HTML 4.01
HTML Character Codes
Browser-Safe colors
Long list of wiki clones
Other documentation projects at
DocBase is kinda crappy and probably not what we want.
Tiki CMS/Groupware seems like overkill and lots of what we don't need. Or do we?
Eidetic Management System (Docsys) looks the coolest, but is still in beta ( Email authors to see if this is what we want?
PhpWiki, used at UGCS (see above).
CVS Monitor is a great summary tool for CVS projects, and says it can integrate with a bug tracker (it's still in beta and I couldn't find that feature, but who cares?).
Tomcat 5
Excellent intro:
A Gentoo Guide
Some Wiki reference
Something looking thorough:
2.6 Kernel
Ant / building things
The Ant Docs...
A treasure trove of information
Ben-found: 8.1 or 6.1
A web.xml guide
Using Ant and CVS for multi-developer projects (includes making war targets).
Deploying remotely with keys
Quick and dirty intro
Gives you true/false values for whatever browser you're using