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  1. The Dragon, p. 9 (ix)—Name by which Lews Therin Telamon was known during the War of the Shadow. His Rebirth, the Dragon Reborn, is now alive and fulfilling all of the prophecies set to accompany him. See also al'Thor, Rand; Dragon Reborn; Kinslayer; Telamon, Lews Therin.
  2. Jurith Dorine, p. 9 (ix)—Right Hand to the Queen of Almoren in 742 AB, the Third Age. She wrote Commentaries on the Prophecies of the Dragon.

    Prologue: Fortress of the Light

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  3. Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall, p. 13 (1)—Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light. He has dark eyes and graying hair. He is the most powerful man among the Children, and even posesses king-like powers in Amadicia, where the Whitecloaks are based.
  4. Jaret Byar, p. 13 (1)—Officer among the Children of the Light with dark, deep-set eyes and a scraggly face. He comes to Pedron Niall with news of the battle at Falme. According to Niall, he is not very imaginative.
  5. Dragon Reborn, p. 14 (2)—According to the Karaethon Cycle, the Prophecies of the Dragon, the Dragon Reborn is the man who is the Rebirth of Lews Therin Telamon, the man known as the Dragon during the War of the Shadow. Over the years, many men have claimed to be the Dragon Reborn, even men who could not channel. The true Dragon has been Reborn in a young man named Rand al'Thor, a shepherd from Emond's Field. See also Ablar, Logain; al'Thor, Rand; Amalasan, Guaire; Darksbane, Raolin; Davian; Stonebow, Yurian; Taim, Mazrim.
  6. Lews Therin Telamon, p. 14 (2)—The Dragon, Lord of the Morning, Breaker of the World. He was perhaps the most influential man who ever lived, and the most powerful Aes Sedai ever. He led the strike which resealed the Dark One back into his prison, ending the Age of Legends and beginning the Time of Madness. Unfortunately, Lews Therin was driven insane along with the rest of the Hundred Companions with whom he resealed the prison; he went mad and killed everyone he loved as well as anyone who carried so much as one drop of his blood. For this reason, he was given the name Kinslayer, and his name is generally associated with evil, especially among the uneducated. He is especially despised by the Whitecloaks, the “Children of the Light,” who by their very name should be serving him. It is unfortunate that one of the greatest men who ever lived is as feared and despised as he is. See also al'Thor, Rand; Dragon, The; Dragon Reborn; Kinslayer; Lanfear; Moerelle, Ilyena Therin.
  7. Kinslayer, p. 14 (2)—Name given in fear to Lews Therin Telamon after he killed his family and everyone he ever loved in madness. See Dragon, The; Telamon, Lews Therin.
  8. Lord Captain Geofram Bornhald, p. 15 (3)—Lord Captain of the thousand or so Whitecloaks who died at Falme. He died with his men. He was the commander of the troops who captured Perrin and Egwene; when Perrin killed some of his men, Bornhald vowed to take Perrin back to Amador to be hanged. Despite this, he may have been one of the few Whitecloaks who saw beyond the propaganda of the Children, using his own wisdom to judge people instead of insisting everyone not in white cloaks was in league with the Shadow. See also Bornhald, Dain.
  9. The Creator, p. 15 (3)—The entity who created the world; in short, God. He has a strict policy of not directly interfering with worldly events, instead using a “Chosen One” to do what must be done. The last “Chosen One” was Lews Therin Telamon; the current one is Rand al'Thor. See also Shai'tan.
  10. Dark One, p. 15 (3)—Most common name, used in every land, for Shai'tan. See Shai'tan.
  11. Dain Bornhald, p. 16 (4)—Son of Geofram Bornhald. Jaret Byar was sent to tell him how his father had died. Dain was the leader of the band of Whitecloaks that stopped Verin, Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve, and Hurin near Tar Valon. See also Bornhald, Geofram.
  12. Lord Captain Eamon Valda, p. 16 (4)—Officer of the Children of the Light. He commands Dain Bornhald. He is stationed near Tar Valon. Geofram Bornhald questioned his motives and worried that Dain would follow his orders blindly.
  13. Perrin Aybara, p. 17 (4)—Young man from Emond's Field. He is ta'veren. Byar believes it was Perrin who betrayed Bornhald's legion to the Seanchan. Perrin is a large man, and very cautious—he found it was easy to forget how big he was and really hurt other children when he was young, so he is careful not to act too quickly. He discovered that he can talk to wolves while he and Egwene were separated from the rest of the group between Aridhol and Caemlyn, when he encountered Elyas Machera. Elyas helped him learn about his ability, but not how to keep from losing his human side in the process. The wolves refer to him as “Young Bull.” He carries a curved battle ax and recently acquired a blacksmith's hammer which he sometimes carries in place of the ax. Perrin also possesses the ability to enter what he calls the “Wolf Dream,” which is actually Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams. In the Wolf Dream, Perrin can communicate with all wolves, living or dead. See also Bashere, Faile; Bashere, Zarine; Machera, Elyas; Noam; Young Bull.
  14. Mazrim Taim, p. 18 (5)—False Dragon from Saldaea. He can channel the One Power, and is of considerable strength. At last report, Aes Sedai were on their way to gentle him. He was captured by a mob after a blinding flash knocked him senseless at the moment Rand declared himself as the true Dragon Reborn. See also Dragon Reborn.
  15. Jaichim Carridin, p. 18 (5)—Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light; a Questioner. This band is much like the Spanish Inquisition, using torture to extract what it already knows to be the truth from its subjects. This position is extremely ironic, considering the fact that the chief role of the Questioners is to find Darkfriends—Carridin himself is a Darkfriend, with orders to kill Rand al'Thor whatever the cost. If he fails, one member of his family will be killed by a Myrddraal every month until Rand lies dead.
  16. Artur Hawkwing, p. 20 (7)—Name by which Artur Paendrag Tanreall was known during his conquest of the world. See Paendrag Tanreall, Artur.
  17. Ordeith, p. 25 (11)—Pedron Niall's foremost servant; he also serves as his advisor. He is a bony man with a “huge beak of a nose.” He is the only person (besides Niall himself) who knows of a secret passage into Niall's chamber, which Niall suspects he uses for eavesdropping. Ordeith is actually a fake name—the man he really is is more dangerous than any other man alive. The name “Ordeith” means “Wormwood” in the Old Tongue.
  18. Rand al'Thor, p. 26 (11)—Young man from Emond's Field. It is his picture that appears in the drawings that Niall receives. These drawings depicted the battle over the skies of Falme, in which Rand battled Ba'alzamon. Rand is probably the most strongly ta'veren individual who ever lived, with the possible exception of Lews Therin Telamon. Rand can channel the One Power with incredible strength, and is destined to fight the Dark One in the last battle—he is the Dragon Reborn. Rand is not convinced of his destiny, and plans to “test” it by going to Tear to see if he can take Callandor, the Sword That is Not a Sword, the Sword That Cannot Be Touched. See also Dragon Reborn; He Who Comes With the Dawn; Telamon, Lews Therin.
  19. Matrim (Mat) Cauthon, p. 26 (12)—Young man from Emond's Field. He is ta'veren, and has considerable luck with random events, such as dice games. He went to Tar Valon to be separated from the dagger he carries, a dagger tainted with the evil of Shadar Logoth. See also al'Thor, Rand; Aybara, Perrin; Cauthon, Abell.
  20. Wormwood, p. 27 (12)—Name Pedron Niall calls Ordeith to spite him. It is the literal meaning of the name “Ordeith.” See Ordeith.
  21. Sharbon, p. 28 (13)—Body servant of Jaichim Carridin. See also Carridin, Jaichim.
  22. Great Lord of the Dark, p. 28 (13)—Name used by Darkfriends for the Dark One. They claim that using his true name would be blasphemy. See Shai'tan.

    Chapter 1: Waiting

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  23. Haral Luhhan, p. 32 (18)—Blacksmith of Emond's Field. He was Perrin Aybara's mentor at the forge. He is a very large, well-built man, perfect for striking at the forge. See also Aybara, Perrin; Luhhan, Alsbet.
  24. Stepper, p. 32 (18)—Perrin's horse, a dun stallion with quick feet. See also Aybara, Perrin.
  25. Moiraine Damodred, p. 32 (18)—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. From even before she became a full sister, she dedicated her life to finding the Dragon Reborn. She was a good friend of Siuan Sanche when she was in training. Moiraine was able to track the whereabouts of the Dragon Reborn to a small village in western Andor, Emond's field, where she narrowed the list of candidates to three young men, all of whom were ta'veren, who were born within days of each other. She guided these three away from Emond's Field, until an encounter at the Eye of the World revealed which of the three was truly the one: Rand al'Thor, who she found was actually born near Tar Valon on the slopes of Dragonmount and brought to Emond's Field by his adoptive father, Tam. Moiraine bears much importance in the White Tower, and is involved in actions which many of her fellow sisters would think to be treason, actions she would most likely be stilled for if their full extent were known. These sisters do not understand just how important the Dragon Reborn actually is. See also Mandragoran, Lan; Sanche, Siuan.
  26. Masema Dagar, p. 34 (19)—Shienaran soldier who accompanies Perrin on his missions to find Moiraine's messengers. He has a triangular scar on his face.
  27. Ragan, p. 34 (20)—Youngest of the Shienarans who accompany Perrin on his missions to find Moiraine's messengers.
  28. Heartsbane, p. 34 (20)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  29. Soulsbane, p. 34 (20)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  30. Heartfang, p. 34 (20)—Alternative name for the Dark One. The wolves use it for Ba'alzamon (i.e., Ishamael), who they believe is the Dark One as well. See Shai'tan.
  31. Lord of the Grave, p. 34 (20)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  32. Lord of the Twilight, p. 34 (20)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  33. Father of Lies, p. 34 (20)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  34. Uno Nomesta, p. 35 (20)—Shienaran soldier, chief among those with Perrin. He is missing his left eye and has a long scar down the left side of his face. He has a very foul tongue, a habit of which Moiraine is trying to break him of. He wears his hair in standard Shienaran warrior style: shaved head except for a topknot.
  35. Leya, p. 38 (22)—A Tinker, a Tuatha'an, one of the Traveling People, who meets Perrin, Uno, Masema, Ragan, and the rest of their party with urgent news for Moiraine. She is killed in the battle with the Trollocs by a Myrddraal.

    Chapter 2: Saidin

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  36. al'Lan Mandragoran, p. 42 (26)—Uncrowned king of Malkier, a nation now swallowed by the Great Blight. For years, he fought a one-man war against the Shadow in the Blight, until being bonded as a Warder by Moiraine. Lan is one of the best Warders, but he is very hard and stubborn, and is thus hard for Aes Sedai to deal with. He keeps a stone countenance, never revealing his true feelings to anyone—although sometimes he cannot hide his feelings for Nynaeve. See also al'Meara, Nynaeve; Damodred, Moiraine.
  37. Piesa, p. 43 (27)—The horse who carries Leya to meet Moiraine. She is not used to the rough terrain they had to cover, but she managed.
  38. Elmindreda (Min) Farshaw, p. 43 (27)—Young woman from Baerlon. She dresses in men's clothing, a habit she picked up while assisting her father in his mine. She has dark eyes and dark hair. She has a special talent, that of seeing images or auras around people that predict their futures. Min does not think the ability is all that great, since her viewings often forecast death, pain, or other unpleasant circumstances for those they represent. One of her viewings surprised her: she is destined to fall in love with Rand al'Thor, but is also destined to “share” him with two other women. See also al'Thor, Rand.
  39. Masuto, p. 44 (28)—Shienaran soldier. He gets the wrong idea about Min and Perrin when he sees them talking by the fire.
  40. Loial, p. 46 (29)—Ogier from Stedding Shangtai, son of Arent son of Halan. He is young for an Ogier at ninety, which for an Ogier is not even old enough to be outside the stedding alone without permission of the Elders. He is fond of books, and is rarely seen without one.
  41. Nynaeve al'Meara, p. 50 (33)—Young woman from Emond's Field. She is seven years older than Egwene. She was the Wisdom before leaving home. She was appointed the Wisdom at a very young age, mostly as a result of being able to “listen to the wind” and because of her ability to heal people. She did not know it at the time, but she now knows that these abilities are manifestations of her ability to touch saidar, the female half of the True Source. She has considerable potential, more than any Aes Sedai in recent times, possibly since the Age of Legends, but that potential is blocked—Nynaeve had to learn control of the Power by herself, without Aes Sedai guidance, and to protect herself created a block to her channeling which only comes down when she is angry or using her medicines. See also Mandragoran, Lan.
  42. Egwene al'Vere, p. 50 (33)—Young woman from Emond's Field. She has the ability to channel the One Power inborn, as did her Wisdom Nynaeve, and Moiraine took her along to Tar Valon so she could learn some control over it. This probably saved her life, since three out of four women who have to learn the way Nynaeve did do not survive. Egwene has long dark hair and dark eyes. It was generally expected that she would marry Rand al'Thor, but the two ended up loving each other more as siblings—besides the fact that Rand is the Dragon Reborn, a fact which would impede a lot of the progress in their lives. She is a good friend of Elayne, the Daughter-Heir of Andor. See also al'Meara, Nynaeve; al'Vere, Brandelwyn; al'Vere, Marin; Nedeal, Corianin; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn.
  43. Ba'alzamon, p. 52 (34)—In the Trolloc Tongue, “Heart of the Dark.” It is believed to be the Trolloc name for the Dark One. His real identity is one of the Forsaken, Ishamael. See Ishamael; Shai'tan.

    Chapter 3: News From the Plain

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    Chapter 4: Shadows Sleeping

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    Chapter 5: Nightmares Walking

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  44. Young Bull, p. 77 (54)—Name that the wolves use to refer to Perrin. See Aybara, Perrin.
  45. Morning Mist, p. 79 (56)—One of the wolves. She is the sole survivor of the pack which attacked the last “Neverborn” when they attacked the camp where Rand, Perrin, Moiraine, Lan, Min, and the Shienarans were staying.
  46. Elyas Machera, p. 83 (59)—A man, once a Warder, who can talk to wolves. He helped Perrin discover his ability when he and Egwene were separated from the rest of their group and chanced upon his campsite. He lives in company of wolves all the time, and has the same yellow color to his eyes that Perrin has. He taught Perrin that he can communicate with wolves, but he did not tell him how to keep from losing touch with the human inside him. See also Aybara, Perrin; Noam.

    Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins

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  47. Lanfear, p. 91 (66)—One of the Forsaken. Unlike the rest of the Forsaken, whose names were chosen for them by those they betrayed, Lanfear chose her name herself, which means “Daughter of the Night” in the Old Tongue. Besides her name, the only thing known about her is that during the Age of Legends, before Lews Therin Telamon met Ilyena, she was his lover. She believes that Lews Therin's soul is hers, no matter whose body it now inhabits. See also Selene.
  48. Sammael, p. 91 (66)—One of the Forsaken. His name means “Destroyer of Hope” in the Old Tongue. See also Brend.
  49. Asmodean, p. 91 (66)—One of the Forsaken. He was an accomplished artist and musician during the Age of Legends, but was never the best around. It was this feeling of inadequacy that caused him to forsake the Light.
  50. Be'lal, p. 91 (66)—One of the Forsaken. He has taken up residence in Tear after being released from the Bore, convincing the High Lords of Tear to raise him up as a Lord of the Land, High Lord Samon. See also Samon.
  51. Rahvin, p. 91 (66)—One of the Forsaken. Note: his name is actually spelled incorrectly on page 91, that is “Ravhin” instead of “Rahvin.” Oh, well. See also Gaebril.
  52. Ishamael, p. 91 (66)—Most powerful of the Forsaken. His name means “Betrayer of Hope.” He is known by another name among the Trollocs, as well as among Darkfriends: Ba'alzamon, “Heart of the Dark.” Most people believe that Ba'alzamon is the Dark One, and Ishamael seems to have no problem with them thinking this. See also Ba'alzamon; Shai'tan.
  53. Arent, p. 93 (68)—Ogier of Stedding Shangtai, father of Loial and son of Halan. See also Halan; Loial.
  54. Halan, p. 93 (68)—Ogier of Stedding Shangtai, father of Arent and grandfather of Loial.
  55. Amyrlin Seat, p. 96 (71)—Chief position among the Aes Sedai. She is elected unanimously by the Hall of the Tower, and is considered to be of all Ajahs and at the same time of none. The office carries considerable influence; kings and queens, even if they hate Aes Sedai, will come if the Amyrlin calls them. The office is currently held by Siuan Sanche, raised from the Blue Ajah. See also Sanche, Siuan.

    Chapter 7: The Way Out of the Mountains

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  56. Mandarb, p. 101 (75)—The black stallion that Lan rides. Zarine tries to assume this name since it means “Blade,” and she thinks it a proper name for a Hunter of the Horn. She decided against it when Perrin told her that Lan's horse was named Mandarb. See Bashere, Faile; Bashere, Zarine.
  57. Aldieb, p. 101 (76)—The white mare that Moiraine rides. Her name means “West Wind” in the Old Tongue. See also Damodred, Moiraine.
  58. Myrelle Berengari, p. 102 (76)—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Moiraine has arranged to pass Lan's bond to her in the event Moiraine dies before Lan does. Moiraine jokingly explains that she is someone who Lan must deliver a package to for safekeeping. Lan knows that he is the parcel, but does not know that the intended recipient is someone he already loves.... See also Damodred, Moiraine; Mandragoran, Lan.

    Chapter 8: Jarra

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  59. Harilin, p. 108 (81)—Person after which Harilin's Leap, an inn in Jarra, is named.
  60. Harod, p. 108 (81)—Innkeeper of Harilin's Leap, an inn in Jarra. He keeps a good house, according to Simion.
  61. Simion, p. 108 (81)—Chinless groundskeeper of Harilin's Leap, an inn in Jarra. He reports to Moiraine that there have been “a lifetime of weddings” in the two days prior to their arrival. These were probably due to the presence of Rand al'Thor, who is strongly ta'veren. He also asks Moiraine to help his brother Noam, who is sick. See also Noam.
  62. Jorath, p. 108 (81)—Old widow from Jarra who marries Banas when Rand comes through Jarra. Like her new husband, she once swore that she would never marry again. See also Banas.
  63. Banas, p. 108 (81)—Old widower from Jarra who marries Jorath when Rand comes through Jarra. Like his new wife, he once swore that he would never marry again. See also Jorath.
  64. Rilith, p. 108 (81)—Daughter of the weaver of Jarra. She precipitated the series of marriages by asking Jon, the blacksmith, to marry her, despite the fact that she is young enough to be his daughter. She was probably influenced by the presence of Rand and his ta'veren quality pulling at the Pattern. See also Jon.
  65. Jon, p. 108 (81)—Blacksmith of Jarra. He married Rilith, precipitating a wave of marriages throughout Jarra. He is old enough to be her father. See also Rilith.
  66. Nico, p. 109 (82)—Stablehand in Harilin's Leap, an inn in Jarra.
  67. Patrim, p. 109 (82)—Stablehand in Harilin's Leap, an inn in Jarra.
  68. Noam, p. 112 (85)—Man from Jarra; Simion's brother. He is similar build to Perrin, and has the same ability to talk to wolves. Unlike Perrin and Elyas, Noam has lost any sense that he was ever human. See also Aybara, Perrin; Machera, Elyas; Simion.
  69. Mother Roon, p. 113 (85)—Wisdom-like person in Jarra. She was unable to offer any kind of help for Noam. See also Noam.

    Chapter 9: Wolf Dreams

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  70. Hopper, p. 125 (95)—One of the wolves. Hopper died, at least in the world of the flesh, but his spirit lives on in Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams.

    Chapter 10: Secrets

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  71. Anaiya, p. 131 (99)—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She is the one who “tests” Egwene to see if she is a Dreamer. She is described as “motherly.”
  72. Galadedrid (Galad) Damodred, p. 131 (100)—A young man from Caemlyn, son of Taringail Damodred and his first wife, Tigraine, and half-brother to Elayne and Gawyn. He is studying with the Warders in the White Tower, and is their star pupil. He is stunningly handsome, and has a crush on Egwene. See also al'Vere, Egwene; Damodred, Taringail; Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn; Trakand, Morgase.
  73. Bela, p. 131 (100)—Egwene's shaggy mare. She originally belonged to Tam al'Thor, but Rand put her into use as Egwene's transportation.
  74. Verin Mathwin, p. 133 (102)—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She accompanies Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, Hurin, and Mat from Falme to Tar Valon. One of only three Aes Sedai to know that the Dragon Reborn lives.
  75. Elayne Trakand, p. 133 (102)—Novice in the White Tower. She is the Daughter-Heir of Andor, daughter of Queen Morgase, sister to Gawyn, and half-sister to Galad. She lives next door to Egwene al'Vere; the two are good friends. See also al'Thor, Rand; al'Vere, Egwene; Damodred, Galadedrid; Daughter-Heir (of Andor); Farshaw, Elmindreda; Trakand, Gawyn; Trakand, Morgase.
  76. Hurin, p. 134 (102)—Thief-taker for the king of Shienar. He is lean, and has long hair. He is also a “sniffer”—one who can “smell” evil, even where it was done in the past.
  77. Morgase Trakand, p. 136 (104)—By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Trakand. Mother to Elayne and Gawyn. She was trained in the White Tower, as all Queens of Andor have, but was too weak in the One Power to do anything worthwhile with the knowledge she learned there. See also a'Roihan, Elaida do Avriny; Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Taringail; Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Gawyn.
  78. Sheriam Bayanar, p. 136 (104)—Mistress of Novices in the White Tower. She is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. Trips to her study are feared (with reason) by novices and Accepted alike.
  79. Mistress of Novices, p. 136 (104)—Aes Sedai in charge of novice training in the White Tower. She serves as both a disciplinarian and a shoulder to cry on for girls who need either (or both). The current Mistress of Novices is Sheriam Bayanar of the Blue Ajah. See also Bayanar, Sheriam.
  80. Daughter-Heir (of Andor), p. 137 (107)—By Andoran tradition, the oldest daughter of the Queen succeeds her on the Lion Throne. No man is allowed to be King, at least not as more than a figurehead. The previous Daughter-Heir, Tigraine, disappeared over twenty years ago; the current Daughter-Heir is Elayne Trakand. It is also traditional for the Daughter-Heir and her oldest brother (who will become First Prince of the Sword when she becomes Queen) to train in Tar Valon, but Elayne is the first Daughter Heir, indeed, the first ruler of any kind in recent memory, to actually have enough ability to channel that she will become Aes Sedai. See also Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Elayne.

    Chapter 11: Tar Valon

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  81. King Easar Togita, p. 151 (116)—King of Shienar. His palace is in Fal Moran.
  82. Lord Agelmar Jagad, p. 151 (116)—Lord of Fal Dara, and commander of Shienar's army. He is one of the best field commanders alive.
  83. Faolain Orande, p. 155 (119)—Dark, curly-haired Accepted. She escorts Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne to their rooms after they come back from Falme. She is only slightly older than Nynaeve. She has a dislike for wilders. Egwene thinks it very likely that Faolain will choose the Red Ajah.
  84. Theodrin Dabei, p. 155 (120)—Accepted with a willowy neck and coppery skin. She moves gracefully. She was a wilder, one who learned to channel by herself before coming to the Tower. Like Nynaeve, Theodrin had a block that inhibited her channelling for a time. She learned how to knock hers down, and plans to help Nynaeve do the same.

    Chapter 12: The Amyrlin Seat

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  85. Siuan Sanche, p. 157 (121)—Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat. She has blue eyes. She is quite fond of fish analogies, a result of being raised on a fishing boat in Tear. Siuan is one of only three Aes Sedai that knows that Rand al'Thor is the Reborn",Dragon Reborn. After Liandrin and the other twelve sisters that went with her left the Tower, Siuan has been afraid to trust anyone except Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Moiraine, and Verin, thinking that anyone else, possibly including Leane, her Keeper of the Chronicles, could be Black Ajah without her knowing. This paranoia is probably the safest course, but causes an increased level of tension in the Tower. See also Amyrlin Seat; Damodred, Moiraine; Sharif, Leane.
  86. Leane Sharif, p. 158 (122)—Keeper of the Chronicles under Siuan Sanche. She was raised from the Blue Ajah, the same Ajah as Siuan. She has short, dark hair, copper-colored skin, and is as tall as most men. She grew up in Arad Doman. See also Keeper of the Chronicles.
  87. Keeper of the Chronicles, p. 158 (122)—Essentially the secretary to the Amyrlin Seat. The Keeper is traditionally chosen from the same Ajah the Amyrlin was raised from, and wears a stole of the color of her Ajah instead of the striped stole of the Amyrlin. The post is currenlty held by Leane Sharif of the Blue Ajah. In theory, the Keeper of the Chronicles serves the Amyrlin Seat and speaks for the Amyrlin Seat; she is all but separate from her Ajah, although less so than the Amyrlin Seat herself. See also Nyram, Beldeine; Sharif, Leane.

    Chapter 13: Punishment

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  88. Liandrin, p. 164 (127)—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah. Before she and twelve others left the White Tower, she masqueraded as a member of the Red Ajah. She attempted to “give” Nynaeve and Elayne to the Seanchan, and actually did give Egwene to them. She has a face like a doll.
  89. Marris Thornhill, p. 167 (130)—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Leane sends Faolain to her to “contemplate [that leading is neither pushing nor pulling] while raking the paths in the Spring Garden.”
  90. Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, p. 173 (134)—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, and former advisor to Queen Morgase of Andor. Morgase refused to take Elaida back to Caemlyn when she found out that Elayne was missing. See also Trakand, Morgase.
  91. Gawyn Trakand, p. 173 (134)—Son of Queen Morgase of Andor, brother to Elayne, and half-brother to Galad. He will become First Prince of the Sword when his sister takes the Lion Throne. He is in Tar Valon training with the Warders, and he and Galad are the two best students. Gawyn has feelings for Egwene, but refuses to act on them because Galad likes her as well. However, Egwene returns his feelings and does not return Galad's. See also Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Taringail; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Morgase.

    Chapter 14: The Bite of the Thorns

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    Chapter 15: The Gray Man

    Women in a Mirror icon

    Chapter 16: Hunters Three

    Andoran Lion icon
  92. Coulin, p. 193 (151)—Master of Arms in the White Tower. He keeps a tight discipline among the men who come to train with the Warders.
  93. Modrellein, p. 198 (155)—Queen of Andor around 700 years ago. In the battle of Cuallin Dhen, she rode alone and unarmed into the midst of the Tairen army with the Lion banner. The army rallied to protect her, and won the battle. Often confused with the recent queen of Andor, Mordrellen Mantear.

    Chapter 17: The Red Sister

    Flame of Tar Valon icon

    Chapter 18: Healing

    Heron-mark Sword icon
  94. Serafelle, p. 209 (165)—Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She helps to Heal Mat from the evil of the dagger from Shadar Logoth.
  95. Alanna Mosvani, p. 209 (165)—Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She helps to Heal Mat from the evil of the dagger from Shadar Logoth. She is known for her temper and sense of humor.
  96. Brendas, p. 213 (165)—Cool-eyed Aes Sedai of the White Ajah who helps to separate Mat from the dagger from Shadar Logoth.

    Chapter 19: Awakening

    Dice icon
  97. Abell Cauthon, p. 218 (172)—Mat's father. He is the best horse trader in the Two Rivers. He wins the quarterstaff competition at Bel Tine almost every year, and when he does not, Tam al'Thor does. He came to Tar Valon at one point to find out if Mat was still alive. See also Cauthon, Matrim.

    Chapter 20: Visitations

    Lanfear's icon
  98. Selene, p. 224 (177)—Woman who dresses in all white and silver. She visits Mat in the White Tower. She claims that she was in the Tower for some other purpose and just dropped by to see him. She is the most beautiful woman Mat has ever seen. What Mat does not know is that Selene is actually Lanfear. Her true identity is only known by Min. See also Lanfear.
  99. Tamlin (Tam) al'Thor, p. 226 (179)—Father of Rand. According to Selene, Tam came to Tar Valon along with Abell Cauthon to find out if Rand and Mat were still alive. Tam is from Emond's Field, but he left for several years to fight as a member of the Illianer army. He rose to Blademaster status, and acquired a heron-mark sword, which is now in Rand's possession. He married a woman from Caemlyn, Kari, and then was called to duty to fight the Aiel in the Aiel War. During the Battle of the Shining Walls near Tar Valon, he found a young boy on the slopes of Dragonmount, which he adopted and took back to Emond's Field. Tam had no idea that this child was the Dragon Reborn. See also al'Thor, Kari; al'Thor, Rand.
  100. Huan, p. 233 (184)—Siuan Sanche's uncle. He liked to gamble. Siuan says that Mat reminds her of him. Huan died while rescuing children from a burning house.

    Chapter 21: A World of Dreams

    Twisted Stone Dreaming Ring icon
  101. Rosel of Essam, p. 237 (187)—Someone who wrote books around the year 200 A.B. (after the Breaking). She claimed that over 100 pages of a book Verin has the sole surviving page of survived the Breaking; Verin has studied the one page that still survives thousands of times. The book supposedly contained secrets that Rosel thought the world was not prepared to face.
  102. Corianin Nedeal, p. 238 (188)—The last Dreamer in the White Tower, an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She died 473 years ago. Verin gives Egwene a ter'angreal that Corianin used throughout much of her life, hoping that she will be able to use it to explore her own Talent for Dreaming. See also al'Vere, Egwene.

    Chapter 22: The Price of the Ring

    Flame of Tar Valon icon
  103. Jaim Dawtry, p. 247 (196)—Someone who brings Egwene and Rand al'Thor odd news from Baerlon in the world of the testing ter'angreal. He says people are at war fighting the “Shawkin,” “Sanchan,” or “something like that.” Jaim lives in Emond's Field in the real world, as well, but this message came during Egwene's test for being Accepted.
  104. Joiya al'Thor, p. 248 (196)—Daughter of Rand and Egwene al'Thor in the world of the testing ter'angreal. See also al'Thor, Rand; al'Vere, Egwene; Byir, Joiya.
  105. Beldeine Nyram, p. 256 (203)—Keeper of the Chronicles under Egwene al'Vere in the world of the testing ter'angreal. Of the Green Ajah. Beldeine was stilled by Elaida and others, and forced to betray Egwene in order to channel again. Editor's note: Beldeine is a real Aes Sedai, of the Green Ajah in real life. See also Keeper of the Chronicles.
  106. Gyldan, p. 261 (207)—Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah who appears in Egwene's viewings inside the testing ter'angreal. She was Elaida's closest confidante and clearly also a Darkfriend (in the world of the ter'angreal, at least). She tried to stop Egwene from escaping from the Tower; Egwene folded her with a punch between the eyes, a move she was very glad Perrin taught her.
  107. Guaire Amalasan, p. 263 (208)—Man who proclaimed himself to be the Dragon Reborn about a thousand years ago. He could channel quite strongly. His armies attempted to free him before he was gentled. He took over much of the world, laid siege to the Stone of Tear, and might have taken the rest of the world if a young ta'veren king, Artur Hawkwing, had not risen to power at the same time. See also Dragon Reborn; Paendrag Tanreall, Artur.
  108. Raolin Darksbane, p. 263 (209)—Man who proclaimed himself to be the Dragon Reborn before the Trolloc Wars began. He was the first false Dragon of significance who could channel. His armies attempted to free him before he was gentled. See also Dragon Reborn.

    Chapter 23: Sealed

    Wheel of Time icon
  109. Alviarin Freidhen, p. 271 (215)—Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. She was present at Egwene's testing for Accepted.

    Chapter 24: Scouting and Discoveries

    Dice icon
  110. Else Grinwell, p. 279 (221)—Novice in the White Tower. Rand and Mat stayed at her parents' farm when they were traveling to Caemlyn. She has eyes for men, according to Mat. She delivers a message to Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve to look through the things from Liandrin and her fellow Black Sisters' things under the library. The really strange part is the fact that Else was dismissed from the Tower several days earlier for failing to do her work....
  111. Hammar, p. 283 (225)—Warder in charge of teaching the sword in the White Tower. He likes to smoke while instructing, using the pipe to gesture. He let Mat challenge Galad and Gawyn to a two-swords-on-one-quarterstaff fight. He expected Mat to win, and that the incident would serve to humble Galad and Gawyn. He was right.
  112. Jearom, p. 286 (227)—The greatest Blademaster of all time. He fought over 10,000 times in battle and in single combat. He was only defeated once—by a farmer with a quarterstaff.

    Chapter 25: Questions

    Lanfear's icon
  113. Amico Nagoyin, p. 292 (231)—Youngest of the Black Sisters who fled the Tower with Liandrin. She is only four years older than Egwene and Elayne.
  114. Joiya Byir, p. 292 (231)—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the White. She was the eldest of those that left the Tower with Liandrin. She is old enough to be Elayne's grandmother.
  115. Rianna Andomeran, p. 293 (232)—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the White. She has black hair with a white streak above her left ear.
  116. Chesmal Emry, p. 293 (232)—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Yellow. She was one of the most talented Healers in years.
  117. Marrilin Gemalphin, p. 293 (232)—Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, formerly of the Brown. Extremely fond of cats and of helping injured animals.

    Chapter 26: Behind a Lock

    Women in a Mirror icon

    Chapter 27: Tel'aran'rhiod

    Twisted Stone Dreaming Ring icon
  118. Silvie, p. 316 (252)—Old woman Egwene meets in Tel'aran'rhiod. Ugly does not begin to describe her. She has a bony, pointed chin; a bony, sharp nose; and warts all over her face. She may be actually be Lanfear, disguising herself to protect her identity. See also Lanfear.
  119. Gareth Bryne, p. 320 (255)—Captain of the Guards and First Prince of the Sword under Queen Morgase. The First Prince of the Sword is usually the Queen's eldest brother, but Morgase had no living brothers, so she chose Bryne to fill the position. He was dismissed after growing too vocal about his dislike for Gaebril. After her husband's death and after she exiled Thom Merrilin, Bryne was the queen's lover. See also Trakand, Morgase.

    Chapter 28: A Way Out

    Dice icon

    Chapter 29: A Trap to Spring

    Flame of Tar Valon icon
  120. Laras, p. 332 (263)—Mistress of the Kitchens (actually just the head chef) in the White Tower. She is more than just stout, and has many chins.

    Chapter 30: The First Toss

    Dice icon
  121. Raab, p. 344 (274)—Sea Folk sailor who follows Mat around on his gambling rounds. He always lost to Mat, so he started bidding against others that Mat would win. He made a handsome profit.
  122. Rogosh Eagle Eye, p. 350 (279)—Hero of Legend who is one of those called back by the Horn of Valere. Mat thinks not even he would ask for the adventures Mat had had over the past few days.

    Chapter 31: The Woman of Tanchico

    Harp icon
  123. Mara, p. 351 (280)—Character in a song that Thom sings, “Mara and the Three Foolish Kings.”
  124. Thomdril (Thom) Merrilin, p. 352 (281)—Former court bard in the Royal Court of Andor, now a gleeman. He came to Emond's Field on Winternight, and left with Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Lan, and Moiraine on their journey. He saved Rand's life by facing a Myrddraal long enough for Rand to escape, and managed to escape. He is an expert at Daes Daemar, the Game of Houses; he could and does play it in his sleep. See also Dena; Trakand, Morgase.
  125. King Madel, p. 352 (281)—Character in one of Thom Merrilin's stories. He has a fish stuck in his beard.
  126. Orander, p. 352 (281)—Character in one of Thom Merrilin's stories.
  127. Kadar, p. 352 (281)—Character in one of Thom Merrilin's stories.
  128. Mada, p. 352 (282)—Serving woman in The Woman of Tanchico, an inn in Tar Valon at which Thom Merrilin tells stories and at which Mat Cauthon stops on his way out of town. Thom describes her (while drunk, at least) as being very pretty. Mat thinks she and Saal may be sisters; Mada is the older of the two.
  129. Saal, p. 352 (282)—Serving woman in The Woman of Tanchico, an inn in Tar Valon at which Thom Merrilin tells stories and at which Mat Cauthon stops on his way out of town. Thom describes her (while drunk, at least) as being very pretty. Mat thinks she an Mada may be sisters; Saal is the younger of the two.
  130. Dena, p. 354 (282)—Woman who was an apprenticed to Thom Merrilin. She had long brown hair and dark eyes to match. She loved Thom, and Thom returned her love, despite the fact that he was old enough to be her father. She was killed by thugs in Cairhien who were trying to kill Thom and Dena due to Thom's supposed involvement in the Great Game.

    Chapter 32: The First Ship

    Waves icon
  131. Sanor, p. 361 (288)—Large crewman on the Gray Gull, the ship Mat and Thom take to Aringill (in Andor).
  132. Vasa, p. 361 (288)—Large crewman on the Gray Gull, the ship Mat and Thom take to Aringill (in Andor).
  133. Huan Mallia, p. 364 (290)—The captain of the Gray Gull, the ship Mat and Thom take to Aringill (in Andor). He has a great reverence for the High Lord Samon, a recently raised High Lord of Tear.
  134. High Lord Samon, p. 366 (291)—A High Lord of Tear. He was raised quite recently and quickly. He is actually much more dangerous than anyone suspects. See also Be'lal.

    Chapter 33: Within the Weave

    Wheel of Time icon
  135. Master Andra, p. 381 (304)—Name Lan uses while in other lands to avoid questions about his real name. See also Alys; Mandragoran, Lan.
  136. Gainor Furlan, p. 381 (304)—Innkeeper of Wayland's Forge, the inn Lan, Moiraine, Loial, Perrin stay at in Remen. He reports of Hunters of the Horn, as well as Whitecloaks and even Aiel in the city.
  137. Lord Orban, p. 382 (305)—Dark-haired young man with a bandage around his forehead. He is also bandaged from knee to ankle on his left leg. He and Gann claimed to have fought twenty Aiel and survived. In reality, they only fought two.
  138. Lord Gann, p. 383 (305)—One of the men who captured one of the Aiel and killed the other when they got too close to the city of Remen. He claimed there were twenty of them, when in fact there were only two.
  139. Mother Leich, p. 384 (305)—The Wisdom, Wise Woman, etc. equivalent in Remen.

    Chapter 34: A Different Dance

    Wheel of Time icon
  140. Mistress Alys, p. 388 (310)—Name that Moiraine uses in Remen and other nations to avoid misunderstandings about her true identity. See also Andra; Damodred, Moiraine.
  141. Lion, p. 392 (313)—Name of the horse that Orban rides.
  142. Gaul, p. 394 (315)—Aiel of the Imran sept of the Shaarad Aiel. He is Shae'en M'taal, a Stone Dog. Perrin rescues him from his entrapment in Remen. He is searching for He Who Comes With the Dawn, the man prophesied to unite the Aiel and lead them from the Waste. He is also one of the Aiel who stops Mat on the rooftop. See also Sarien.
  143. He Who Comes With the Dawn, p. 394 (315)—Man the Aiel are searching for. He is prophesied to lead the Aiel out of the Three-Fold Land, born of their blood but raised by wetlanders. See also al'Thor, Rand; Dragon Reborn.
  144. Sarien, p. 396 (317)—The other Aiel who came with Gaul. He died, and Gaul was imprisoned. The villagers say there were twenty, but in reality there were only the two of them. See also Gaul.

    Chapter 35: The Falcon

    Waves icon
  145. Jaim Adarra, p. 401 (321)—Captain of Snow Goose, the ship Lan hires to take them away from Remen.
  146. Zarine Bashere, p. 405 (324)—Dark-haired woman that latches onto Perrin and the group he's with. She is from Saldaea, but left home to become a Hunter of the Horn in Illian. She followed Perrin, Moiraine, and Lan because she thought they would lead her to the Horn of Valere. She was dissapointed to find out that Mat had already blown it, and was shocked to find that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. She uses the name Faile, a name her father used to call her, meaning “falcon.” This scared Perrin, since he'd been told by Min that she saw a falcon and a hawk fighting over him in her visions. Faile looks as if she has taken a liking to Perrin, and Perrin may be doing the same for her. See also Bashere, Faile.
  147. Faile Bashere, p. 406 (324)—Name Zarine Bashere chooses for herself. Meaning “falcon” in the Old Tongue, she thinks it a name worthy of a Hunter of the Horn. See also Aybara, Perrin; Bashere, Zarine.

    Chapter 36: Daughter of the Night

    Lanfear's icon
  148. Ilyena Therin Moerelle, p. 412 (329)—Wife of Lews Therin Telamon. Lanfear refers to her as a “straw-haired chit.” This is because Lanfear loved Lews Therin, and he returned her love before he met Ilyena. See also Telamon, Lews Therin.

    Chapter 37: Fires in Cairhien

    Cairhien icon
  149. Ellisor, p. 421 (337)—Captain of the Blue Crane, the ship Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve take to Tear. He was anxious to get rid of the three passengers, since they always seemed to be seasick.
  150. Bennae Nalsad, p. 425 (340)—Aes Sedai who teaches history in the White Tower, of the Brown Ajah. She once said that Andor and Cairhien fought in more wars with each other than any two nations besides Tear and Illian.

    Chapter 38: Maidens of the Spear

    Wheel of Time icon
  151. Aviendha, p. 432 (346)—Aiel of the Bitter Water sept of the Taardad Aiel. She is Far Dareis Mai, a Maiden of the Spear. She is the woman who jumps in front of Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve, as well as the one who follows them and helps free them when they are captured. Editor's note: In later books, Aviendha's sept is referred to as the Nine Valleys sept. It is not known whether she changed septs, her sept was renamed, or the author simply made an oversight.
  152. Bain, p. 434 (347)—Aiel of the Black Rock sept of the Shaarad Aiel. Her hair is flame-colored. She became Chiad's first sister—the two had to sneak through the camp of the other to the Wise Ones because their clans were (and still are) in blood feud. See also Chiad.
  153. Chiad, p. 434 (347)—Short, blonde Maiden of the Spear. She is of the Stones River sept of the Goshien Aiel. She became Bain's first sister—the two had to sneak through the camp of the other to the Wise Ones because their clans were (and still are) in blood feud. See also Bain; Gaul.
  154. Marin al'Vere, p. 348 (348)—Wife of Bran, mother of Egwene. See also al'Vere, Brandelwyn; al'Vere, Egwene.
  155. Jolien, p. 436 (349)—Aiel of the Salt Flat sept of the Nakai Aiel. She has blue eyes and red-gold hair.
  156. Dailin, p. 436 (349)—Red-haired Aiel, of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. She is Healed by Nynaeve after being attacked by swordsman, but is later killed by a Fade in the process of rescuing Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve.

    Chapter 39: Threads in the Pattern

    Wheel of Time icon
  157. Laman Damodred, p. 444 (356)—King of Cairhien before the Aiel War. In order to build his new throne, Laman cut down Avendoraldera, a Chora tree that grew in the center of the city of Cairhien. This act, known as Laman's Sin, prompted three clans of the Aiel to cross the Spine of the World and avenge the death of the tree by taking his life. The tree had been a gift from the Aiel in gratitude for the hospitality the people of Cairhien had displayed to them in the past. It is unknown whether Laman knew of the significance of Avendoraldera, or of the reason the Aiel allowed the people of his kingdom to cross the Waste. The fact that he cut the tree down and brought the Aiel over the Dragonwall allowed Prophesy to be fulfilled and the Dragon Reborn to be born on the slopes of Dragonmount, born of the ancient blood (Aiel) and raised by the old (Manetheren). He is Moiraine's uncle. See also Avendoraldera; Damodred, Moiraine; Damodred, Taringail; Galldrian su Riatin Rie.
  158. Avendoraldera, p. 444 (356)—Tree grown from a cutling from Avendesora, the legendary Tree of Life. It was a gift for the Cairhienin from the Aiel over 500 years ago. When King Laman cut it down, it precipitated the Aiel War. See also Avendesora; Damodred, Laman.
  159. Avendesora, p. 445 (356)—The Tree of Life of legend. The tree is the last of the Chora Trees, products of the Age of Legends. The location of Avendesora is unknown, though it apparently has some connection with the Aiel; they gave the people of Cairhien a gift over 500 years ago of a tree, Avendoraldera, that was grown from a cutling of Avendesora. See also Avendoraldera.
  160. Tigraine Damodred, p. 445 (357)—Elayne's step-mother, in a way (her father's first wife). Both Elayne and Coline say that Rand looks like her, although neither of them thinks Tigraine could possibly be Rand's mother.... She is also Galad's mother. See also al'Thor, Rand; Damodred, Galadedrid; Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Morgase.
  161. Kari al'Thor, p. 446 (357)—Wife of Tam al'Thor. She raised Rand until she died about five years after his birth. She grew up in Caemlyn. See also al'Thor, Rand; al'Thor, Tamlin.
  162. Captain Adden, p. 447 (358)—Captain of a leaky boat to which the men who kidnapped Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are taking the three unconscious women.
  163. Coke, p. 449 (360)—One of the men who kidnapped Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve.
  164. Rhuarc, p. 455 (365)—Clan chief of the Taardad Aiel. He was once Aethan Dor, a Red Shield. He and Lan have similar temperaments. His sept is the Nine Valleys sept. See also Amys.
  165. Coram, p. 456 (365)—One of the Aiel.
  166. Dhael, p. 456 (365)—One of the Aiel.
  167. Luaine, p. 456 (365)—One of the Aiel.
  168. Amys, p. 456 (365)—Wise One of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. Her dreams said that Rhuarc must go west of the Spine of the World to search for He Who Comes With the Dawn. See also Rhuarc.
  169. Bair, p. 456 (365)—Wise One of the Haido sept of the Shaarad Aiel. Her dreams said that Rhuarc must go west of the Spine of the World to search for He Who Comes With the Dawn.
  170. Melaine, p. 456 (365)—Wise One of the Jhirad sept of the Goshien Aiel. Her dreams said that Rhuarc must go west of the Spine of the World to search for He Who Comes With the Dawn.
  171. Seana, p. 456 (365)—Wise One of the Black Cliffs sept of the Nakai Aiel. Her dreams said that Rhuarc must go west of the Spine of the World to search for He Who Comes With the Dawn.
  172. Sightblinder, p. 456 (366)—Aiel name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  173. Mist, p. 458 (367)—Name that Egwene gives to her horse, hoping that it will be of even temperament.

    Chapter 40: A Hero in the Night

    Andoran Lion icon
  174. Jeral Florry, p. 469 (375)—Innkeeper of the Good Queen, the inn in whose stable Mat and Thom spend part of the night in while in Aringill.
  175. Aludra, p. 470 (376)—Woman who seeks shelter in the same barn that Mat and Thom were sleeping in in Aringill. She was cast out of the Illuminators' Guild because she was blamed for spoiling the performace for King Galldrian of Cairhien. The problem was actually Tammuz's fault (or so they thought), but she was a more convenient target. The mishap for Galldrian was actually caused by Rand al'Thor. See also Tammuz.
  176. Tammuz, p. 470 (376)—One of the men who comes to kill Aludra. He is an Illuminator. He was the one who was at fault (or so Aludra believes) when the display for King Galldrian went awry, but she was blamed for it since she was the Mistress of the Chapter House. In reality, the mishap was due to Rand's interference and that of Trollocs. See also Aludra.
  177. King Galldrian su Riatin Rie, p. 378 (472)—King of Cairhien, Defender of the Dragonwall. He died in the riots that accompanied Rand's departure.
  178. Brandelwyn (Bran) al'Vere, p. 473 (374)—Innkeeper and Mayor of Emond's Field; Egwene's father. He cuffed (struck) Mat when he was young for cutting open a firecracker. See also al'Vere, Egwene; al'Vere, Marin.
  179. Doral Barran, p. 473 (379)—Wisdom of Emond's Field before Nynaeve. She switched Mat for cutting open a firework when he was young. See also al'Meara, Nynaeve.

    Chapter 41: A Hunter's Oath

    Wolf icon
  180. Alsbet Luhhan, p. 483 (386)—Wife of Haral Luhhan, blacksmith of Emond's Field. She is a very big woman, almost as big as her husband. See also Luhhan, Haral.

    Chapter 42: Easing the Badger

    Dragon's Fang icon
  181. Mistress Mari, p. 489 (392)—Name Moiraine goes by in Illian. See also Alys; Damodred, Moiraine.
  182. Nieda Sidoro, p. 489 (392)—Innkeeper Easing the Badger. She greets “Mari” in front of Easing the Badger. She is one of the eyes-and-ears for the Blue Ajah.
  183. Adine Canford, p. 489 (392)—Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She receives messages from Nieda when Moiraine is away.
  184. Bili, p. 490 (393)—Big man, bigger than Perrin, who keeps order in Easing the Badger.
  185. Lord Brend, p. 491 (393)—Man who recently ascended to the Council of Nine in Illian. The rest of the Council seems to take his words to heart. The reason he was raised so quickly probably had something to do with his true identity, the Forsaken Sammael. See also Sammael.
  186. Old Grim, p. 496 (398)—Name that Zarine uses for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.

    Chapter 43: Shadowbrothers

    Wolf icon
  187. Mistress Aynora, p. 499 (400)—A woman in a song Perrin knows. She owns a rooster.
  188. Moonhunter, p. 505 (405)—Name the wolves use for Lanfear. See Lanfear.

    Chapter 44: Hunted

    Flame of Tar Valon icon

    Chapter 45: Caemlyn

    Andoran Lion icon
  189. Basel Gill, p. 522 (419)—Innkeeper of the Queen's Blessing, an inn in Caemlyn. Rand and Mat stayed there on their way through Caemlyn (before the battle at the Eye of the World), and Thom and Mat stay there when Mat is in Caemlyn to deliver Elayne's letter.
  190. Ramey, p. 525 (422)—Stablehand in the Queen's Blessing.
  191. Coline, p. 526 (422)—Huge cook of the Queen's Blessing, an inn in Caemlyn. Everyone calls her “Cook.” See also Cook.
  192. Cook, p. 526 (422)—Name that all people except Basel Gill refer to Coline by. See also Coline.
  193. Jain Farstrider, p. 527 (423)—Hero of legend from Malkier who had many adventures. There is a book about him, The Travels of Jain Farstrider, that Mat intends to read but never has. The book is quite popular with his friends. His real last name is Charin.
  194. Lord Gaebril, p. 528 (423)—New advisor to Queen Morgase of Andor, selected as Elaida's replacement. Gareth Bryne did not like him all that much, so Bryne was dismissed to his farm. Gaebril plans to invade Cairhien, since Morgase has a claim to the Sun Throne by her marriage to Taringail Damodred. Mat overheard him talking to Comar about orders to kill Elayne. Gaebril is one of the more sinister characters we see, and it is hinted that he is more than simply a Darkfriend. See also Comar; Rahvin; Trakand, Morgase.

    Chapter 46: A Message Out of the Shadow

    Andoran Lion icon
  195. Comar, p. 535 (429)—One of the two men Mat overhears while inside the palace in Caemlyn. He is given orders to see that Elayne dies quietly as well as for Egwene's and Nynaeve's heads (as well as Elayne's) to be brought to him. The other man, the man who gave the orders, was Gaebril. Comar is killed by Mat in Tear. See also Gaebril.
  196. Elber, p. 537 (431)—Guard at the gates to the Queen's palace in Caemlyn. He is fat and has eyes like a rat. He tries to have Mat arrested when he says he comes from Tar Valon.
  197. Guardsman-Lieutenant Martyn Tallanvor, p. 537 (431)—Guardsman-Lieutenant in the Queen's Guards who takes Mat to the Queen of Andor so he can deliver the letter Elayne sent her. He will die for Morgase, but does not think much of her new advisor, Gaebril.
  198. Thom Grinwell, p. 540 (434)—Alleged brother of Else. Mat pretends to be him so that he has an excuse to have been in Tar Valon. He claims he is from Comfrey, north of Baerlon. See Cauthon, Matrim. See also Grinwell, Else.
  199. Taringail Damodred, p. 542 (435)—Late husband of Queen Morgase of Andor, and father to Elayne, Galad, and Gawyn. His first wife was the former Daughter-Heir of Andor, Tigraine. See also Damodred, Galadedrid; Damodred, Laman; Damodred, Tigraine; Trakand, Morgase.

    Chapter 47: To Race the Shadow

    Dice icon
  200. Dyelin Taravin, p. 546 (439)—Next in line to the Lion Throne (the throne of Andor) after Elayne. See also Trakand, Elayne; Trakand, Morgase.
  201. Gilda, p. 548 (440)—Serving girl in the Queen's Blessing, an inn in Caemlyn. According to Basel Gill, she is the world's biggest gossip, and the perfect person to tell about a fabricated dream in which he learned that Gaebril plotted to kill Elayne.

    Chapter 48: Following the Craft

    Ogier icon
  202. Mistress Joslyn, p. 552 (444)—Name that Egwene assumes when on board the Darter, the ship she, Elayne, and Nynaeve take from Jurene to Tear. See also al'Vere, Egwene; Caryla; Maryim.
  203. Canin, p. 552 (444)—Captain of the Darter, the ship that Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve take from Jurene to Tear.
  204. Mistress Maryim, p. 553 (445)—Name that Nynaeve assumes while on board the Darter, the ship she, Egwene, and Elayne take from Jurene to Tear. See also al'Meara, Nynaeve; Caryla.
  205. Mistress Caryla, p. 553 (445)—Name that Elayne assumes while on board the Darter, the ship she, Egwene, and Nynaeve take from Jurene to Tear. See also Joslyn; Maryim; Trakand, Elayne.
  206. Atuan Larisett, p. 555 (446)—Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah who teaches history in the White Tower. She told Elayne that the Tower could probably not make the Stone of Tear today, even if every sister helped.
  207. Gaidin, p. 558 (449)—Name that Nynaeve gives to her horse. She named him after Lan, since Warders are called “Gaidin” by their Aes Sedai.
  208. Mother Ailhuin Guenna, p. 559 (450)—Wise Woman (the Tairen equivalent of a Wisdom) in Tear. She helps Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve and grants them a place to stay during the night.
  209. Leuese Mulan, p. 565 (454)—Man who pulled up three heartstone bowls and a cup in his fishnets. He did not even know the half of their value until Mother Guenna told him, and after word got around, even the High Lords were out in their boats trying to bring up more cuendillar.
  210. Juilin Sandar, p. 566 (455)—Thief-catcher in Tear. One of the most dangerous people that Mother Guenna knows of. He betrays Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve to Liandrin and her Black Ajah companions out of duty to the High Lords (and possibly because Liandrin used Compulsion on him), but later feels terrible about it and helps Mat rescue them from their dungeons in the Stone of Tear. He carries a notched sword-breaker and narrow staff; he is deadly with both.

    Chapter 49: A Storm in Tear

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  211. Willim of Manaches, p. 571 (459)—Man who wrote a book of essays that Mother Guenna owns.
  212. Jaim Farstrider, p. 571 (459)—This is of course a typographical error; the name is Jain, as in Jain Farstrider. Both references (p. 459 and p. 560) to this character have been fixed in the paperback edition. See Farstrider, Jain.
  213. Aleria Elffin, p. 571 (459)—A woman about whom humorous tales have been written. The book is part of Mother Guenna's library.
  214. Captain Derne, p. 574 (461)—Captain of the Swift, the ship Mat and Thom take to Tear. He has a square face.
  215. Cavan Lopar, p. 577 (464)—Innkeeper of the White Crescent, an inn in Tear where Mat and Thom look for Comar.

    Chapter 50: The Hammer

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  216. Jurah Haret, p. 591 (476)—Innkeeper of the Star, the inn in Tear where Lan, Moiraine, Perrin, and Zarine stay.
  217. Dermid Ajala, p. 595 (479)—Blacksmith in the Star, an inn in Tear. Perrin helps him with his work while they are staying in the Star.
  218. Jalanda, p. 600 (482)—Son of Aried son of Coiam. Ogier who called Be'lal “The Envious,” and said that he forsook the Light out of envy for Lews Therin.
  219. Aried, p. 600 (482)—Father of Jalanda, son of Coiam.
  220. Coiam, p. 600 (483)—Jalanda's grandfather, Aried's father.
  221. Moilin, p. 600 (483)—Daughter of Hamada daughter of Juendan. Ogier who called Be'lal “Netweaver.” She said that he bragged about the one thing that he bettered Lews Therin Telamon in, a game of stones.
  222. Hamada, p. 600 (483)—Moilin's mother, Juendan's daughter.
  223. Juendan, p. 600 (483)—Hamada's mother, Moilin's grandmother.

    Chapter 51: Bait for the Net

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    Chapter 52: In Search of a Remedy

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    Chapter 53: A Flow of the Spirit

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    Chapter 54: Into the Stone

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  224. High Lord Darlin Sisnera, p. 645 (519)—High Lord of Tear, and a good swordsman. He is very arrogant, and tells Mat that he would be privileged if he died with High Lord Darlin's sword through him. Mat manages to disable him with his quarterstaff.

    Chapter 55: What is Written in Prophecy

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  225. Shai'tan, p. 666 (537)—True name for the Dark One. Saying his true name draws his attention, so many euphemisms for him have been developed, including Heartfang, Leafblighter, Lord of the Grave, Heartsbane, Soulsbane, Lord of the Twilight, and Father of Lies. He is considered to be the complete antithesis of the Creator, and the source of all evil. He has been bound in a prison the Creator made for him since the beginning of time. This prison was bored into during the Age of Legends, and was temporarily re-sealed by Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions. Those seals are now growing weak (three have broken already), and the Dark One's influence is spreading. Editor's Note: I thought it was appropriate that he was mentioned for the first time on page 666 of the paperback edition.... See also Ba'alzamon; Creator, The.

    Chapter 56: People of the Dragon

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  226. Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, p. 673 (543)—First of Mayene. She comes to Moiraine with a message from Lanfear about “Lews Therin” (actually Rand) being “hers” and that she is entrusting him to their care temporarily. Berelain was not certain why she agreed to serve as a messenger, only that it “seemed right.” Lanfear no doubt used a Compulsion weave on her.
  227. Boanne, p. 675 (545)—Songmistress at Taralan, the Fourth Age. She wrote Do'in Toldara te, “Songs of the Last Age.”


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  228. Lothair Mantelar, p. 682 (550)—Author of The Way of the Light and founder of the Children of the Light.
  229. Shepherd of the Night, p. 683 (550)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  230. Grassburner, p. 683 (551)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  231. Leafblighter, p. 683 (551)—Alternative name for the Dark One. See Shai'tan.
  232. Yurian Stonebow, p. 684 (551)—False Dragon who declared himself circa 1300 AB and was captured and gentled circa 1308 AB. He had great potential with the One Power. See also Dragon Reborn.
  233. Davian, p. 684 (551)—False Dragon of old times. Ba'alzamon claims that he was used by Aes Sedai, just as all other false Dragons were. See also Dragon Reborn.
  234. Logain Ablar, p. 684 (551)—False Dragon who led Ghealdan, Altara, and Amadicia to civil war before being captured and gentled by Aes Sedai. He was quite strong in the One Power. See also Dragon Reborn.
  235. High King Artur Paendrag Tanreall, p. 695 (559)—Full name of Artur Hawkwing, a young king of a minor province who eventually conquered much of the known world during his lifetime, and even laid seige to Tar Valon in hopes of taking over all lands east of the Aryth Ocean and west of the Aiel Waste. He was the most strongly ta'veren person in all of history except Lews Therin Telamon Rand al'Thor, so strong that people claimed they could almost “feel” the Pattern bending around him when they were in the same room. His death set off the War of the Hundred Years. See also Hawkwing, Artur.

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