Red Ajah. Thom is an expert in the Game of Houses; in fact, his girlfried Dena was killed by Cairhienin soldiers because they thought he was trying to play Daes Daemar against the Royal House. He has recently taken to traveling with Mat and his entourage, ever since hooking up with him again in Ebou Dar. Thom received a letter from Moiraine after her battle with Lanfear stating that she was still alive in the land of the Eelfinn. He and Mat have plans to attempt rescue. See also Damodred, Moiraine; Trakand, Morgase.
  194. The Creator, p. 241—Maker of the Universe, people, places, things, the True Source, everything in existence. An alternate name would be God. After He created the world, the Creator made a prison for Shai'tan, the Dark One, His complete opposite in every way, to keep him from influencing the world. The Creator is bent on non-interference—He will not directly influence events in the world, instead using a “Chosen One” or simply tugging at the Pattern of the Age in hopes that what He wants to occur will occur, instead of just making it happen. The Forsaken and most Darkfriends consider Him to be inferior to the Dark One, despite the fact that He imprisoned the Dark One. See also Dark One; Dragon, The; Dragon Reborn.
  195. The Dragon, p. 242—Name by which Lews Therin Telamon was known by during the War of the Shadow. His Rebirth, the Dragon Reborn, is alive and fulfilling all of the Prophecies set to signal his return. See also al'Thor, Rand; Dragon Reborn; Telamon, Lews Therin.
  196. Corana, p. 246—Maiden of the Spear. She has short hair.

    Chapter 16: In the White Tower

    Flame of Tar Valon icon
  197. Ferane Neheran, p. 250—Aes Sedai of the White Ajah in Tar Valon. She stepped down from the Hall of the Tower about ten years ago, but was recently re-appointed to the Hall by the White Ajah; no sister has ever rejoined the Hall that quickly. She is the head of the White Ajah, its First Reasoner. She grew up in Arad Doman, and has the coppery skin (and temper) typical of the Domani. She is a touch on the vain side. She is short and stout with an apple-shaped face, has a strong arm, and dark, lustrous hair.
  198. Miyasi, p. 250—Tall, plump Aes Sedai of the White Ajah with iron-gray hair. She is calm, stern, and strong. She keeps her iron gray hair in a bun.
  199. Tesan, p. 250—Sitter for the White Ajah in Tar Valon. She is an arithmetist, and grew up in Tarabon. She wears her dark hair in beaded braids. Her face always looks worried, and looks as though it has been pinched at the top and stretched. She grew up in Tarabon.
  200. Keeper of the Chronicles, p. 256—Essentially the secretary to the Amyrlin Seat. The Keeper is traditionally chosen from the same Ajah the Amyrlin was raised from, and wears a stole of the color of her Ajah instead of the striped stole of the Amyrlin. The post was held by Leane Sharif of the Blue Ajah until a coup deposed Siuan Sanche and stilled both Siuan and Leane. Her successor was Alviarin Freidhen of the White Ajah, despite the fact that Siuan's successor was from the Red. The Keeper for the Aes Sedai who fled the Tower when Elaida was raised Amyrlin now have a Keeper of the Chronicles of their own, Sheriam Bayanar of the Blue Ajah. In theory, the Keeper of the Chronicles serves the Amyrlin and speaks for the Amyrlin; she is all but separate from her Ajah, although less so than the Amyrlin Seat herself. However, both of the current Keepers have tried to expand their powers over the Amyrlin they serve, although for vastly different reasons—Alviarin is essentially trying to weaken Elaida and have herself or another Black sister raised in her place after Elaida is deposed; Sheriam tries to overstep Egwene because she has a hard time thinking of Egwene being anything more than the frightened novice that came to her study not so long ago. Alviarin has since been deposed and replaced by Tarna Feir of the Red Ajah. See also Amyrlin Seat, The; Bayanar, Sheriam; Freidhen, Alviarin; Sharif, Leane.
  201. Renala Merlon, p. 256—Aes Sedai written of in the Tower histories. Egwene hopes the Browns she sent on a mission to look up past divisions in the Tower will happen upon her story.
  202. Lirene Doirellin, p. 260—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She resigned as a Sitter fifteen years ago and went into “voluntary” retreat. She is now nervous and shifty. She grew up in Cairhien; she is slightly shorter than Egwene.
  203. Rubinde, p. 266—Sitter for the Green Ajah in Tar Valon. She is sturdy, and has eyes the color of sapphires.
  204. Shevan, p. 266—Sitter for the Brown Ajah in Tar Valon. She is bonily thin and taller than most men. She has an angular face, long chin, spidery fingers, knobby arms, and curly hair. She was a very recent addition to the Hall, though unlike many of the other sisters raised in recent weeks, she was actually a logical choice to succeed—Saerin had mentioned that Shevan would likely have been her replacement when she decided to step down.
  205. Balladare Arandaille, p. 270—First Amyrlin Seat to be raised from the Brown Ajah. She ruled during the Kavarthen wars. She felt that once a crisis had passed, it was the Amyrlin's moral duty to explain herself to the common people. See also Amyrlin Seat, The.

    Chapter 17: Questions of Control

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  206. Vitalien, p. 278—Sarene's Warder. She left him in Cairhien when she left for Far Madding and later Shadar Logoth, but he is now following her and is in the city of Tear. See also Nemdahl, Sarene.
  207. Bavin Rockshaw, p. 282—Quartermaster for Perrin's army. He is from Cairhien.
  208. Tod al'Caar, p. 282—Young man from the Two Rivers. He is about a year younger than Perrin, and now serves as one of his bannermen. He has a heavy jaw.
  209. Jori Congar, p. 282—Man from the Two Rivers. He is very skinny, but still eats twice what anyone else does. He will also drink so he cannot stand if given the chance. He is a good shot with a bow and arrows. He is also a skilled pickpocket. Editor's note: Jori Congar is not to be confused with Jori, Morvrin's Warder.
  210. Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, p. 282—The First of Mayene, Blessed of the Light, Defender of the Waves, High Seat of House Paeron; the Mayener equivalent of a king or queen. Rand put her in charge of Cairhien along with Rhuarc until she left with Perrin and Faile to find Masema. She is fond of wearing the latest fashion in dresses, and those are usually quite revealing. She has her eyes on many men, but Perrin foremost—she is Min's hawk in her viewings of Perrin. She has black hair. She is a very capable ruler, willing to do almost anything to preserve the welfare and independence of her people. She is tall, pretty, young, and has black hair. Since Faile's captivity, she has backed off of Perrin, though rumors have been circulating that the she and Perrin slept together. They did not, of course. See also t'Aybara, Faile ni Bashere; Aybara, Perrin t'Bashere; Gallenne, Bertain.
  211. Hopper, p. 283—One of the wolves. Hopper died in a Trolloc attack in real life, but he lives on in the World of Dreams, Tel'aran'rhiod. He is usually the first (and often only) wolf that finds Perrin there. Perrin thinks he would laugh as hard as a wolf could laugh at the title “Wolf King.” The last time Perrin was in the World of Dreams—what he calls the Wolf Dream—he tried to kill Hopper.

    Chapter 18: News for the Dragon

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  212. Tiana Noselle, p. 286—Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She serves as Mistress of Novices among the Aes Sedai who fled the White Tower. She is short and slight, and has large brown eyes and a dimple. She looks young despite her ageless Aes Sedai features. See also Bayanar, Sheriam; Brehon, Silviana; Mistress of Novices.
  213. Ashmanaille, p. 286—Lanky Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah, now one of the Sitters for the Gray in the Tower in exile. She is strong in Earth, and is one of the sisters Egwene had trying to make cuendillar. She is unusually attentive to her clothing and virtually emotionless. She has dark hair, brown eyes, a narrow face, and a small build. She is friends with Phaedrine.
  214. Moria Karentanis, p. 287—Sitter for the Blue Ajah. She proposed stopping pay for soldiers to save money. She is older than all other sitters except Romanda; she has worn the shawl for over 100 years. She grew up in Illian. She is known for her wisdom and levelheadedness.
  215. Nesita, p. 287—Plump, blue-eyed Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She is as mean as a snake with the itch.
  216. Sharina Melloy, p. 290—Seventy year-old grandmother recruited as a novice along the way from Salidar to Tar Valon. She has a weathered, creased face and wears her silver hair in a bun. She has more potential than Nynaeve. She is dignified, and has gray hair that she keeps in a tight bun at the back of her head. She ran a very large family with a very firm hand until her children (and their children) grew up. She seems to have adopted all of the novices as granddaughters, or at least as great nieces. She was the woman who organized all the novices into “families”—she was apparently disgusted watching everyone simply floundering around. Editor's note: there is a distinct possibility that this Sharina is the same one as the Aes Sedai advisor to Nynaeve and Lan from Nynaeve's test for being raised to Accepted. These tests are based on possible future events, and the chance that Sharina became the advisor to the King of Malkier in one possible timeline is pretty good.

    Chapter 19: Gambits

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  217. High Lady Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag, p. 294—Second daughter of Empress Radhanan, heir to the Crystal Throne of Seanchan, and leader of the Corenne, the Return. She has brown eyes and black hair (it was shaven off as is the custom of those of the High Blood until it grew back in as part of her travels with Mat Cauthon). She is also called the Daughter of the Nine Moons, the woman Mat was told he will marry. Mat has since kidnapped her (in a matter of speaking), and she travels with him under strictest secrecy. She is very small—short and slender. She is, however, 20 years old, about the same age as Mat. She has very long eyelashes. She was presumed dead by Suroth, but Suroth took no chances: she sent parties out to find her, and kill her. Unfortunately for Suroth, Tuon intercepted one of her would-be assassins and ordered Suroth reduced to da'covale. See also Cauthon, Matrim; Daughter of the Nine Moons; Dorje, Anath; Empress (of Seanchan), The; Paendrag, Fortuona Athaem Devi; Selucia.
  218. Banner-General Furyk Karede, p. 295—Seanchan Banner-General of the Deathwatch Guards, and commander of about 2300 Seanchan troops. He is 42 years old, born to weavers, and the property of Jalid Magonine, a craftsman in Ancarid. Furyk started training for the Deathwatch Guards when he was fifteen. He was cited twice for heroism, and mentioned in dispatches three times. After seven years, after her birth, he was named to Tuon's personal bodyguard, though that was not her name at the time (and using that name now would be an insult to her). He was one of only three survivors of an attempt on Tuon's life, and was subsequently chosen for officer training. Later, he was injured again saving Tuon from assassins; she gave him a doll, her most prized possession at the time. Several years later, Karede was named to the Empress's personal bodyguard, and sent with High Lord Turak and the Hailene. He kept Tuon's doll for over ten years until it was destroyed in the Great Fire of Sohima. He has since requested to be on Tuon's bodyguard again no fewer than three times. Tuon has granted his wish since she left Mat's presence. See also Paendrag, Tuon Athaem Kore.
  219. Lanelle, p. 295—One of the der'sul'dam who now attends Tuon's personal court. Editor's note: This Lanelle should not be confused with the Aes Sedai who gave private classes to Moiraine as an Accepted in New Spring.
  220. Melitene, p. 295—Tuon's der'sul'dam. She is skilled in more than just training sul'dam. Less black than gray in her hair.
  221. Selucia, p. 296—Tuon's Truthspeaker, and her Voice now that she has removed the veil. She keeps the right side of her head shaved clean, the other side braided. She is the one who shaves Tuon's head every morning. She has golden hair, piercing blue eyes, skin the color of buttery cream, and an “impressive” bosom. She is effectively a prisoner of Mat, along with her mistress. See also Paendrag, Tuon Athaem Kore.
  222. Yuril, p. 296—Sharp-nosed man who people think is Tuon's secretary. He is, but he also commands her Seekers of the Truth, as her Hand.
  223. Banner-General Najira, p. 296—A member of the Low Blood and a Banner-General in the Seanchan army.
  224. Banner-General Efraim Yamada, p. 296—Banner-General and Lord of Seanchan, and Riselle's love interest. He is of the Low Blood. He is tall and has graying hair.
  225. Faverde Nothish, p. 296—Wiry member of the Seanchan Blood.
  226. Amenar Shumada, p. 296—Member of the Seanchan Blood with a long face.
  227. King Beslan Mitsobar, p. 297—King of Altara, and son of the late Queen Tylin. He is mild-mannered, has olive skin, a soft voice, sharp eyes, and black hair to his shoulders. He was of course a puppet of the Seanchan government while acting as king of Altara, but it did make him the equal of Suroth under the law. He was secretly plotting a resistance to the Seanchan, but changed his loyalties when confronted with the choice of loyalty or death.
  228. Queen Tylin Quintara Mitsobar, p. 298—By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar, until her recent death. Her kingdom was small, and she only ruled a portion of it; the rest was governed by nobles who were not necessarily loyal to her. She was the second from her House to sit on the throne—this was the maximum traditionally, and the only House to hold it for four generations fell so fast from power that it could not recover. She was advised by Merilille Ceandevin of the Gray Ajah. She was a widow, and did not plan to marry again. She took an interest in Mat Cauthon, and contrary to Mat's usual tactic of chasing women, she chased and caught him. The two were lovers for some time. When the Seanchan invaded her nation, she cooperated with them out of necessity—they let her keep her position of authority, but she was a puppet of the Crystal Throne. When the Sea Folk fought the Seanchan, destroying much of Ebou Dar in the process, Tylin suggested Mat use the opportunity to escape the city, and tie her up under the bed to make it look like he had to restrain her to escape. While she was bound and gagged under the bed, the gholam came, presumably to kill Mat, and she fell easy prey to it. She was found by Suroth's people the next morning, torn limb-from-limb. See also Cauthon, Matrim; Mitsobar, Beslan.
  229. General Habiger, p. 298—One of Beslan's co-conspirators.
  230. Lord Malalin, p. 298—One of Beslan's co-conspirators.
  231. Setalle Anan, p. 302—Stately former innkeeper of The Wandering Woman, the inn at which Mat and Olver stayed in Ebou Dar. She has hazel eyes, marking her a non-native to Ebou Dar. She worked closely with the Kin, and knew of their existence despite not being a part of them. She has a regal presence, and has a touch of gray in her hair. It is widely speculated that Setalle Anan used to be Aes Sedai. She is thereby “She Who Is No Longer” in the Wise Ones' dreams.
  232. Lieutenant-General Abaldar Yulan, p. 304—Former Captain of the Air and pilot of a Seanchan raken for the Forerunners. He is small and dark. He has since been promoted to Lieutenant-General, and is a member of the Low Blood. He wears a black wig to hide his bald pate.
  233. Ma'Combe, p. 307—Strong-armed so'jhin. He has a black braid on the right side of his head.
  234. Prince of the Ravens, p. 310—Title now used for Mat Cauthon as the husband of the Daughter of the Nine Moons. See Cauthon, Matrim.

    Chapter 20: On a Broken Road

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  235. Lord Talmanes Delovinde, p. 311—Cairhienin military commander, about three years older than Mat and about a head shorter. His con is three yellow stars on a blue field. His banner is a black fox. He rarely smiles, and reminds Mat of a compressed spring. He commands about half of Mat's cavalry in the Band of the Red Hand, and acts as the leader of the entire Band in Mat's absence. He is skinny, and has gray hair. He has no fashion sense, but has excellent taste in wine.
  236. Pips, p. 311—Mat's brown gelding. He does not look like much, but is actually a very good, sturdy horse.
  237. Chel Vanin, p. 313—Fat man who Mat uses as a scout. He is a good rider, and Mat thinks he could steal a hen pheasant's eggs with her sitting on them (although he would likely steal her, too)—he also thinks Vanin could steal a horse out from under a nobleman and he would not know it for two days. He has a large space between his front teeth. He went with Mat to Ebou Dar, and escaped the city with Mat to travel with Valan Luca's show. Mat discovered him by asking the me he did catch stealing who the best thieves were. He then asked the men they named the same thing. Vanin was the one named by the third or fourth group; he is the best Mat has ever seen.
  238. Master Roidelle, p. 313—Master cartographer for the Band of the Red Hand. He has a round face and graying hair.
  239. Olver, p. 318—Boy of nine who sat on the wrong horse and almost had his neck broken for the trouble. He was adopted after a fashion by Mat and his Band of the Red Hand. His parents were killed when the Shaido ravaged Cairhien. He is short, pale, and quite ugly. He likes to chase women. He is a good horse racer, and travels with Mat and Luca's show. He has a certain fascination with the game Snakes and Foxes, and does not seem to understand that there is no way to win without cheating. Note: many people think that Olver may be the Rebirth of Gaidal Cain—he is certainly ugly, as Gaidal was, and with Min's viewing of Birgitte's adventures with an ugly man both far older than she and far younger than she, it seems to fit. Also, there is speculation that Olver's obsession with Snakes and Foxes, which is based on dealings with the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, will allow him (or Mat, Thom, or someone else who would observe his solutions) to puzzle out how to beat the Eelfinn and get Moiraine back from them. Personally, I think Olver is a red herring, at least on the first count.
  240. Wind, p. 318—Olver's horse. He deserves the name; he is quite quick, and wins most of the races he runs.
  241. Noal Charin, p. 318—Man who saved Mat from a gholam in Ebou Dar by coming upon it and surprising it. He is stooped and white-haired, his nose crooked from breaking it. Most of his teeth are missing. He is quite likely Jain Charin, also known as Jain Farstrider.
  242. Joline Maza, p. 318—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She was a Sitter for the Green, appointed after one of the Green's sitters left for Salidar. Elaida asked her to resign her position after only weeks and sent her to Ebou Dar to meet with Queen Tylin of Altara. She has two Warders named Blaeric and Fen. One might think Joline has a wish to become a damane; she is very careless around the Seanchan. She is slender and pretty, and has big brown eyes. See also Mizar, Fen; Negina, Blaeric.
  243. Edesina Azzedin, p. 319—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She was sent to Tarabon to attempt to restore order there, and was later captured by the Seanchan. She was a prisoner in the Royal Palace of Altara, held by the collar of a damane, but was released by Mat and now travels with him and with Luca's show. She is slim and handsome, with wavy black hair to her waist.
  244. Teslyn Baradon, p. 319—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah from Illian. She has a sharp face, narrow shoulders, gaunt cheeks, and a narrow nose—in short, she is ugly. She was a Sitter for the Red for fifteen years until Elaida was raised and asked her to step down from the Hall. Elaida sent her to Ebou Dar to meet with Queen Tylin of Altara. When the Seanchan invaded, she was captured and made damane. She was subsequently released by Mat, and travels with him and Luca's show. She looks as if she chews rocks.
  245. Lord Estean Andiama, p. 320—Son of High Lord Torean of Tear. He used to play cards with Mat in Tear. He came out to meet Rand near Cairhien, and now travels with the Band of the Red Hand.
  246. Daerid, p. 320—Commander of the foot of the Band of the Red Hand. He is slightly taller than Talmanes, and about fifteen years older. His nose has been broken many times. He has been a soldier all his life, and was not nobly born.
  247. Mandevwin, p. 322—Stocky one-eyed member of the Band of the Red Hand. He was with the Band from its first days in Cairhien. He has gray streaks in his hair.
  248. King Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a'Naloy, p. 323—King of Murandy, at least in name. In reality, Murandians held allegiance to lords only, and those lords often refused to pay their taxes to the King. He has, however, made himself the first true king of Murandy in its history.

    Chapter 21: Embers and Ash

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  249. Young Bull, p. 325—Name the wolves use for Perrin. It is actually an image, one of the simpler ones in fact, but much more complex than simply “Young Bull.” See Aybara, Perrin t'Bashere.
  250. Shadowkiller, p. 326—What the wolves call Rand. They first began using the name when Rand killed the Trollocs at the Illuminators' chapter house in Cairhien. See also al'Thor, Rand; Dragon Reborn.
  251. Jerasid, p. 330—Blocky farrier not yet into his middle years. He travels with Perrin.
  252. Aemin, p. 330—Graying, blocky farrier. He travels with Perrin.
  253. Falton, p. 330—Blocky farrier with a fringe of white around his head. He travels with Perrin.
  254. Sevanna, p. 330—Wise One of the Jumai sept of the Shaido Aiel. She is the widow of the last two chiefs of the Shaido, Suladric and Couladin, and served as chief of the Shaido since Couladin's death. Everyone seemed to know that she had no intention of letting another prospective chief be sent to Rhuidean. She has green eyes. She knows that the easiest way to power for herself is to attach herself to men who already hold power; she even envisioned marrying Rand (against his will) to gain power through him. She led her clan (and any Aiel deserters that joined her) through Ghealdan, where they were sent from Kinslayer's Dagger by Sammael. She constantly wanted more gai'shain—her goal was to indenture the entire world. She had taken a fancy to wearing silk, and wore nothing else. She is tall, has pale green eyes, and hair like spun gold. She would be beautiful except for the strong hint of avarice around her plump mouth. Little about her seemed Aiel beyond her eyes, skin, and hair. She also wore rings on every finger, and non-Aiel-made jewelry everwhere else. All of these were seized when she was captured by Perrin and his Seanchan allies. Her clan now stands in ruin, with no one to blame but herself. Sevanna is known to have been the only person to be almost refused her eventual status as a Wise One; part of their training is that they must declare that they are no longer students, and Sevanna declared herself to be done with her training after it had barely begun.
  255. Rolan, p. 331—Aiel warrior with blue eyes. He captured Faile, cut her clothes off, and carried her to their next camp. He later saved her from a drunken Nadric, who intended to have his way with her. He was one of the Mera'din, the Brotherless, who left his clan because he refused to follow Rand al'Thor as Car'a'carn. He is no more than a hand shorter than Nandric, and almost as wide, making him a very large man. He was killed by Perrin during the attack on the Shaido that ended with the rescue of Faile and the other gai'shain and the capture of Sevanna and the other Shaido Wise Ones.
  256. Arrela Shiego, p. 332—Tall, lanky, dark-haired Tairen woman. She was taken captive by the Shaido along with Faile. She got protection from some people in the camp who would otherwise harm her by “climing into the blankets” of the Maidens who captured her. She is described as “brusque,” and is taller than most Maidens.
  257. Lacile Aldorwin, p. 332—Short, pale, very slender Cairhienin woman. She walks very gracefully. She was taken captive by the Shaido along with Faile and her servants. The man who captured her, Jhoradin, fell in love with her; it is not known whether Lacile returned his feelings or was simply pretending in order to ensure her protection. She did feel much remorse about Jhoradin's death, however.
  258. Bain, p. 332—Maiden of the Spear of the Black Rock sept of the Shaarad Aiel. She has flame-colored hair and dark blue eyes. She is first-sister to Chiad, of the Goshien Aiel; the two had to sneak through the camp of the other to find the Wise Ones to become first sisters, since their clans were in blood feud at the time. She later became one of the Maidens who accompanied Faile, a similar honor guard to what Rand has, although smaller and for different reasons. She and Chiad were both captured by the Shaido along with the rest of Faile's company, and made gai'shain. She has refused Faile's offer of escape once her plan is ready; she vows to serve her year and a day, as prescribed by ji'e'toh, and then walk away. She and Chiad are now gai'shain to Gaul; Gaul groaned when he found that Bain was gai'shain to one of the men he had to kill to save Chiad. See also Chiad; Gaul.
  259. Chiad, p. 165—Maiden of the Spear of the Stones River sept of the Goshien Aiel. She is short for an Aiel woman, and has blonde hair and gray eyes. Gaul wants her to marry him, but she will not give up the spear. She is willing to be his lover, but marriage is out of the question (or so she says). She is first-sister to Bain, and the two served as a sort of honor guard for Faile. She and Bain were captured along with Faile by the Shaido and made gai'shain. She has refused Faile's offer of escape once her plan is ready; she vows to serve her year and a day, as prescribed by ji'e'toh, and then walk away. The Shaido to which she was sworn was killed by Gaul during the battle; Gaul had to kill about a dozen Aiel warriors in order to get to Chiad, and was somewhat disappointed to find that Bain was also gai'shain to one of them. Chiad is little more than a finger taller than her adopted first-sister. See also Bain; Gaul.
  260. Gaul, p. 333—Aiel of the Imran sept of the Shaarad Aiel. He is Shae'en M'taal, a Stone Dog. Perrin rescued him from his entrapment in Remen, and Gaul now walks at Perrin's side during battle and elsewhere. Gaul wants to marry Chiad, but though she agrees to become his lover, she will not give up the spear for him. Once the Shaido captured her, Gaul became truly dedicated to recapturing her and bringing her back to him. He killed at least a dozen Aiel warriors to get to Chiad; he was somewhat disappointed to learn that Bain was gai'shain to one of them as well. Gaul has said he would consider accepting Bain as a wife just to get Chiad's bridal wreath, though he is not excited about the prospect. See also Chiad.
  261. Kinhuin, p. 334—One of the Mera'din, the Brotherless, the Aiel who left their sept and clan to join the Shaido and fight. He has green eyes, and is about a hand or so shorter than Rolan. He was killed by Faile to protect Perrin; he was the first friend Faile had ever killed.
  262. Jhoradin, p. 334—One of the Mera'din, the Brotherless, who joined the Shaido after Rand revealed the truth about the Aiel's past to him. He has developed an attachment to Lacile, and he planned to take her back to the Three Fold Land with him when he returned there. He had red-gold hair and blue eyes that adorned an almost pretty face. He was stocky; slightly shorter than Perrin but half again as wide. He was killed by Lacile, his lover, during the attack on the Shaido—he leaped in front of Lacile, attempting to protect her from Perrin's assault, and she stabbed him. He was the first person she had ever killed. See also Aldorwin, Lacile.
  263. Niagen, p. 336—One of the Mera'din, the Brotherless. He is now gai'shain to Sulin. He seems to have become attached to Lacile. See also Aldorwin, Lacile; Sulin.
  264. Sulin, p. 336—Maiden of the Spear with white hair. She led Rand's honor guard until she accidentally spoke to gai'shain as if they were still Maidens of the Spear. To attempt to equal their shame, she became a servant in the palace, dressed in the same clothing they wore and attempted to behave in their manner. She ended her tenure as a servant when she learned that Rand had been captured, and led the rescue party of Maidens to Dumai's Wells. She then went with Perrin to find Masema, and led the team of Maidens to search for Faile when she was captured.
  265. Marthea, p. 336—One of the Shaido Maidens of the Spear. She helped Arrela during her captivity. She chose to stay with the Shaido out of loyalty to her clan, though she strongly disapproved of Sevanna's leadership—particularly her use of wetlanders as slaves. She died during the attack on the Shaido.

    Chapter 22: The Last That Could Be Done

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  266. Shaidar Haran, p. 339—A Myrddraal of special abilities who escorts the Chosen (i.e., Forsaken) to the Pit of Doom to converse with the Dark One. He is head and shoulders taller than all other Myrddraal, who are the height of an average man and all the same height. His name means “Hand of the Dark” in the Old Tongue; most Myrddraal names come from the Trolloc tongue. He is given special consideration; the ceiling of the entrance to the Pit of Doom does not brush his head as it does everyone else's. He is the only known servant of the Dark One to have power over the Chosen (other than Moridin, who is one of the Chosen himself).
  267. Tai'daishar, p. 341—Rand's big-chested sleek black stallion. His name means “True Glory” in the Old Tongue. He is a horse that draws attention. Editor's note: in A Crown of Swords, Rand describes Tai'daishar as a gelding. In Knife of Dreams he is called a stallion. Perhaps he had some (amazing!) veterinarian perform surgery on him?
  268. Deira ni Ghaline t'Bashere, p. 345—Faile's mother. She has raven-black hair winged with white, and is about a head taller than her husband Davram, the Marshal-General of Saldaea. She was stabbed by a man while he was ransacking her tent, but she survived. She and Davram rarely yell, but they have a very upfront method of conversing with each other that often makes others somewhat uncomfortable. She did not approve of her daughter's marriage at first, but was eventually convinced to accept it. See also t'Aybara, Faile ni Bashere; Bashere, Davram t'Ghaline.
  269. Janduin, p. 346—Rand's biological father, an Aiel of the Iron Mountain sept of the Taardad Aiel. He was the youngest clan chief of the Taardad Aiel in memory. He ended the blood feud between the Taardad and Nakai clans after over 200 years of fighting, and then allied not only with the Nakai, but with the Reyn Aiel as well (who were not much better than blood enemies before the alliance was made). He almost ended the blood feud between the Shaarad and Goshien clans (which still existed until only a short time ago, causing trouble for Chiad and Gaul), and would have if King Laman would not have cut down Avendoraldera. He loved Shaiel, to the point where he could not refuse to let her fight in the Aiel War despite being with child. It was Janduin himself who led the four clans; Taardad, Nakai, Reyn, and Shaarad; across the Spine of the World to punish Laman for his Sin, throwing the entire World into war and allowing Prophecy to be fulfilled. See also al'Thor, Rand; Damodred, Tigraine.

    Chapter 23: A Warp in the Air

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  270. Beldeine Nyram, p. 358—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She has no Warders, which is extremely unusual for a Green. She was raised to the shawl about three years ago, and as yet is too new to the shawl to have the ageless look. She was captured at Dumai's Wells and is now a prisoner of the Aiel. According to Min's viewing of her, she will bond one of the Asha'man as a Warder. She is pretty, and has high cheekbones and slightly tilted brown eyes. She often tries too hard to prove herself. See also Manfor, Karldin.

    Chapter 24: A New Commitment

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  271. Captain Aldan, p. 366—Captain in Gareth Bryne's army. He is in charge of new recruits.
  272. Sergeant Cords, p. 368—Stocky sergeant in Gareth Bryne's army.
  273. Morgase Trakand, p. 374—Former Queen of Andor and High Seat of House Trakand. Mother of Elayne and Gawyn. She married Taringail Damodred, a prince of Cairhien, to further solidify her claim to the Throne of Andor and keep peace between the two nations; when Tigraine disappeared, Morgase made the best claim to succeed her, and married her widower to gain the support that would be gained by such action. Taringail was Elayne's and Gawyn's father; he died when they were young. Morgase has since gone through several lovers, including Thomdril Merrilin, a former court-bard; Gareth Bryne, her First Prince of the Sword and Captain of the Guards; and most recently Lord Gaebril, a man who led the faction that stilled the riots in Caemlyn that sprang up on Morgase's trip to Tar Valon to inquire about Elayne's whereabouts. Thom was exiled from the city of Caemlyn when he started telling her what he really thought of some of her plans, her relationship with Bryne ebbed away until finally Gaebril told her to exile him too, and Gaebril eventually chased Morgase herself out of the city when she found he was usurping her power. The Daughter-Heir of Andor is traditionally trained by Aes Sedai in the White Tower, and Morgase underwent novice training to keep the tradition alive. She was given the gift of a Great Serpent ring despite not being Accepted, and still wears it on her left hand. She was previously advised by Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan of the Red Ajah, who is now the Amyrlin Seat in Tar Valon. When Morgase discovered that Gaebril (who, unbeknownst to her, was actually Rahvin) meant to usurp her throne, she left, and when she learned that the Dragon Reborn had taken over Caemlyn and none of her former supporters would give her aid, she fled to Amadicia to get help from the only place she thought she could: Pedron Niall and the Children of the Light. She was not aware that Rand only wanted to give her country back to her, not to mention believes that she is dead. If she had made her presence known, she would no doubt have had her country back in one piece, but as royalty she believed she must work on her own and trust no one. She went into hiding after the Seanchan attack (Eamon Valda believes her to be dead) under her mother's first name, Maighdin to avoid instant recognition, and later became a maidservant to Faile; she told Faile that she was a lady's handmaid before coming into her service. When Faile's group was captured, she became a prisoner of the Shaido, and is now detained in their encampment. Her sign is three golden keys. A former member of the Queen's Guard, Martyn Tallanvor, has taken a liking to his former queen, and she finds herself almost unconsciously returning his attentions. Her adopted son Galad believes her dead at the hands of Eamon Valda, and plans revenge on him. Her son Gawyn believes her dead at the hands of the Dragon Reborn, and is only restrained from killing her by Egwene's command. Her daughter Elayne believes her dead as well (though she as yet has no plans for vengeance), and her new mistress Faile has no idea of her true identity. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; t'Aybara, Faile ni Bashere; Bryne, Gareth; Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Taringail; Damodred, Tigraine; Gaebril; Mantear, Mordrellen; Merrilin, Thomdril; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn; Valda, Eamon.
  274. Lord Gaebril, p. 374—Man who came to Caemlyn just as riots sprang up throughout the city. He joined and led the faction that restored order in the city, and upon Morgase's return, he gave her her kingdom in one piece, as it was when she left. Allegedly, she was so happy that he had done this that she made Gaebril her new advisor (and lover). However, during Mat's trip through Caemlyn to deliver Elayne's letter, Mat overheard Gaebril ordering someone to kill Elayne and anyone else with her—he tried to find a way to report this information to Morgase, but ended up telling Elayne. Gaebril was discovered to be Rahvin, one of the Forsaken, who has a preference to having pretty women around him. His “pretty woman” was Morgase, and he planned to wrest control of Andor from her. Morgase realized he was controlling her and left the country so quickly a rumor sprang up that she had been killed; when Caemlyn was taken by Rand and Rahvin killed, the rumor changed to say that Rand had killed Morgase, instead of Gaebril. See also Rahvin.
  275. Lady Tagren, p. 377—Washwoman who takes work among the washwomen in the rebel Aes Sedai camp. She is actually Shemerin, the Aes Sedai that Elaida reduced to Accepted to demonstrate her power. See also Shemerin.

    Chapter 25: In Darkness

    Women in a Mirror icon
  276. Chesa, p. 378—One of Egwene's maids as the Amyrlin Seat. Egwene often let her sit in on meetings with Sheriam, her Keeper of the Chronicles, because her unexpected chatter often unsettled Sheriam just enough for Egwene to sidestep what Sheriam was suggesting in a discrete way. She has not stopped weeping since Egwene was captured, though she has kept her tent clean in the Amyrlin's absence.
  277. Cariandre, p. 381—Plump Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She grew up in Ghealdan. She was called upon to escort Mattin Stepaneos to Elaida, and was later one of the guards assigned to Egwene.
  278. Patrinda, p. 381—Stern Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She was one of the guards assigned to Egwene.

    Chapter 26: A Crack in the Stone

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  279. Magla Daronos, p. 395—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is a Sitter, and is firmly in Romanda's camp. She has broad shoulders. She grew up in Illian. Her Warder is Rorik. See also Rorik.
  280. Eleyan al'Landerin, p. 396—Aes Sedai of legend, of the Green Ajah. There is a statue of her and her Warders on the southwest side of Tar Valon. Shemerin escaped the city via a water gate about five minutes' walk from Eleyan's statue. Editor's note: The name of this character is likely an homage to the creator of Wheel of Time fan site, whose true name is Melissa, but whose screen name is Eleyan Teyal al'Landerin. According to a personal communication, her two Warders are named Valorian and Joseff, though their names are not mentioned in the books.
  281. Rorik, p. 397—Broad-shouldered Warder to Magla Daronos. See also Daronos, Magla.
  282. Burin Shaeren, p. 398—Lelaine's coppery-skinned Warder. He looks as though he was carved from an uprooted stump. He hails from Arad Doman. See also Akashi, Lelaine.

    Chapter 27: The Tipsy Gelding

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  283. Aludra, p. 400—Illuminator from Tarabon with dark waist-length hair done in thin braids, large dark eyes, and a plump mouth. She was involved with the fireworks display for King Galldrian of Cairhien that went awry when Trollocs came. She was blamed for its failure, though she believed one of her colleagues, Tammuz, was to blame. She was cast out of the Illuminators' Guild, and when she refused to stop practicing the art of making fireworks, several men tried to kill her. She was saved by Mat and Thom in a barn, and as a sign of gratitude she gave Mat a roll of fireworks. She later came to Ebou Dar, and asked Mat to find her a bellfounder. He was knocked out during the battle and thus missed the bellfounder, but Aludra escaped and she now travels with Mat's entourage. Since the Seanchan destroyed the Chapter House of the Illuminators in Tanchico, Aludra may be the last Illuminator alive. She is planning to make dragons, what most of us would call cannons.
  284. Amathera Aelfdene Casmir Lounault, p. 400—Former Panarch of Tarabon. She vanished, allegedly at Aes Sedai hands, according to White Tower spies. In reality, Amathera was being held prisoner by sisters of the Black Ajah under Liandrin, and was rescued by Elayne and Nynaeve. They had her keep a low profile for several days so as not to be hurt by the mob outside the Panarch's Palace (since it is not all that far from “The Panarch is dead!” to “Death to the Panarch!”), then she returned to her position. When the Seanchan invaded Tanchico, she refused to willingly give her country to the new conquerors; they captured her, and forced her to live as a servant. She served as a dancer for High Lady Suroth, the leader of the Seanchan pre-invasionary forces, until she was rescued by Juilin Sandar, who took her along when he fled Ebou Dar with Mat. She and Juilin have become an item since that time; he has been training her, with limited success, to stop flinching every time a Seanchan officer walks by. See also Sandar, Juilin.
  285. Egeanin Tamarath, p. 400—Seanchan ship captain, later a Captain of the Green. Her last name changes each time she gets promoted; her previous last names were Elidar and Sarna. She fled Ebou Dar as part of Mat's entourage; she has since married Bayle Domon, a ship captain whose ship she once boarded and looted. She no longer uses the name Egeanin; after being demoted out of the Blood by Tuon, she now uses the name Leilwin Shipless. She was the subject of a search by Suroth for stealing two damane, but it is presumed that this search ended with Suroth's removal from power. See also Domon, Bayle; Shipless, Leilwin.
  286. Lanfear, p. 402—One of the Forsaken. Unlike the rest of the Forsaken, she chose her name for herself, which means “Daughter of the Night” in the Old Tongue. She was born Mierin Eronaile, and was very strong in the One Power. She worked at the Collam Daan, the primary facility for research into the One Power. Her final discovery there was what she thought was a new source for the One Power, one that could be harnessed by men and women alike—this source turned out to be the emissions through a thin spot in the Pattern from the Dark One's prison. She and another Aes Sedai named Beidomon bored into the prison, creating what is now referred to as simply the Bore, allowing the Dark One to touch the world again and leading to the War of the Shadow. Around this time, Mierin formed a relationship with Lews Therin Telamon, who headed the forces of the Light against the Shadow and was the most powerful man she had found. Lews Therin broke off the relationship when he found that she only wanted him for his power and authority and the possibility of power for herself through him. Mierin never let go of him, and when he later met and married Ilyena Moerelle, she tried to disrupt the wedding ceremony as well as split the two apart by any means. Eventually she went to Shayol Ghul to dedicate her soul to the Shadow, most likely to finally get back at Lews Therin for leaving her. She declared as her territory the World of Dreams, Tel'aran'rhiod, using it to ends now unknown. She transferred her obsessive love intact to Lews Therin's soul's new body, Rand al'Thor, after being freed from the Bore. She first appeared to him as a young woman named Selene, but disguised her appearance as a slightly less beautiful (but still stunning) woman. Almost a year later, Lanfear found that Rand had been “unfaithful” to her, and she tried to kill him. Before she could, she was pushed through the twisted stone doorway ter'angreal leading to the lands of the Eelfinn by Moiraine, becoming trapped. Lanfear has since been reincarnated as Cyndane and fitted with a cour'souvra, a Mind Trap, held by Moridin. She is not as strong as she used to be, but still stronger than Graendal. See also Cyndane.
  287. Bayle Domon, p. 402—Stocky ship captain and smuggler from Illian. His ship was captured by Egeanin at Falme, and she was afraid Domon would recognize her the next time they met. She was right—he did. He became one of Egeanin's so'jhin. When Egeanin captured his ship, he was trying to drop the male a'dam in the ocean. The two are now involved in a romance (she purchased him so they could stay together), which no one else seems to understand—anyone who talks to either of them seems to find them impossible to get along with. See also Tamarath, Egeanin.
  288. Queen Doreille, p. 404—Queen of Aridhol and an avid poet. She wrote some of her best work in the Eagle's Reaches, in what was then Coremanda.
  289. Mayor Barlden, p. 408—Mayor of Hinderstap, a village at which Mat's men stop. See also Garken.
  290. Harnan, p. 414—Lantern-jawed Tairen Redarm, a file-leader in the Band of the Red Hand. He has a heavy jaw, a long-suffering expression, and a crude hawk tatoo on his left cheek.
  291. Delarn, p. 414—One of the Redarms.
  292. Mardry, p. 415—Bluff-faced resident of Hinderstap with short, dark hair. He owns a wagon and team.

    Chapter 28: Night in Hinderstap

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  293. Jak o' the Shadows, p. 425—A term used in war chants and battle songs of old to symbolize death. The usual use is to dance with Jak o' the Shadows, meaning dance with death.
  294. Master Tobrad, p. 429—Innkeeper of an inn in Hinderstap. Joline, Teslyn, and Edesina stay there to take baths during their time in town.
  295. Blaeric Negina, p. 429—One of Joline's Warders. He has blue eyes, a pointed chin, and straight black hair. He is tall, and from Shienar. He now travels with Mat's entourage and Valan Luca's menagerie. See also Maza, Joline; Mizar, Fen.
  296. Fen Mizar, p. 429—One of Joline's Warders. He has dark, tilted eyes and a pointed chin. His hair is straight and black. He now travels with Mat's entourage and Valan Luca's show. He grew up in the Borderlands. See also Maza, Joline; Negina, Blaeric.
  297. Abram, p. 437—Person to whom a feast is dedicated in the village of Hinderstap (and presumably other villages in the same region).
  298. Garken, p. 437—Farmer from Hinderstap. Barlden was helping him fix his fence the day the town fell victim to the snag in the Pattern that causes Hinderstap residents to become zombies at night. Barlden remembers killing him that first night. See also Barlden.
  299. Sammrie, p. 438—Cooper of Hinderstap. His sister and her family came to visit and spent the night in the town some time in the past; their blood was found on the walls in the morning, and now they are trapped in Hinderstap and have the same nightmares as everyone else.
  300. Ledron, p. 439—Resident of Hinderstap. He tried to convince Barlden, the mayor, to turn Mat over to the person who put out the fliers.
  301. Martna Baily, p. 441—Fictitious person that Mat invents to make light of the events in Hinderstap.

    Chapter 29: Into Bandar Eban

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  302. Lady Colavaere Saighan, p. 443—Cairhienin noble who claimed the Sun Throne when Rand was taken prisoner by Aes Sedai. When he returned, he dethroned her and stripped her of all her titles and estates. Rather than living in shame, she committed suicide. She is now on Rand's list of women for whom he feels responsible for their deaths.
  303. Liah, p. 444—Maiden of the Spear of the Cosaida sept of the Chareen Aiel with a scar across her face. When Rand came to Shadar Logoth to set wards on the Waygate there, Liah got separated from the group and was never found. Presuming she was dead, Rand took the group back to Caemlyn. When Rand returned to Shadar Logoth weeks later to fight Sammael, he discovered that Liah was still alive, if not completely sane anymore. He killed her with balefire when she was attacked by Mashadar. She is now featured on Rand's list of women, the deaths of whom for which he feels responsible.
  304. Sendara, p. 444—Maiden of the Spear of the Iron Mountain Taardad. Rand feels responsible for her death.
  305. Lamelle, p. 444—Maiden of the Spear of the Smoke Water sept of the Miagoma Aiel. She was one of the worst at treating Rand as a long-lost son, but eventually died in his service. She is now featured on his list.
  306. Andhilin, p. 444—Maiden of the Spear of the Red Salt sept of the Goshien Aiel. She died in Rand's service, and is now featured on his list.
  307. Lady Milisair Chadmar, p. 444—The last of the Domani merchants' council to flee the city's chaos. She is curvaceous, with dark hair in tight curls past her shoulders. She is barely into her thirties.
  308. Jendhilin, p. 445—Maiden of the Spear of the Cold Peak sept of the Miagoma Aiel. She died guarding Rand's door, and is now featured on Rand's list.
  309. Beralna, p. 452—A Maiden of the Spear. She is a bony redhead with blue eyes and a feral grin. She travels with Rand in Arad Doman.
  310. Riallin, p. 452—Maiden of the Spear with vivid yellow-red hair and a grin for everything. She is plump for a Maiden.

    Chapter 30: Old Advice

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  311. Taringail Damodred, p. 457—A Prince of Cairhien and First Prince of the Sword of Andor until his death. His first wife, Tigraine, the then Daughter-Heir of Andor, bore him a son, Galad, before she vanished, causing the War of Succession. After the war was over, he married Morgase Trakand, the new Queen. Taringail and Morgase had two children, Gawyn and Elayne. He died when Elayne was barely old enough to remember him, which was probably fortunate for Morgase; unbeknownst to her, he had planned to engineer her death and make himself the first King of Andor in a millenium. Gawyn has few memories of him, but remembers that he was tall and handsome, with slight waves in his hair. See also Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn; Trakand, Morgase.
  312. Laman Damodred, p. 466—King of Cairhien about twenty years ago. His cutting of Avendoraldera to make a throne unlike anything the world had ever seen precipitated the Aiel War. The war continued for years until all nations united against the Aiel and even Tar Valon was threatened; the war finally ended when the Aiel killed Laman and took his sword. Because of Laman's Pride, and his Sin, House Damodred lost the throne of Cairhien to House Riatin, and the city never again reached any of its former glory—but it also allowed Prophecy to be fulfilled; the Dragon Reborn was able to be born on the slopes of Dragonmount, born of a Maiden of the Spear but raised by the blood of the old nations. See also Damodred, Caraline; Damodred, Moiraine; Damodred, Taringail; Janduin.

    Chapter 31: A Promise to Lews Therin

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  313. Quillin Tasil, p. 469—Slender innkeeper from Bandar Eban. He is tall and has an oval-shaped face, with thin hair on top and short hair on the sides and a full, trimmed, nearly all gray beard. He grew up in Andor. His wife is a silk merchant—a very successful one—in Bandar Eban. His eldest daughter, Namine, is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Cadsuane uses him as a source of news and gossip. He has little care for the usual concerns of an innkeeper, and in fact scares some customers away through his unique mannerisms. Cadsuane considers him one of her best sources of information, however; he and his family are well-connected. See also Tasil, Namine.
  314. Mistress Shore, p. 470—Name by which Cadsuane is known to Quillin Tasil and most likely others in Bandar Eban as well. See also Melaidhrin, Cadsuane.
  315. Namine Tasil, p. 471—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah and eldest daughter of Quillin. Cadsuane found that she had a casual yet keen understanding of current events—extremely uncommon in a Brown. She suspected well-connected parents, so she followed the connection and made her father one of her eyes-and-ears in Bandar Eban. See also Tasil, Quillin.
  316. Nelavaire Demasiellin, p. 478—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is pleasant, as Aes Sedai go. She bonded Naeff as her Warder. See also Naeff.
  317. Tarwin, p. 481—Hero of old and subject of many songs and tales. He has a pass, Tarwin's Gap, named after him between Shienar and what was once Malkier.
  318. Alamindra Cutren, p. 483—Member of the Domani merchants council. She hid on her cousin lands in northern Arad Doman.
  319. Meashan Dubaris, p. 483—Member of the Domani merchants council. She died at the hands of the mob.
  320. Lord Piqot Ramshalan, p. 484—Member of the Domani merchants' council. He is a buffoon.
  321. Jalani, p. 484—Maiden of the Spear, part of Rand's honor guard. She is the youngest among them, only sixteen or seventeen—despite this, she treats Rand as she would a younger brother.
  322. Noreladim, p. 485—Stumpy, large-bellied Domani functionary.

    Chapter 32: Rivers of Shadow

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  323. Haster Nalmat, p. 497—Officer on duty at the mansion in Bandar Eban as Nynaeve returns in the middle of the night.
  324. Loral, p. 499—Dosun (lead housekeeper) in the mansion Rand procures in Arad Doman. The mansion belonged to Milisair Chadmar. She is elderly and has gray hair.
  325. Triben, p. 503—Hawk-faced Saldaean soldier with a short, trimmed mustache and a scar across his forehead.
  326. Lurts, p. 503—Saldaean cavalryman, a “solid wall of a man.” He helps Nynaeve with her mission to capture one of Graendal's servants.
  327. Jorgin, p. 507—One of the men in charge of the makeshift jail in which Lady Chadmar is held. He is in charge of interrogating inmates.
  328. Mord, p. 508—Broken-nosed thug who serves as a guard in the makeshift jail in the basement of the Gull's Feast.
  329. Kerb, p. 511—Young boy who works in the Gull's Feast. He was in charge of making the candles as well as feeding prisoners. He was under heavy Compulsion.

    Chapter 33: A Conversation With the Dragon

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  330. Natrin, p. 577—Namesake of a lonely, picturesque manor in Arad Doman. The manor has a colorful history. It once served as the home of Domani kings, then as a summer retreat for kings and those they favored. At one point it passed to a distant cousin of a former king, whose family had lost the throne. It is now used by Graendal to house her “pets.”

    Chapter 34: Legends

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  331. Juilin Sandar, p. 522—Thief-taker from Tear, one of the best at his craft. He accompanied Nynaeve and Elayne on their travels because Lan asked him to. He accepted partly out of respect for Lan, and partly out of guilt; he betrayed Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve to the Black Ajah when Liandrin used Compulsion on him, and later realized how wrong it was. He carries a notched sword-breaker and a staff with which he is deadly. He has fallen in love with Amathera, the Panarch of Tarabon. He travels with Mat Cauthon now. See also Lounault, Amathera Aelfdene Casmir.
  332. Fergin, p. 523—Bony Redarm. He is skinny, and a good soldier, but not very bright. He shares a tent with Harnan, Metwyn, and Gorderan.
  333. Marks, p. 523—Family hound in Mandevwin's cover story.
  334. Nashif, p. 527—Someone Mat's ancestor fought at Bloodwash Falls. He would have learned his less faster if Mat's ancestor had had a few more banners of crossbowmen with him.
  335. Leilwin Shipless, p. 528—New name for Egeanin that Tuon gave her as a shea dancer. Tuon demoted her out of the Blood to the status of a shea dancer when she gave Egeanin the necklace Mat had intended for Tuon, not realizing its cultural significance. She now refuses to be called by her old name. See also Tamarath, Egeanin.
  336. Verin Mathwin, p. 534—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah who accompanied Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve back from Falme to Tar Valon. Her Warder is named Tomas. She is more interested in current events than the average Brown; most of them could not care less what happened now, only what happened years ago. She gave Egwene the twisted stone ring ter'angreal to assist her in Dreaming, and also once told Morgase that there was really no need to keep her in the Tower until she learned to control her ability when she was a novice, since she would never be able to do much with it anyway. When Verin went to the Two Rivers with Alanna, they helped to fight the Trollocs that attacked, and when they left they brought a half-dozen young women with them who could channel, including Mat's sister Bode. When she and Alanna reached Caemlyn, they found that the Tower had been broken, and decided to side with the Salidar embassy when it reached town. Verin is quite old—her hair is starting to turn gray, which to an Aes Sedai means she is quite old indeed. She communicated with Cadsuane's group of sisters in Tear, but has since departed their company. Verin always seems to follow her own agenda, though Siuan once said she had always trusted her, even though she knew she could trust no one. She and Thomas have been waiting for Mat for some time; she is the one who posted fliers of him and Perrin throughout the countryside, hoping to scare one of them up. See also Tomas.

    Chapter 35: A Halo of Blackness

    Seanchan icon
  337. Hurin, p. 539—Thief-taker for the king of Shienar. He is lean and wiry, and has shoulder-length gray hair that he wears loose. His round fice is lined with age, and he has small eyes. He is also a “sniffer”—one who can “smell” evil, even where it was done in the past. He was chosen by the Borderlanders to serve as an emmissary to Rand.
  338. Tai'daisher, p. 539—Misspelling of Taidaishar. See Tai'daishar.
  339. Captain Musenge, p. 542—Grizzled captain of the Deathwatch Guards. His hair is solid black. He has been in the Deathwatch Guards longer than Karede. He commands Tuon's personal bodyguard.
  340. Malai, p. 543—One of the damane who guards Tuon. She is able to tell the fortunes of the weather.
  341. Lighteater, p. 543—Name used by the Seanchan for the Dark One. See Dark One.
  342. First Prince of the Ravens, p. 546— See Prince of the Ravens.

    Chapter 36: The Death of Tuon

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  343. Tomas, p. 550—Warder bonded to Verin. He is stocky, has gray hair, and is old and haggard though still quite spry. See also Mathwin, Verin.
  344. Empress Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag, p. 559—The Empress, may she live forever, of the Seanchan people. She used to be called Tuon, though by Seanchan tradition Tuon is considered dead. One of Fortuona's first orders was a raid against the White Tower. See also Cauthon, Matrim; Empress (of Seanchan), The; Paendrag, Tuon Athaem Kore.
  345. Dali, p. 559—Damane that served Tuon. She is Dani's sister. Tuon thought she, like the other five of her personal servant damane, barely needed a sul'dam. Dali was given by Fortuona to the cause of the Fists of Heaven.
  346. Malahavana, p. 559—Sul'dam who holds Dali's leash. See also Dali.

    Chapter 37: A Force of Light

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  347. Rahvin, p. 569—One of the Forsaken. He was fond of using Compulsion, and was known for being a ladies' man—he always had a woman on his arm. After being released from the Bore, he took up residence in Caemlyn as Lord Gaebril, and used Compulsion to have Queen Morgase not only make him her advisor, but her lover as well. He eventually planned to take over the country directly as the first ever King of Andor—he did his best to weaken support for Morgase, exiling her supporters and befriending those who opposed her, finally chasing her from the country as well. Shortly after news of Morgase's death or at least abdication reached Cairhien, Rahvin was confronted and killed by Rand al'Thor in Tel'aran'rhiod with a weave of balefire strong enough to burn Rahvin's soul out of the pattern for days. See also Gaebril.
  348. Torhs Margin, p. 569—Man from the Age of Legends. He once made the mistake of underestimating Graendal, and history records his unpleasant fate that resulted. He is also known as Torhs the Broken.
  349. Torhs Margin, p. 569— See Margin, Torhs.
  350. Lord Vivian, p. 576—Lord of Arad Doman to whom Ramshalan claimed he could manipulate Rand however he wished.
  351. Lord Callswell, p. 576—Lord of Arad Doman to whom Ramshalan claimed he could manipulate Rand however he wished.

    Chapter 38: News in Tel'aran'rhiod

    Twisted Stone Dreaming Ring icon
  352. Naorman Mashinta, p. 583—Cobbler in Tar Valon. He is the third generation of Mashintas to own the store.
  353. Raen, p. 590—Leader of the group of Tinkers who visited the Two Rivers, the same group that Perrin and Egwene encountered on their way out of Emond's Field. He is Aram's father, and Ila's husband. Perrin remembers with remorse the look on Raen's face when Aram left him to take up the sword with Perrin and his followers. See also Aram; Ila.
  354. Ila, p. 590—Wife of Raen, mother of Aram. A plump woman, gray-haired but not wrinkled. She is a head taller than her husband. See also Aram; Raen.
  355. Marsial, p. 596—Novice who Egwene conscripts to get forkroot tea for her so her guards can attempt to help the rest of the Red Ajah.

    Chapter 39: A Visit from Verin Sedai

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  356. Turese, p. 605—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She is young enough not to have the ageless look. She was assigned to guard Egwene after she was released from her cell (during Verin's visit).
  357. Galina Casban, p. 607—Former head of the Red Ajah, now taken prisoner by the Shaido. She has actually been of the Black Ajah for all but five of her almost ninety years wearing the shawl; she is of high standing among the Black sisters. Galina has long black hair without a touch of gray in it. She is pretty, but nowhere near beautiful. She led the expedition to bring Rand to Tar Valon after he was shielded. She was captured by the Shaido after the battle at Dumai's Wells, and became a prisoner of Sevanna and Therava. She claims to have helped break two Amyrlin's as a Black sister—one (Siuan Sanche) was deposed and stilled, and the other (Tamra Ospenya) was made to appear that she had died in her sleep. She led the circle that stilled Siuan. Pevara firmly did not want to believe that Galina was Black, despite Talene's suspicions that she was. When Galina's loyalties were proven, presumably by an inconsistency between her notes and her actions, Pevara went into a rage for a full day and now vows to strangle Galina with her bare hands. Galina attempted to escape Sevanna's captivity by exploiting a loophole in the oath she was forced to swear on a binder (similar to the Oath Rod): she made Faile acquire the rod for her and give it to her (since she was forced to swear an oath to never steal it) and then betrayed Faile and fled. She was captured by Therava and ordered never to attempt to escape again; by her Oath, she is now Therava's slave forever. The White Tower presumes her to be dead at the battle of Dumai's Wells. She was on Verin's list of sisters of the Black Ajah. See also Minly, Talene; Ospenya, Tamra; Sanche, Siuan; Sevanna; Tazanovni, Pevara.
  358. Liandrin, p. 607—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Red. She has light hair and a face like a doll. She grew up in Tarabon. She led the group of thirteen Aes Sedai who declared themselves Black Ajah and fled the White Tower, murdering guards and even sisters in the process. Liandrin was Red Ajah before turning to the Black, but her oath to the Black was sworn before even being raised to the Accepted (perhaps before she came to the Tower), so it cannot really be said that she was ever Red Ajah at all. She was shielded by Moghedien for attempting to Compel her and given to a very enthusiastic Temaile to torture. She has since been given to Suroth as a da'covale. It is not known what happened to Liandrin after Suroth was exposed as atha'an shadar. She was on Verin's list of Black sisters.
  359. Duhara Basaheen, p. 608—Sitter for the Red Ajah in Tar Valon. Apparently Elaida had to show her who was boss at some point. She has large, dark eyes and coppery skin, and is tall and slim. She served as Keeper of the Chronicles under Sierin Vayu. Duhara has gone missing from the Tower in recent weeks; her whereabouts and health are unknown. Duhara was revealed by Verin to be of the Black Ajah.
  360. Velina Behar, p. 608—Sitter for the White Ajah in Tar Valon. She is cool and precise, has an almost girlishly high-pitched voice, a beak of a nose, and sharp, tilted eyes. She is a model of a White sister. Verin's work revealed that she is of the Black Ajah. She escaped Egwene's justice. Editor's note: Velina flinched when Alviarin glared at her in The Path of Daggers.
  361. Sedore Dajenna, p. 608—Sitter for the Yellow Ajah in Tar Valon. She has a round face. Verin exposed her as a member of the Black Ajah.
  362. Talene Minly, p. 608—Golden-haired Sitter for the Green Ajah in Tar Valon. She used to be Seaine's friend. She has no Warders, which is extremely unusual for a Green. When Pevara shielded her because she suspected her of being Black Ajah, she tried to stab her. She actually is a member of the Black Ajah, and is now sworn to obey Pevara and Seaine unconditionally. One of the three other Black sisters she knew of was Atuan. She was also exposed as a Black by Verin. She fled the Tower weeks ago, most likely released from her Oaths and captivity by either Mesaana or Shaidar Haran.
  363. Dagdara Finchey, p. 608—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is as wide as most men and taller than most. She fled the Tower when Siuan was deposed. She was Romanda's choice for the seat in the Hall that ultimately went to Salita. She Healed Egwene once when she twister her ankle. Verin revealed that she is of the Black Ajah.
  364. Zanica, p. 608—Aes Sedai involved in capturing Leane. She has one Warder. She insisted on nearly killing the coach horses to gallop back to the Tower. Verin revealed that she is a Darkfriend. She seemed quite pleasant.
  365. Larissa Lyndel, p. 608—Bony Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She fled the Tower and joined the sisters in Salidar. Verin revealed that she is a Darkfriend.
  366. Nacelle Kayama, p. 608—Tall, slender Malkieri Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Verin revealed that she is a Darkfriend.
  367. Nalaene Forrell, p. 608—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, as revealed by Verin. She is among those who swore fealty to Rand al'Thor.
  368. Birlen Pena, p. 608—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, according to Verin's book. She escaped Egwene's justice.
  369. Melvara, p. 608—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, according to Verin.
  370. Chai Rugan, p. 608—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, according to Verin. She escaped Egwene's justice.
  371. Nicola Treehill, p. 609—Slender, black-haired, dark-eyed novice; she is about Nynaeve's age. She was a refugee from Ghealdan. She has already developed several Talents, including the ability to see ta'veren and Foretelling, although what she Foretells is usually in such language that only poets can understand it. Her potential exceeds that of all Aes Sedai currently alive, with the exception of Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve. She has a limited ability to make cuendillar, but she is impatient in learning. She is very arrogant and can also be deceitful; she once tried to blackmail Egwene, Myrelle, and Nisao. She used the fact that she could Foretell to be even more arrogant and demand even more special treatment. When Egwene refused to grant her that treatment, she ran away to the White Tower, thinking they would let her progress at the pace she wanted. She could not have been more incorrect, of course, and her life in the Tower is no doubt even more abysmal than it was before. It will get even worse if a sister ever finds out that she lied about her age; she is too old to be entered into the novice book by traditional Tower law. When Egwene was captured, Nicola became one of her foremost adherents among the novices; Nicola has gathered enough support for Egwene amongst the novices that they support Egwene more than many of the sisters in the Tower.

    Chapter 40: The Tower Shakes

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  372. Tijds, p. 619—Soldier who alerts Gareth Bryne to the Seanchan attack on the Tower.
  373. Jasmen, p. 623—Novice in the White Tower. She is strong in the One Power. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.
  374. Yeteri, p. 623—Petite blonde novice in the White Tower. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.
  375. Inala, p. 623—Lanky, coppery-skinned Domani novice in the White Tower. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.
  376. Tamala, p. 624—Hawk-nosed novice in the White Tower. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.
  377. Bela, p. 628—Tam al'Thor's packhorse. She is short, shaggy, and quite docile. Egwene rode her out of Emond's Field when she left with Moiraine and Lan. Rand suggested her as a way to take Egwene with them. She was later used by Siuan to leave Tar Valon on their way to Salidar.
  378. Adelorna Bastine, p. 629—Short, slim, Saldaean Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, the Ajah's leader. She was once birched by Elaida. She chose Rina for the Hall without a nominations process, which goes against Green custom. She has three Warders; one died in the Seanchan attack, and Talric is wounded. She is of a height with Egwene. See also Talric.
  379. Josaine, p. 629—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She once found an angreal and did not bring it to the Tower as Aes Sedai are supposed to, instead keeping it in her room. Alviarin found out about it, and told Elaida she needed to make an example of her while Elaida was feeling weak. She died by a weave of earth that destroyed the wall next to her during the Seanchan raid.
  380. Marthera, p. 629—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She fought alongside Adelorna during the Seanchan raid on the Tower until she was captured and collared.
  381. Talric, p. 629—Warder to Adelorna, one of three. He was wounded during the Seanchan attack. See also Bastine, Adelorna.
  382. Gregana, p. 631—Sul'dam who collars Adelorna during the raid on the White Tower. She only held her leash for less than a minute, at which point Egwene removed the collars on all damane in her group and burned each sul'dam where she stood. See also Sivi.
  383. Sivi, p. 631—Name given to Adelorna as a damane by her would-be sul'dam, Gregana. Sivi died thirty seconds after her birth; Egwene removed the collar and burned the sul'dam to ash. See also Bastine, Adelorna; Gregana.
  384. Vora, p. 631—Owner or creator of the white fluted sa'angreal Egwene borrows from the Tower stores to fight the Seanchan. The same sa'angreal was used by Siuan Sanche, then the Amyrlin seat, to separate Mat from the dagger he took from Shadar Logoth. It is the most powerful sa'angreal the Tower has in its stores.
  385. Shanal, p. 632—Novice in the White Tower. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.
  386. Clara, p. 632—Novice in the White Tower. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.
  387. Lucain, p. 632—Brown-haired novice in the White Tower. She was part of the circle Egwene used to fight the Seanchan.

    Chapter 41: A Fount of Power

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  388. Moradri, p. 638—Long-limbed, dark-skinned Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is from Mayene, as are her two Warders; both Warders are also Mayeners, and are rumored to be her brothers. She has a good memory.
  389. High Captain Jimar Chubain, p. 638—High Captain of the White Tower Guard. Alviarin suggested that they order him to increase his recruitment efforts to expand the guard; Elaida thought it unnecessary, but that was more of just being blind to what anyone else said. He looks younger than he his, which is in his forties. His hair is all black, without a touch of gray.
  390. Notasha, p. 640—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She was incensed that the Seanchan would dare attack the Tower.
  391. Renna Emain, p. 641—Sul'dam who was charged to train and control Egwene when she becomes a damane. She later gave Egwene the nickname “Tuli, after one of [Renna's] former pets.” When Egwene escaped, she put an a'dam around Renna's neck, and left it there when she fled. Renna was later discovered by Bethamin, wretching from the effort of trying to remove the a'dam in vain. To protect the Seanchan way of life—which would likely collapse if it was learned that sul'dam could learn to channel—Renna retained her rank as sul'dam, but was forbidden to be linked with a damane. She was kept under close watch by Suroth. She was eventually spirited away by Mat, Egeanin, and the rest of the group that escaped Ebou Dar in the chaos. When she attempted to escape and warn the Seanchan of Mat's presence, Mat was forced to order her to be killed. She was killed by a crossbow bolt just before reaching the crest of the hill that would have meant her safety—and her betrayal of the Band of the Red Hand. Egwene still has nightmares of her time under Renna's captivity.
  392. Hashala, p. 646—Black-haired novice in the White Tower. She was eager to help rescue Egwene, claiming she (and most of the other novices) were “loyal to the Amyrlin. The real Amyrlin.”
  393. Vestas, p. 646—One of the soldiers in Gareth Bryne's army.
  394. Mair, p. 652—Plump, blue-eyed Arafellin Accepted in the White Tower. She was a novice when Egwene came to the Tower, and was jealous of her fast rise to the Accepted. She is fond of giving Egwene orders in their new relationship. She was attending Elaida when the Seanchan blew open the wall and captured Elaida. She was not discovered due to the fact that she was buried in the rubble, so she was able to confirm that Elaida was collared.
  395. Carlya, p. 653—Elaida's maid. Elaida has no qualms about beating her.
  396. Suffa, p. 653—Name given to Elaida as a damane. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny.

    Chapter 42: Before the Stone of Tear

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  397. Iralin, p. 657—Dockmaster in Bandar Eban. He is clean shaven, which is uncommon for Domani men. He reports that all food in the Sea Folk ships has spoiled.
  398. Queen Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi, p. 660—Shield of the North and Sword of the Blightborder, High Seat of House Kazadi, Lady of Shahayni, Asnelle, Kunwar, and Ganai, Queen of Saldaea. She is tall for a woman with an overbold nose like an eagle's beak, a wide mouth, and dark, deep, blue, slanted, almost purple eyes. She is quite pretty. She is the niece of her Marshal-General, Davram Bashere. She is currently in the Braem Wood with the rest of the rulers of the Borderlands.
  399. High Lord Weiramon Saniago, p. 662—High Lord of Tear. Rand placed him in charge of his campaigns in Cairhien at first. He also controlled part of the massive army Rand sent against Illian. His sign is a silver Crescent-and-stars. Rand kept him close to ensure he committed as few blunders as possible; he can blunder with the worst of them. He is only brave because he is too stupid to be afraid. He arranges his hair as if to emphasize just how much he is balding.
  400. Lady Caraline Damodred, p. 662—Slender Cairhienin noble who made claim to the Sun Throne in Cairhien; she is related to Laman, the last king from House Damodred. She is also Moiraine's cousin, and wears a white gem on her forehead in the same manner as Moiraine wore a blue stone on hers. She was in league with High Lord Darlin of Tear and Toram Riatin of Cairhien in opposition to Rand. They have since reconciled their differences. Min had a viewing of her indicating that she and Darlin will marry, but only after she leads him on a “merry chase.” She is now in Tear. See also Sisnera, Darlin.
  401. High Lady Anaiyella Narencelona, p. 662—Willowy, simpering High Lady of Tear. She seems a fool, and is all mincing elegance and simpers. She is slim and pretty.
  402. High Lord Torean Andiama, p. 662—Potato-nosed High Lord of Tear. He looks more like a farmer than most farmers, despite being the richest man in Tear. He was charged with financing the Cairhienin campaign. His son Estean was also involved in the battle. He has since returned to Tear.
  403. High Lord Simaan, p. 662—One of the High Lords of Tear. When the battle in Cairhien was over, he and a few other High Lords took to hiding in Haddon Mirk—they were traitors to the Dragon Reborn. He returned to Tear, but he worried that he would be trapped there when the other High Lords returned from Illian. He is still in Tear now, and supports Rand.
  404. High Lady Estanda, p. 662—High Lady of Tear, one of those who went into hiding in Haddon Mirk once the battle at Cairhien was over. She emerged to become one of the most prominent beseigers of the Stone of Tear. She has apparently been convinced to support Rand.
  405. High Lord Tedosian, p. 662—High Lord of Tear, one of those who went into hiding in Haddon Mirk once the battle at Cairhien was over. He is married to Alteima, but their marriage is not a happy one. He emerged as the most prominent beseiger of the Stone of Tear. He has apparently been convinced to support Rand.
  406. High Lord Hearne, p. 662—One of the High Lords of Tear. When the battle in Cairhien was over, he and a few other High Lords took to hiding in Haddon Mirk—they were traitors to the Dragon Reborn. He returned to Tear, but he worried that he would be trapped there when the other High Lords returned from Illian. He is still in Tear now, and supports Rand.
  407. Alanna Mosvani, p. 663—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is dark and slender with black hair and dark eyes. She has two surviving Warders, Rand (whom she bonded against his will) and Ihvon; her other, Owein, died in the Two Rivers while scouting the Whitecloak camp. She later found that bonding Rand was a grievious error; not only is it impossible to Compel him in comparison to most Warders (she compared it to attempting to uproot an oak tree with her bare hands), but she constantly feels the pain he experiences from the wound in his side, perhaps even more severely than he feels it. She is now in Tear, but the other Aes Sedai there are avoiding her notice. See also al'Thor, Rand.

    Chapter 43: Sealed to the Flame

    Flame of Tar Valon icon
  408. Jesse Bilal, p. 669—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah in Tar Valon. She is the head of the Brown Council in Tar Valon.
  409. Tsutama Rath, p. 669—Golden-haired Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. Born of a butcher, she is extremely flamboyant and has no fewer than three clocks in her rooms. She has an extreme dislike of men. Tsutama resigned as a Sitter fifteen years ago and went into “voluntary” retreat after participating in the “disgusting events” of twenty years ago. When she returned, she was perceived as nervous and shifty, but now that she has been raised to the head of the Red Ajah (their Highest), that perception has been revealed to be incorrect.
  410. Serancha Colvine, p. 669—Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah, and Head Clerk of the Gray Ajah (the head of the Grays). She was a very strong advocate of Andaya being raised Sitter. She has a pinched mouth and nose, pale blue pinched eyes, and light brown hair. She always looks as though she has just eaten a lemon. Seaine and Pevara put powdered itchoak in her shift when they were Accepted.
  411. Cemaile Sorenthaine, p. 671—Amyrlin Seat about three hundred years ago (two Amyrlins after Gerra Kishar). She was raised from the Gray Ajah. She was considered weak as Amyrlin. In memory of the days before the Trolloc Wars when no ruler held a throne without the White Tower's approval, she had a gilded clock commissioned. The clock was taken down and forgotten in storage after she died, and it didn't reappear until Elaida put it back up when she was raised. The truth is worse than is generally known: Cemaile's tenure as Amyrlin would have been a complete disaster if the Ajah heads had not intervened. Long before the end of her reign, the most important decision they allowed her to make was which dress to wear. See also Amyrlin Seat, The.
  412. Kwamesa, p. 677—Sitter for the Gray Ajah, the youngest Sitter in the Hall of the Little Tower. She is dark and slender, and has strength in the Power; she is on the same level as Sheriam. She tries to seem tall even though she is not. She grew up in Arafel, and she seems to put great store in ceremony. She is far too young to be a Sitter, at least under normal circumstances. She has a sharp nose.
  413. Naorisa Cambral, p. 677—Sitter for the Gray Ajah in the Hall of the Little Tower. She was raised to replace Delana, who fled the Tower after being exposed as a Darkfriend.
  414. Varilin, p. 678—Red-haired Sitter for the Gray Ajah in the Hall of the Tower-in-exile. She is inches taller than most men, and skinny. She sits on Romanda's side. She has been the leader of the not-too-serious negotiations with the White Tower.
  415. Berana, p. 680—Sitter for the White Ajah amongst the rebel Aes Sedai. She was chosen for the position in Salidar, despite being far too young by tradition to be considered. She has big brown eyes.
  416. Takima, p. 682—Sitter for the Brown Ajah for almost nine years. She fled Tar Valon when Siuan was deposed. She now sits with Lelaine's Sitters. She is short, and has long dark hair to her waist. Her skin is aged and ivory-colored, and she is often described as quiet and bird-like.

    Chapter 44: Scents Unknown

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  417. Moonlight, p. 685—White mare that Nynaeve takes from the stables in Tear.
  418. Lady Selene, p. 692—A woman Rand met in the alternate universe he reached via Portal Stone by accident. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he ever met. Selene was actually just an identity that Lanfear assumed to guide Rand; she did not want to reveal her true identity to him before she established his trust. See also Cyndane; Lanfear.

    Chapter 45: The Tower Stands

    Flame of Tar Valon icon
  419. Nisao Dachen, p. 705—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She agreed to assist Myrelle with helping Lan because of problems she foresaw with his mind. Her specialty as a Yellow sister is psychiatric problems. She tried to help Egwene with her headaches, but could not find the cause of them. Her Warder is named Sarin. She is smart and observant. She swore fealty to Egwene, and was subsequently sent to the Black Tower to establish contact with them. She has not been seen since.
  420. Faolain Orande, p. 705—Dark, curly-haired Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She had an extreme dislike for Wilders, and did not treat Siuan and Leane very well when they were stilled, either. She spent eight years as a novice, and five among the Accepted. She was among the four raised to full sisterhood by Egwene. She is still treated as an Accepted by most of the sisters. She swore to obey Egwene of her own volition, but she disappeared for a time. Lelaine admitted to holding her captive and pressing her “rather hard,” as penalty for spying on her. She was subseuquently ordered to accompany the embassy to the Black Tower, and has not been seen since.
  421. Theodrin Dabei, p. 705—Slim, willowy, apple-cheeked Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She was among the four raised to full sisterhood by Egwene. Before being raised, she tried to dismantle Nynaeve's block without success. The rest of the sisters still treat her like an Accepted. She has coppery skin, and grew up in Arad Doman. She has a stubborn set to her mouth, but she is warm to Egwene. She swore, of her own volition, to obey Egwene, and spied on Romanda for a time. She was subsequently sent as part of an embassy to the Black Tower and has not been seen since.
  422. Andaya Forae, p. 711—Sitter for the Gray Ajah in Tar Valon. She has light brown hair, and grew up in Tarabon. She reminds Elaida of a sparrow about to hop to another branch. She is neither small nor slim. Serancha, the head of the Gray Ajah, practically annointed her to her seat in the Hall. Everyone expected Andaya to be appointed to the Hall, but they also expected another forty or fifty years to pass before it occured. She was chosen to meet Egwene at the bridges into Tar Valon; sending a Gray may have been an attempt to express their desire for diplomacy and peace.

    Chapter 46: To Be Forged Again

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  423. Lairain, p. 714—Short, toad-like Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She has curly hair.
  424. Evanellein, p. 717—Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She is very concerned with her appearance, at least for a Gray. She was one of the sisters who took Siuan Sanche into custody before she was deposed. She was a close confidant of Elaida after she took over. She fled the Tower the day Egwene was raised Amyrlin, though she was not on Verin's list. Egwene suspects that she may have been one Verin missed.
  425. Javindhra Doraille, p. 717—Sitter for the Red Ajah and leader of six Red sisters who found Logain in Cosamelle about a year before he proclaimed himself. Logain claims she and her group persuaded him to become a false Dragon. She is among those who kidnapped Egwene. Javindhra mysteriously disappeared from the Tower—in reality, she was one of the sisters leading the embassy of sorts to the Black Tower in which Red sisters offered to bond Asha'man as Warders.
  426. Pevara Tazanovni, p. 717—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She is short for a Kandori, and quite plump, but tough. She goes against all Red Ajah custom to openly say that Warders would make a Red sister's job easier. She and her friend since novicehood, Seaine, began a hunt for Darkfriends in the Tower. Seaine approached her not only because they were friends, but because Seaine's family was killed by Darkfriends when she was young. She joined the Red Ajah because its task was one which involved being outside the Tower often, and she considered it more likely to be able to find and bring to justice the Darkfriends that killed her family and others like them. She now leads the organization of sisters in the White Tower to ferret out Black sisters, along with Saerin Sedai, who seized control away from Seaine as soon as she knew what they were about. Pevara myseriously disappeared from the Tower—in reality, she was one of the sisters leading the embassy of sorts to the Black Tower in which Red sisters offered to bond Asha'man as Warders. See also Asnobar, Saerin; Herimon, Seaine.

    Chapter 47: The One He Lost

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  427. Loial, p. 729—Son of Arent son of Halan, an Ogier from Stedding Shangtai. He left the stedding at around age 90 to see the world; by Ogier standards, he is not yet old enough to leave the stedding without permission from the Council of Elders. He is fond of books and history, and is an excellent Treesinger. He is writing a book about his travels with the three ta'veren he meets, Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara. Loial was constantly afraid that his mother would find him and try to marry him off and settle him down; however, he does like his mother's choice of wives for him, Erith. He, like most of the Ogier, is sad that most humans do not remember the Ogier, and is horrified that some even think he is a Trolloc on first seeing him. Loial's mother did indeed catch up with him; he and Erith are now married. He was last seen on his way back to Stedding Shangtai to speak to the Stump. Loial is taking notes for a book, which will eventually catalog everything he has been through with the three ta'veren.

    Chapter 48: Reading the Commentary

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  428. Sajius, p. 742—Author of the book Commentary on the Dragon, a book which Min is reading. His book contains the line, “He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall become one.” The traditional interpretation of this line is that Rand will wield Callandor and unite three kingdoms under him. Min thinks, however, that this refers to the fact that Callandor must be wielded by a circle of three—one man and two women.
  429. Karldin Manfor, p. 745—Asha'man Soldier who accompanied Loial to all the stedding and former Ogier groves to seal the Waygates there or warn others to monitor them. Like Flinn and Narishma, he was on the Deserter's List, as was every Asha'man that works with Rand. He has since been removed from the list. He accompanied Bashere to negotiate with Suroth. He is now bound as a Warder to Beldeine. See also Nyram, Beldeine.

    Chapter 49: Just Another Man

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    Chapter 50: Veins of Gold

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    Epilogue: Bathed in Light

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  430. Nalasia Merhan, p. 764—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She fled the Tower the day Egwene was raised, but was not on Verin's list of Black sisters. She is one of three candidates, in Egwene's mind, for Mesaana's alter ego. She is very weak in the Power.
  431. Teramina, p. 764—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She fled the Tower the day Egwene was raised, but was not on Verin's list of Black sisters. She is one of three candidates, in Egwene's mind, for Mesaana's alter ego. She is very weak in the Power.
  432. Jamilia Norsish, p. 764—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She fled the Tower the day Egwene was raised, but was not on Verin's list of Black sisters. She is one of three candidates, in Egwene's mind, for Mesaana's alter ego. She is very weak in the Power.
  433. Malhavish, p. 766—Seanchan translator of the Essanki Cycle, their version of the Prophecies of the Dragon.


    Wheel of Time icon
  434. Toma dur Ahmid, p. 767—Person who devised the Toman Calendar, which was adopted approximately two hundred years after the death of the last male Aes Sedai and continued until the Trolloc Wars. The Calendar recorded years After the Breaking, or AB.
  435. Tiam of Gazar, p. 767—Person who proposed the Gazaran Calendar, which celebrated the alleged freedom from the Trolloc threat by recording Free Years (FY). This calendar was adopted due to the chaos the resulted during the Trolloc Wars and the resulting confusion as to which year it actually was under the Toman Calendar.
  436. Uren din Jubai Soaring Gull, p. 767—Sea Folk scholar and deviser of the Farede Calendar, which measured dates from the arbitrarily set end of the War of the Hundred Years as years of the New Era (NE). This calendar is currently in use.
  437. Panarch Farede, p. 767—Panarch of Tarabon near the end of the War of the Hundred Years. She was responsible for promulgating the calendar that now bears her name, which measures years of the New Era (NE), the first of which marked the (arbitrary) end of the War.
  438. Mazrim Taim, p. 769—False Dragon who wreaked havoc in Saldaea before being captured by Aes Sedai. He later escaped his captors, possibly with Black Ajah assistance (although this is completely unconfirmed). Hearing of Rand's amnesty, Taim came to Caemlyn and became the head of Rand's school of male channelers, now dubbed the Black Tower. He is almost as strong in the One Power as Rand is. Taim claims to have held off the madness that normally accompanies the taint for almost 35 years—he has been using the One Power for a very long time, and knows many tricks that Rand had not thought of on his own or been taught by Asmodean, such as how to test men for the ability. He seems to resent being second to Rand, and also gave orders to kill Rand. He is almost as tall as Rand, has a hooked nose and dark eyes. He is a physically powerful and graceful man, although his skill with a sword is lacking. He gives special training to about 20 or 30 men—they are the only ones who wear the dragon besides Logain. There is also little doubt that every last one of them is a Darkfriend, as is Taim. See also Ablar, Logain; al'Thor, Rand; Dragon Reborn; M'Hael.
  439. M'Hael, p. 769—Title used by Mazrim Taim as the head of the Black Tower. It means “Leader” in the Old Tongue. See Taim, Mazrim.
  440. Lothair Mantelar, p. 770—Founder of the Children of the Light and author of The Way of the Light, the Bible of the Whitecloaks. The book is so revered among the Children that those who cannot read are taught so that they can study Mantelar's words. Min once read a few pages of it, and considered them “dry nonsense,” but Galad thought Mantelar's words to be brilliant.
  441. Lord Captain Commander Eamon Valda, p. 770—Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light after the death of Pedron Niall. He killed Niall's assassin shortly after the act, but it is not known whether this was set up, or whether Valda just happened to be in the right place at the right time. One of his first acts was to dismiss Niall's secretary, Sebban Balwer, for “someone who didn't twitch.” This was a mistake, as Balwer was Niall's true Master of Spies—he knows more about spying than anyone else in the world. Valda offered assistance to Morgase, as Niall had promised, but before doing so he required a “service” of her: to share his bed. Morgase escaped during the Seanchan attack, and Valda believes her to be dead. He has since fallen into disfavor with the Children of the Light, most especially with Galad, because of his dealings with Morgase; Galad because she is his stepmother, and with the other Children because she trained with the “witches” in Tar Valon. See also Asunawa, Rhadam; Balwer, Sebban; Damodred, Galadedrid; Trakand, Morgase.
  442. Rhadam Asunawa, p. 770—Gray-haired, bony-fingered High Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light. He wants every woman affiliated in any way with the White Tower hanged as of yesterday, every book that mentions Aes Sedai or the White Tower burned, and the very words banned. He would have Morgase hanged for her months in the Tower if Niall had let him. He witnessed Eamon Valda's killing of Omerna subsequent to Niall's murder. He commands what Valda describes as an odd respect among the Children, even among those who despise the Questioners.
  443. Daved Hanlon, p. 774—Real name of Doilin Mellar, the man who “saved” Elayne from the three assassins. In gratitude, she named him Captain of the Queen's Bodyguard. He is a Darkfriend, and works for Shiaine. He is not bulky, and little taller than the average run of men. He is feigning a relationship with Falion Bhoda so that the two can exchange information discreetly. See also Hanlon, Daved; Mellar, Doilin.
  444. Captain Doilin Mellar, p. 774—Guard who slew Elayne's assassins. He cut the first's head off, threw his sword at the second and speared him with it, and took the poisoned dagger from the third and killed him with it. He is wiry, has a sharp face, and is coldhearted, though he smiles a lot. He is fond of teasing women. He claims to have been a merchant's guard, then a mercenary, then a Hunter for the Horn. He is now a lieutenant in the Queen's Guards, and in gratitude, Elayne made him the captain of her bodyguard. He has dark eyes a narrow face that is not pretty or handsome. He moves with a swordsman's grace, and is very strong. Mellar claims to be from Andor, near Baerlon, and he claims to have fought on Morgase's side during the Succession. Half the palace has accepted the rumor that he is the father of Elayne's twins, though he himself may be unaware that this rumor exists. Unbeknownst to Elayne or practically anyone else, he also answers to the name Daved Hanlon, a Darkfriend. To him, a name is akin to a coat—to be changed regularly and to suit the conditions. Elayne is growing more than suspicious of his loyalties, but she cannot act without proof. See also Hanlon, Daved.
  445. Lady Shiaine Avarhin, p. 774—Darkfriend who previously worked for Jaichim Carridin and now commands her own circle of Darkfriends. She tried to kill Mat when she found him and Rand in a shed on their way from Emond's Field to Fal Dara. She gives orders to Daved Hanlon. She is very stingy, except with her own comforts. She is pretty, and has a slim neck, glossy brown hair past her shoulders, brown eyes, and a smile that never touches them.
  446. Chesmal Emry, p. 774—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Yellow. She is tall and handsome with dark hair and eyes. She was one of the most Talented Healers in years; she now uses her Talent for torture. She once put Tamra Ospenya to the Question, and convinced the Red Ajah to murder Sierin Vayu before she could order Chesmal's own arrest.
  447. Eldrith Jhondar, p. 774—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Brown. She often looks distracted, as many Browns do. She was put in charge of the group that left with Liandrin after Moghedien left them.
  448. Temaile Kinderode, p. 774—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Gray. A fragile woman from Cairhien with very big, blue eyes and a face like a fox. She always spread pain evenly in her mediating. She left the Tower with Liandrin with the first group of sisters to publicly admit themselves Black Ajah. Yukiri does not like her much.
  449. Falion Bhoda, p. 774—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the White. She fled the Tower as a novice to Ebou Dar before being discovered and brought back. She is now in service to Shiaine, as a maid. She is feigning a relationship with Daved Hanlon so that the two could exchange information without arousing suspicions.
  450. Marillin Gemalphin, p. 774—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Brown. She is fond of cats, and is rarely seen without one. She is skinny, has a narrow face, and a wide nose.
  451. Queen Ishara Maravaile, p. 775—First Queen of Andor, from whom all other queens are descended. Her husband was Souran Maravaile, one of Artur Hawkwing's best generals. She governed the Province of Andor until Hawkwing's empire finally fell apart and Andor became an independent nation. All of the Andoran nobles are related to her somehow, although most people would not even consider the ones who hold the closest relation to her to be related at all. None of her sons lived past age twenty, hence the tradition of only having a queen in Andor.
  452. , p. 778—Author of Pelateos's Ponderings.
  453. Queen Mordrellen Mantear, p. 782—By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, etc. before Morgase. Her death and the previous disappearance of her daughter Tigraine set off the Succession, called the Third War of Andoran Succession by those not from Andor. Her advisor was Gitara Moroso of the Blue Ajah. She is, unknown to everyone except Rand himself, Rand's grandmother. Editor's note: her name is actually listed as Queen Modrellein by Dyelin in other books. I have little idea which one is actually correct, so I just picked this spelling. There is also a reference made to the character of Modrellein as the hero of Andor who rode into the middle of the battle 700 years ago, reversed the retreat, rallied the army, and won the battle—I think this is probably who she was confused with. See also al'Thor, Rand; Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Tigraine.
  454. Lady Tigraine Damodred, p. 782—First wife of Taringail Damodred, and Galad's mother. She was the Daughter-Heir to the Throne of Andor and daughter of Queen Mordrellen, but she disappeared. Her disappearance set of the Third War of Andoran Succession. When Rand was in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, several people commented on his striking resemblance to Tigraine; this is no coincidence, since Tigraine is Rand's mother. She fled to the Aiel Waste upon a warning from Gitara Moroso to become a Maiden of the Spear, and gave birth to Rand when the Aiel were fighting near Tar Valon. Her maiden name was Mantear. See also al'Thor, Rand; Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Taringail; Janduin.

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