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Here are some (more or less flattering) photos:

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Here are some more photos of Rajan`s Wedding in India (2000).

Ever wonder what it is like to prepare for Carnaval in Rio? Find out here courtesy of the Sureks (2006).

So what do you get when you combine

That's right: Scan Art! (2003)

We had a blast trying out different things on the scanner. Since the scanner swept slowly across our mugs, that gave us time to make nifty changes with each picture. Can you guess how we made each of the pieces of scan art?

What's on my mind? Take a look inside (2003).

Since 2010, Facebook has become my central repository of online photos. Check out there for more!


I am intent on becoming a media mogul, transmitting my sultry voice far and wide across the land. My fledgling beginning was the New World Campaign in 2005, with audio on:

Another way to hear my dulcet tones is to listen to the LOA series: Lumbard On Audio. Here's my first foray into transcribing the TEK stories into audio format:

Do you want to read lurid accounts of my personal life for the entire world to hear? Let's get LOA-down! :-)

In 2010 I got interested in ringtones for phones and I whipped up some I thought were cute:

In 2014, I'll be firing up another media-sized Old World Campaign, which should have plenty more audio and video for you to feast on.

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Since 2010, I've been collecting as much of my video as I can on my YouTube Channel. Here's some of my favorite videos that I've helped make:

New World Campaign Promotional 2014
After learning how to use a real video editor, I tried my hand at making a semi-professional video. It came out pretty fun!

Swimming with Manatees 2013
I took a fantastic road trip with my good friends the Wibergs early 2013. The highlight of the trip was swimming with manatees! The videos marked GOOD are especially enchanting.

'Line Pirates Kickstarter 2012
Cathy and I made a video in 2012 for a Kickstarter to make a flash game called Timeline Pirates: Bane of the Multiversal Corps. This was one of the best produced videos I've ever made.

Tyke Safari Outtakes 2011
My good friend Cathy tried making a video in 2011 for Kickstarter to make a children's app called Tyke Safari. The bloopers were plentiful and hilarious!

Fitchburg Ice Storm 2008
Late in 2008 I got caught in a biblical ice storm in Fitchburg MA. Here's the video of the aftermath courtesy of Bill and Kim Productions. ;-)
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New World Campaign 2005
For most of 2005 I ran a Dungeons and Dragons game called the New World Campaign. It was the most the most heavily media-sized of my campaigns... including full video. Here's the playlist from the beginning; S02E02 was a particularly good session.

Deader Alive 2005
My first 48 Hour Film Project, with Anna Callahan and the SomerVillains in October 2005.

American Candidate 2004
In April 2004 I applied to the American Candidate reality TV show, whose premise was to choose a candidate for president. Here's the submission video that I gave them, which was my first attempt at film-making.

Life StoryLife Story

Historic Overview

I hail from a small town in Massachusetts called Dracut. My immediate family consists of my mother (Yun Sik Kim Lumbard), father (Thomas Everette Lumbard), sister (Vivian Moon Lumbard), and brother (Powell Tait Lumbard). For the most part, my family leads a life somewhere between "America's Most Wanted" and the "Mini-Series Of The Week". 8^)



I matriculated at the California Institute of Technology in 1988, and received my bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics in 1994. Of the six years, four were spent on classes, one was mostly research, and another was spent on a leave of absence precipitated by The Fiasco. My specialty was Error-Correcting Codes, a sub-division of Information Theory. I was mentored by Dr. Robert J. McEliece of the Electrical Engineering Department.

Dr. Robert J McEliece,
my college mentor and a man I have boundless respect for
Dr. Robert J McEliece McEliece
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After graduation I worked at ORACLE Corp. for a year in the Applications Technology Group, as a software developer. The position was fantastic, and I acquired a great respect for the company and its people during my stay. But I still heard the siren song of academia...

In early 1995 I left my job at ORACLE and returned to Pasadena to continue doing research with McEliece. I did the research for free, supporting myself with short-term programming projects, one of them for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It was a very fertile and otherwise enjoyable year.

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In the summer of 1996 I worked for the Institute for Defense Analyses, which was my last official job before re-entering Caltech as a graduate student in Applied Mathematics (now the Applied and Computational Mathematics department).

In summer 1997 I worked for MIT Lincoln Labs, continuing my grand tour of national labs. It was an enlightening experience in a number of ways.

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From early 1997 to 1998 I fell under the thrall of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which wiped me out for a year. Early 1998 I found some anti-oxidant pills which helped treat the more severe enervating symptoms. CFS would plague me for over a decade before I finally cured it and resumed a normal life.

In June 1998 I started a sabbatical from Caltech. The main goal was to rest and recover. I also started writing, being a low energy activity I could manage. With serendipitous timing I move to San Diego to live with my lady love. Alas, we moved too quickly and things fell apart by the year's end.


Around that same time I started an alternative lifestyle, namely living out of an Recreational Vehicle which I dubbed my Portable Habitat (PH). The PH and I slowly crawled up the coast following consulting contracts.

In Sep 1998 I began working for an e-commerce startup company called LaunchPad and helped them ship their first product: eWallet. Catching the startup bug, I then worked briefly for EntryPoint and @ $treetPrices. In April 2000 I became CTO of QIXO, where I helped grow the company until December 2000.

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At the dawn of the true third millenium, I made a major life change. I started living in a van. ;-) Called the Turtle Shell (TS) it represents the next step in achieving the ideal of Mr. Mobility. Around this time I took some trips to India that profoundly changed the way I look at the world.

Most of 2001 was spent trying to start a thermoelectrics company in conjunction with Caltech and JPL. Sadly, nothing ever came of it, but it was an excellent lesson in the pitfalls of n-party negotiation.
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In 2002 my biological clock began ticking and I felt the need to settle down and raise a family. To that end I moved to the east coast and made the transition to Mr. Stability. I moved to New York City and got a programming contract at Biscuits and Bath, a doggie daycare center. Also that year my long quest to understand Happiness came to fruition. I wrote the Pursuit of Happiness to clarify my thoughts, and the Model of Basic Minds serves me well to understand our psychology.

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2003 was mostly unproductive but highly creative year. My ample free time was spent pleasantly with friends, and I participated in the Jentel program. The freedom also germinated some fresh perspectives on the world and my Reformation movement, in particular Support For All. Later that year I hit my stride writing, cranking out a white paper on public health and even a playing guide for the collectible card game Magic The Gathering.

In the Jentel Artist Residency Program I started writing about the Reformation Jentel Artist Residency Program Jentel
My writing streak continued in 2004. I put down my thoughts on the Reformation, bringing the over-large world back down to human-scale. I self-published my first book the Human Assembly, describing a more personal way to elect representatives to replace faulty modern elections. The book inspired Pace and some other people to start a human assembly.

The next year I inched closer to settling down on the east coast. After a relaxing interlude in Houston, TX spent making cabichairs, I finally arrived. The first thing I did was start up the New World Campaign, which enjoyed a nifty half year run. During that time I learned the basics of media editing and online publication. I have a vision of Role-Playing TeleVision (RPTV), combining the improv humor of role-play with polished production.

I migrated to southern CA in early 2006, and finding that wasn't hot enough, went to Brasil for Carnaval. It was revealing in many ways: resonating not only with my India experience, but also reaffirming the personally important. I married some good friends of mine, and then went into a period of hermitage later in the year codifying what books had influenced and inspired me.

2007 was a year of many changes for me, from "1,001 Books" to the "Great Estrogen Experiment". Most dramatically, I've decided to re-enter the material world once again. Mid 2007 I decided to accept the post of CTO at Biscuits & Bath and started the workaday grind for the first time in a decade. Quickly deciding that wasn't for me, I returned to freelance consulting and solving impossible problems again.

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Near the start of 2008 I had an idea for creating inexpensive wind turbines. I spent most of the year and the start of the next trying to sell it off. During that time I had many other renewable energy ideas, not the least of which was for a new kind of supercapacitor.


The next year was very exciting for me, as I finally figured out the root causes of the Chronic Fatigue that had been afflicting me for the last dozen years: mercury poisoning, which induced sulfite poisoning, which finally led to adrenal fatigue. All three conditions are reversible, and I am hell bent on regaining my previous health and energy.


A couple years later I feel better than I have in a decade, and have begun kicking booty again. I made some headway on math conjectures about the primes, started writing a health guide for preventing modern disease, and filed a provisional patent for an absolutely killer idea for desalinating seawater. I'm entering the second wind in my life... and I feel good.

Most of 2012 was taken up by the design of a Facebook game called 'Line Pirates and the subsequent Kickstarter campaign. 'Line Pirates: Bane of the MultiVersal Corps is intended as a successor to Magic the Gathering Online.



2013 was a quiet year dedicated mostly to house-sitting, travel, and putting the finishing touches on Kim's RPG.

In 2014, I published the Character Creation Guide, the first book of the Kim's RPG Master Class series.


Continuing my authorship trend in 2015, I published Election Lotteries, the first book of the Human-Scale Reformation series. I also started the Old World Campaign in the second assay to realize my vision of RPTV.

You can also check out my resume here to get particulars on my work history, if that type of stuff interests you. 8^)

Current Events

My plans for 2015 are mainly focused on gaming, writing, inventing, and health. I am willing to be distracted by attractive women. :-)

The highlights for March 2015 so far:

The highlights for February 2015 were:

The highlights for January 2015 were:

The highlights for December 2014 were:

The highlights for November 2014 were:

The highlights for October 2014 were:

The highlights for September 2014 were:

The highlights for August 2014 were:

The highlights for July 2014 so far:

The highlights for June 2014 were:

The highlights for May 2014 were:

The highlights for April 2014 were:

The highlights for March 2014 were:

Voyeuristic Invitation

I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about me than they could ever possibly want to know, so I've compiled a selection of communiques and essays from critical periods in my life called the Essential Kim. Seriously, it's provocative voyeurism at its finest. Check it out. :-)

"I laughed, I cried, I said to myself: 'Holy shit! Who puts stuff this personal on the internet for everyone to see?'" -- Almost every reader of the Essential Kim.

I also kept a daily diary on LiveJournal for half a year in 2006 as a gift for a friend; it's a nice slice of life / log of ideas.

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In 2010 I took the plunge and joined the Facebook revolution. It's good for random information and interactions with friends, but I yearn for more substantial and sustained relationships. [an error occurred while processing this directive]


I want to interact positively with all people.


I wish to enjoy the company of others.

Okay, I'll admit it. I love fresh food and hate leftovers. In fact, I love food so much I usually eat it three or four times a day. :-) I also like going out to eat, especially with bunches of people. In the past I've hosted bi-weekly dinner outing at restaurants, Outdoor Mobile Dinner Theatres in the woods, and eating events in every place imaginable. Bon Vivant!

In 2002 I started the Healthy Organic Potluck Social (HOPS) series with my good friend Candace nee Young. We subscribed to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in New York City that provided us an abundance of fresh vegetables and some fruits (depending on the season). The HOPS series has been both great fun (having people over for dinner every week) and somewhat sobering (insofar as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find healthy non-sugary non-processed foods).

All in all, I find good food and conversation to be a great way to spend time. Remember Groo the Wanderer's sage wisdom on dining: "I have not eaten since my last meal!"

A Woman

I wish to fall mutually in love with a caring woman, and with her raise a healthy family.

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SWM 42 ISO SF 25-45. I am 6'1", Dark Hair, Brown Eyes, Medium Build. Patient, well-spoken, introspective, and honest; tending toward focused intensity in all my endeavors. Looking for someone conversational, strong-willed, passionate, and understanding. Interested in a friend, companion, confidante, and lover? So am I; please contact me.

A note for matchmakers: I welcome any and all matchmaking attempts, as long as I am aware of them. My ideal mate has four essential ingredients:

  1. Conversation - Someone who enjoys and encourages warm and stimulating conversation

    Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. While there are many non-verbal forms of communication, I am a highly aural person and something of a wordsmith. I need the communication that comes from conversation: someone who can clearly speak of feelings, desires, and fulfillment, both her own and mine. And there are other benefits to my oral fixation... ;-)

  2. Integrity - A rock solid sense of self

    Truth is a powerful ally that enables us understand and deal with the world; the personal reflection of truth is honesty: with ourselves and with others. While there are many ways of dealing with life's issues, I prefer the honest identification and fulfilment of needs. I need a partner with personal integrity, who can embrace their own truth irrespective of whether it conforms to social norms.

  3. Vitality - A kindred adventurous spirit who revels in a passionate life

    Life is a continuing process of natural growth; in fact, one of my covenants is that I vow to grow in perpetual motion. I want to lead a dynamic life and share it with my partner, and I need someone that finds it invigorating rather than unsettling. Ideally, we would be sources of inspiration for one another for new and bold adventures. Such a lifestyle is sometimes unpredictable, but it is always exciting and vital.

  4. Compassion - A kind soul that sincerely feels for others

    I have led a fortunate life, and I wish to share my abundance with others. This social enrichment takes many forms, some small, some grand, and is a persistent guiding force in my life. I need a partner that can identify with my deep desire to help people, if not actively participate in my quests to improve the lot of humanity.

Lastly, qualities I prefer but are not essential:

  • Goals : Has Them. I'd like an experienced partner who knows what she wants from life (and from me).
  • Body : Voluptuous. I prefer a woman comfortable with herself and who enjoys sensuous physical affection.
  • Race : Non-Korean. <cough, cough> This is an Oedipus thing.
  • Children : Wants Them. Not previously married and no current children would be nice.
  • Religion : None Needed. I'd like a partner with spirit, belief, and faith; religion is optional.
  • Btw, my online matchmaking site of choice is OkCupid: free, funny, and eerily accurate at times. Feel free to check out my profile there!


    I wish to lighten people's lives with humor.

    For many years I ran a mailing list called Humor Me! and friends sent me a ton of funny stuff. I've compiled them into several categories, and you can view them alphabetically (if this is your first viewing) or most recent first (if you have come back for more). If you come across a good joke... Humor Me and send it my way! :-)

    ContactContact Points

    Address and Stuff

    If you want get in touch with me then call. Don't let the fact that I have no message on my voice mail deter you from leaving me a message. ;-) [Note that my supposedly lifelong 700 number was cancelled by AT&T on November 5th, 1999. I still harbor enough bitterness over this to keep this sentence here years later. :-O ] My mobile number is:
    +1 (626) 429-4492 or +1 MANIC ZIGZAG
    Skype username: kimlumbard

    My e4-m6 a9 i0 l3 is the above username at g8 m3 a9 i2 l33, with all the numbers removed. Crypticness courtesy of spambots. ;-)

    As for an address, I don't really have one. If you absotively have to send me something via snail mail, here's my Mom's address; I'll probably get something mailed there at T+3 months or so.

    Kim E Lumbard
    1715 Mcminn St
    Aliquippa, PA 15001

    Find Now!

    The best way to get ahold of me in real time is by my cell phone. Of course, "getting ahold of me" is figurative, since my actual physical location could be literally anywhere. ;-)

    In 2013, Google Latitude failed me! I may have to develop the KimCam after all...

    Lastly, though my name is not Ken Everett Lombard, or Kin Everet Lumbar, or Kem Evret Lombar I've included these variants on this page so that it will get picked up by search engines. Several of my friends have tried to find me via web searches and been unable to since they were searching for a different name!